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Nutshell Compound, Fifth Settlement, the most prominent residential complexes offered by Roya Group Real estate development, which was keen to provide its customers with the highest degree of comfort and privacy, as the project contains various residential units, apartments, studios, and penthouses, owns the best residential unit in the fifth Nutshell Stone Residence New Cairo at an incredible price.


About Nutshell Stone Fifth Settlement

It is easy to see Group on a large segment of customers the dream of living in the Fifth Settlement because it does not exaggerate the prices of its various units in the Nutshell Compound, although it offers a lot of services and exclusive benefits, which you rarely find in any other residential complex in the assembly, in addition to allowing you to enjoy the quiet life away from the routine life in the center of Cairo.


Nutshell Stone Residence New Cairo Location

The Nutshell New Cairo project is located in the Stone Residence compound at the main entrance to the New Cairo area, 5 minutes away. Roya Real Estate Development managed to make the project the focus of everyone's attention for the following reasons:

  • The project overlooks the Ring Road, as it serves as a link between the Nutshell Stone Residence Compound, the Fifth Settlement, with the main roads and major cities.
  • The compound is about 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • The project is close to the American University, which is one of the most prominent universities in the Fifth Settlement area, with only 15 minutes to reach it.
  • Nutshell Compound occupies a privileged location in the Fifth Settlement, due to its location near Teseen Street, the most vibrant street in the Fifth Settlement.
  • The compound is unique in its excellent geographical location near the most prominent tourist attractions represented in the Pyramids of Giza, only 30 minutes to reach the Giza area.
  • Nutshell New Cairo is only 10 minutes away from Maadi and Nasr City.
  • The project is located near Heliopolis and Heliopolis, 10 minutes away.

After looking at a detailed map of the Nutshell Stone Residence New Cairo compound in the Fifth Settlement, we confirm that the project derived its importance from this important location.


Nutshell Stone Residence Area

Roya Group for real estate development has established the huge Not Shell Compound in the Fifth Settlement on an area of ​​450 acres, which has been divided between green areas, landscapes, facilities, and recreational services, providing comfort and luxury for all residents within the walls of the project.


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Nutshell Compound Units Details

Vision Group for Real Estate Development has worked hard to satisfy all desires and meet all needs, and this is confirmed by the great diversity in the design and area of ​​ units, which were built on 20% of the project land, and the units came as follows:


Units types

The project land area was divided into 142 residential areas, each containing many construction buildings, and the total number of buildings for the project reached 462 residential buildings, all floors in these buildings, consisting of a ground floor and a first floor repeated, then penthouse units. 8 housing units, varied in terms of space, design, and internal division, and this is what allows the customer to choose the unit he desires, and the units are as follows:

  • Apartments in Nutshell Stone Residence, Fifth Settlement, with different areas.
  • Studio for sale in Nutshell Compound project at an attractive price.
  • Penthouse in Nutshell Stone Residence New Cairo with unique designs and an incredible price.


Units area

The area of ​​the residential units is as follows:

  • Apartments in Nutshell Compound with different areas, starting from 121 square meters, and featuring an open roof with an area of ​​228 square meters.
  • Studio apartments in Note Shell New Cairo with small spaces starting from 42 square meters, what distinguishes them is the presence of a roof of 71 square meters.
  • Penthouses in Note Shell Compound New Cairo come with a small space starting from 62 square meters.
  • The studio units in the Note Shell New Cairo project have a varied area to satisfy the needs of all customers, their space starts from 62 square meters up to 170 square meters, and all of these units are attached to a roof, and the space starts from 111 square meters up to 170 square meters.


Units design

Living in Nutshell Compound Fifth Settlement is like living on the land of dreams, the project designs are inspired by the modern European style, the construction buildings are designed smartly, and they are surrounded by green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and swimming pools scattered everywhere in the compound, and this gives all the units ruins.


Nutshell Compound services and facilities

We remind you below of the most important services and advantages that the project enjoys, and this, in turn, led to the production of a creative painting, the first of its kind in the Fifth Settlement area:

  • In large areas of landscaping, gardens, and parks, there are seating areas for more recreation.
  • Establishing a sports walkway amidst the green gardens and away from the main road for cars, to enjoy walking, running, and cycling away from the crowds.
  • A garage and an underground car park, to park the cars of the residents of the compound, to protect them from danger and keep them in a safe place
  • Fast WiFi internet services, all residential units in Nutshell Stone Residence New Cairo are equipped with highspeed home internet.
  • Providing the compound with all means of safety and protection, such as military surveillance cameras.
  • The owner company provides all residents inside the compound with access to the highest level of dry cleaning service and housekeeping, whether it is from comfort and flap.
  • Gym and gymnasium, equipped to the highest standard, to the acclaim of its frequenters.
  • Residential pools for adults and children, the complex also contains swimming pools for women, luxurious residences.
  • Sports fields equipped at the highest level such as tennis and squash courts allow success in playing favorite sports.
  • The project includes sports and social clubs, to spend the most enjoyable time in the company of family and friends.
  • Children's play area, Roya Group provides the best entertainment services for children through this area by introducing educational and recreational games suitable for all ages, which have been provided with all safety and protection means to enjoy the safe play.
  • Nutshell Compound, Fifth Settlement, provides you with an enjoyable shopping experience, as it contains an international mall, which includes a wide range of shops.
  • The compound contains restaurants and cafes that are very luxurious and sophisticated, and evidence of this is the provision of the best level of services to satisfy all tastes.
  • A 5star hotel to receive VIPs and businessmen.
  • Group Real Estate facilitated administrative and financial dealings for the residents inside the project, as the project includes international bodies, major companies, and branches of the most famous Egyptian banks.


Units Prices Of Nutshell New Cairo

Roya Real Estate Development Company has offered very luxurious and sophisticated units at reasonable prices suitable for many customers, and the prices are different due to the diversity of units in space and design. It starts from 980 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment plans in Nutshell Stone Residence Fifth Settlement

There are many plans of payment and methods of payment, as is the case in the design of the units, their area, and prices. The owner company announced that it provided the opportunity for all customers to choose the appropriate payment system among several easy payment plans offered by it:

  • The first plan: pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the second payment is paid upon receipt, and the value of it is 5%, and the rest of the amount is to be paid in convenient installments over 7 years.
  • The second plan: the customer pays a 10% down payment upon contracting, and after one year, the customer receives the unit and pays the second payment and its value is 10%, and the rest is over 8 years.
  • The third plan: Enjoy the longest payment period with Roya, which allows you to pay the unit price in installments over 9 years, and in return, you have to pay a 10% down payment, after one year 15% of the unit price.


The Developer of the Nutshell project

Group vision for real estate development and development is the official owner of the Nutshell compound project, the company laid its foundation stone in the last 1997, and the credit for its establishment is due to businessman Hisham Shoukry as one of the branches of the medical company RE, always looking to change the perspective of architecture in Egypt with a huge capital that exceeds 2 billion Egyptian pounds, and this is evident in the designs of its innovative and unusual projects, and this is the secret of its success in providing modernstyle residential cities.

Previous Works of Vision Group Real Estate

The company presented several urban and residential achievements:

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8,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 980,000 pounds.

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