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Soleia Compound, 6th of October Diverse residential units and modern life, which suit the elite of society and those who want to enjoy privacy and at the same time be near the most important vital sectors in the 6th of October City, as the Inertia Real Estate Company has accustomed us throughout its long history full of real estate achievements.


Information about Solaya October Compound

Solaya Compound , which is located in the eleventh district on October 6, near the most important service facilities, universities, and commercial markets, as it includes a large number of residential units, which vary between hotel apartments and penthouses as well as standalone villas, and it also provides a number of distinguished services that meet the needs of its residents. .

The developer of the project was also keen to provide the best prices compared to many of the neighboring residential projects, in addition to offering long-term payment plans that suit a large segment of investors.


The site of the Solaya October project

Solaya 6th of October is located in the eleventh district, directly in front of the Hazem Hassan Foundation, which is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, as it is close to the most important main roads in the 6th of October City, for example:

  • Cairo : - Solaya Compound is about 32 km away from Cairo Governorate, meaning it can be reached in only 43 minutes.
  • Hyper One: - Solaya October is 21 km away from Hyper One Sheikh Zayed, meaning it can be reached in only 24 minutes.
  • Smart Village: - The smart village is about 32 km away from Solaya Compound, which means it can be reached in only 34 minutes.
  • Juhayna Square : - The compound is located near Juhayna Square, at a distance of 23 km, meaning that it can be reached in only 25 minutes.
  • Important projects: - The project is located near the most important The main axes and commercial and administrative centers in October City, for example (the Ring Road, the 26th of July Corridor, Misr University, Al-Rabwa Compound, Al-Azhar Institute, Zed Park, Bint Al-Siddiq Mosque).


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The area of the Solaya October compound

The developer of the Solaya Compound project was keen to allocate a large area for the construction of water bodies, gardens, and parks, amounting to 77% of the total area of the compound. As for the residential units, they varied between apartments and stand-alone villas, in addition to dividing the streets from the inside in an innovative engineering way.

It was also keen to establish rows of tall trees on both sides of the roads, to help purify the air, and to give the balconies a charming panoramic view, while at the same time ensuring privacy for all units.


Units details in the Solaya October project

Solaya 6th of October includes 172 units, allowing the largest number of customers to choose the units they want, in accordance with their financial capabilities and the number of family members.


Unit types

Soleia Compound, 6th of October, provides a number of units of different designs, for example:

  • Apartments in Solaya October Compound.
  • Penthouse in Solaya Compound.
  • Studio in Solaya, 6th of October.
  • Town House in Solaya Compound, 6th of October.
  • Duplex in Solea October Compound.
  • Standalone villas in the Solaya October project.


Units spaces

Solaya 6th of October offers residential units of different styles that vary in terms of internal spaces and divisions as well as external extensions, as follows:

  • Residential apartments: - The space of the apartments in the compound starts from 149 square meters up to 225 square meters.
  • Apartments with a garden : The area of the apartments attached to the garden starts from 225 meters up to 247 meters.
  • Penthouses : The space of the penthouse units starts from 241 square meters up to 274 square meters.
  • Standalone villas: - The standalone villas' space reaches 470 square meters.
  • Studio: - Studios space in Soleia October starts from 80 meters.
  • Duplex : The duplex space starts from 225 meters up to 273 meters.


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Units design

The Soleia 6th of October Compound relies on very luxurious and sophisticated designs that simulate international designs, and modern building standards have been relied upon; In order to provide luxury housing units, in addition to establishing the entire compound on a hill 134 meters above sea level; Which gives it a mild climate throughout the year.

As for the design of the units from the outside, it has been relied on glass facades. In order to provide a unique view and at the same time allow the sun's rays to pass through, bright paint colors were chosen on the walls of the units outside, and internal divisions of the units were implemented, helping to make full use of the spaces, through the assistance of a huge team of engineers and technicians.


Features and services of Solaya October Compound

The Solaya Compound project provides a lot of services that meet the needs of the residents of the units and provide their basic requirements, in addition to including many other advantages, which made it the first choice for many investors and those wishing to enjoy a life of luxury and security, for example:

  • Gardens and parks : Establishing large areas of gardens and parks that permeate the compound, so that all units overlook these green spaces.
  • Artificial water bodies: - The company did not overlook the construction of swimming pools of different sizes and artificial lakes, so as to give a special charm to the entire compound.
  • Children's entertainment area : - Establishment of a kids area that includes many recreational games that are suitable for children of all ages.
  • Garage for cars: - Providing a huge garage area for cars for more safety and comfort.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras : - Surveillance cameras were distributed at the main entrances to the compound, with security and guard teams deployed to protect the units throughout the day.
  • Electric generators: - Providing electric generators that operate automatically in the event of a power outage; To ensure the continuity of electric current for all units.
  • Advanced service facilities: - The entire compound operates according to the latest technologies that help control the environment, such as lighting poles, garden irrigation systems, and so on...
  • Periodic maintenance and cleaning teams : Full teams of technicians and workers have been allocated to maintain the facility, while maintaining the cleanliness of the compound throughout the day.
  • Restaurants and cafes area : Allocating a huge area for the establishment of high-end restaurants and cafes, which offer the most delicious dishes by top chefs.
  • Commercial stores: - Establishing a large commercial area, which includes malls, cinema complexes, and shops belonging to major brands.
  • ATMs: - Providing a number of ATMs affiliated with major banks, in order to make it easier for customers to complete financial transactions easily.


Units prices in the Solaya October project

The price per meter in Solaya 6th of October starts from 25,000 pounds, as for the unit price plans that the company recently launched, we find it as follows:

  • The price of the apartments in Soleia October : The price of the apartments in the compound ranges from 4,700,000 pounds up to 6,300,000 pounds.
  • The price of apartments attached to a garden in Solaya Compound : The prices of apartments attached to an external garden range from 5,700,000 pounds up to 6,500,000 pounds.
  • The price of the standalone villas in the Solaya October project : The price of the standalone villas in the compound starts from 8,000,000 pounds.


Reservation and installment system in the Solaya October project

You are now able to obtain the finest units in the Solaya 6th of October Compound through distinct payment plans, provided by the company that owns the project, to suit the budget of many customers, for example:

  • The first installment system : - Not submitting an initial payment, then installing the unit amount over 8 years in equal installments without interest, taking into account the provision of 10% upon handing over the unit.
  • The second installment system : - 5% down payment, then the rest in installments over 10 years, with the delivery of fully finished units equipped with air conditioners.


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The real estate developer of Solaya Compound, 6th of October

The Soleia October Compound belongs to Inertia Real Estate Investment and Development Company, which was established in 2007. During that period, it was able to prove its worth and provide a number of huge real estate projects in addition to including a select group of senior engineers and consultants in this field. Which made it occupy the leading position among many other real estate companies in the Egyptian market. For example, we find the most prominent of these projects:-

If you are looking for units of various sizes and competitive prices with flexible payment systems, the Solaya October project is your perfect choice, which is located in a very strategic location in the heart of the 11th district.

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