The Brooks New Cairo

map pinRing Road, New Cairo City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 35,905 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 109,695 EGP/M2
PenthousePenthouse 37,547 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 3,770,000 EGP
Area 105 M2
Price 32,360,000 : 59,323,000 EGP
Area 295 : 485 M2
Price 7,960,000 EGP
Area 212 M2

The Brooks Compound New Cairo is a project offered by Pioneers Investment and Real Estate Development Company, designed in the European style, to allow its customers to experience European life in an integrated compound.

The company has made sure that The Brooks New Cairo is diversified in terms of residential units that have been divided into villas, townhouses, and twin houses, as well as luxury apartments.


About The Brooks New Cairo Compound

The Brooks Compound, Fifth Settlement

Owned by PRE Pioneers Real Estate Investment and Development, what distinguishes it is that its designs have been carefully selected in the European style.

It was built on an area of ​​158 acres and includes 5 residential neighborhoods, including standalone villas, Hawaiian twins, townhouses, and apartments that vary in terms of spaces and prices, and there are multiple payment systems.


The Brooks Compound Location

The Brooks Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in a special place in New Cairo near high end residential projects, such as Stone Residence Compound, Stone Park Katameya, and other high end areas.

We can identify the most important areas near the compound, as follows:

  • The Brooks New Cairo compound is only 15 minutes away from the international airport, Nasr City, and Heliopolis.
  • It is away from Maadi, a distance that does not need more than 10 minutes.
  • It is located next to the Total Gas Station on Ring Road.
  • It is located only 60 meters from South 90th Street, which is one of the most important and lively streets in New Cairo.
  • It is only 15 minutes from the American University.
  • The Brooks Compound, Fifth Settlement, is only 5 minutes away from the New Cairo Mall in Cairo.


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The Brooks Compound New Cairo Area

The Brooks New Cairo was built on an area of ​​170 acres, where the residential units were built on an area of ​​only 15% of the project, and the rest of the project is 85% allocated to services, utilities, and green spaces, and all units overlook the artificial lakes and gardens.


Units Details of The Brooks Compound

We can get acquainted with all the details of the units as follows:


Units types

In The Brooks Compound, the Fifth Settlement, there is a large group of residential units ranging from villas, townhouses, twin houses, penthouses, and luxury apartments.


Units area

The company has been keen to provide a variety of spaces for the units, in order to provide the opportunity for its customers to choose what suits them, as follows:

  • Apartments in The Brooks Compound New Cairo start from 115 square meters.
  • Standalone villas with distinctive designs with spaces starting from 292 square meters.
  • Penthouse units' space starts from 214 square meters.
  • Town Corner with space of 191 square meters.
  • Townhouses' space starts from 191 square meters.


Units design

The company that designed the compound was keen to be in a European style while taking advantage of all the elements of the aesthetic environment surrounding the units, such as artificial lakes, waterfalls, and wide green spaces.

Therefore, it was built on a large area of ​​158 acres, divided into 5 residential neighborhoods, 122 acres were allocated for sports clubs in the compound, and 5 acres were the Strip Mall.


The Brooks New Cairo Services and Facilities

There are many features and services provided to the residents of The Brooks New Cairo, which we can learn about as follows:

  • In The Brooks Compound, the Fifth Settlement, there is a gymnasium and sports clubs for practicing all kinds of sports, with an area of ​​12 acres.
  • A commercial area, and a large commercial center on an area of ​​5 acres.
  • A 4K space is designated for walking and running safely away from cars.
  • The most distinctive feature of The Brooks Compound in New Cairo is the artificial lakes and swimming pools.
  • 24 hour security and guard service.
  • Private parking.
  • A wonderful view of the waterfalls and artificial lakes.
  • Residential area monitored all the time
  • In The Brooks Compound, New Cairo, there are two story villas with penthouses.
  • The company was keen to open the front yards in The Brooks New Cairo, in order to merge with the homes in the charming nature.
  • 12 acres have been allocated for sports clubs.
  • In The Brooks New Cairo Compound, there is a Strip Mall on an area of ​​5 acres.
  • There are many swimming pools.
  • 4 km are allocated for the special lanes distributed between the units.
  • The buildings are tall.
  • The open spaces with scenic views in the compound exceeded 350 square meters
  • All buildings have a common area located on the roof, extending and connecting the units to each other, including a swimming pool, a barbecue area, and an outdoor gym, for gatherings.


The Brookes Compound Fifth Settlement Features

  • Large green spaces, dancing water fountains.
  • The distinguished geographical location, as the compound is close to important government institutions, high end residential communities, and the main hubs.
  • Fabulous designs.
  • The food court is a cosmopolitan area that contains many distinctive restaurants and cafes.
  • Huge shopping mall.
  • Big mosque.
  • Trained security personnel, up to date surveillance cameras make the place safer.
  • Recreational places for children.
  • Upscale spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Great social club.
  • There are 2 elevators in each building.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units prices in The Brooks Compound New Cairo

The Brooks New Cairo includes many luxury units, where the spaces start from 115 square meters, and the price starts from 1,700,000, and they can be talked about in detail as follows:

  • An apartment of 115 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms, its price starts from 1,700,000 EGP.
  • An apartment of 190 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms, the price starts from 3,320,000 EGP.
  • Penthouse with space of 242 square meters, price starts from 4,200,000 pounds.
  • Penthouse with space of 214 square meters, with a price starting from 3,700,000 pounds.
  • For a townhouse middle with an area of ​​191 square meters, with a land area of ​​220 square meters, the price starts from 4,850,000 pounds.
  • Town Corner with space of 191 m², on a plot of 220 m², with a price starting from 5,450,000 EGP.
  • The villa space starts from 292 square meters, with a price of 9,900,000 pounds.


Payment plans in The Brooks New Cairo Compound

The company has taken great care of the clients of The Brooks New Cairo Compound and has provided multiple payment systems to suit all their financial capabilities, as follows:

  • Pay 10% of the total amount as a reservation down payment, and pay the rest of the amount over 9 years.
  • Pay 8% maintenance, to be paid in the third and fourth year.
  • Subscribing to an underground car park in The Brooks Compound, Fifth Settlement, at a price of 100,000 pounds, to be paid in installments over 9 years, and this is optional for the customer.
  • Club membership costs 200 thousand pounds, to be paid in installments over 5 years, and this matter is also optional.


The Developer of The Brooks New Cairo compound

The real estate developer is the Pioneers pre development company, which is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate investment and development, and it has submitted many successful projects in various parts of Egypt.

The most important projects of the company can be identified as follows:

Popular FAQ

15,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,700,000 pounds.

Pioneers Real Estate Development Company

Compound Location

Ring Road, New Cairo City, Cairo

Best Properties

Apartment with Garden for sale 105 m at The Brooks New Cairo

Penthouse for sale 212m at The Brooks New Cairo

Villa 295 m with land area 456 m at The Brooks New Cairo - Open Roof 102 m

Villa 295 m with land area 459 m at The Brooks New Cairo - Roof 102 m

Villa 485 m with land area 714 m at The Brooks New Cairo - Open Roof 132 m

Villa 485 m with land area 744 m at The Brooks New Cairo - Roof 132 m