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The Hoft Compound in New Cairo is one of the most important projects presented by Mitka for Investment and Real Estate Development, in the Fifth Settlement.

THE HOFT New Cairo The company has been keen to design it according to the European style, and it has been divided into residential studios and typical offices of the utmost elegance and luxury.


About The Hoft New Cairo Compound

The company that owns the project is Minka Development and built it on an area of ​​3,500 square meters, in the Fifth Settlement in the heart of the New Capital, and all units in The Hoft Fifth Settlement have wonderful views of the green spaces that surround it from all directions, and the company is keen to provide all units at reasonable prices Payment facilities up to 5 years.


THE HOFT New Cairo Location

The company was keen to choose the best locations in the Fifth Settlement, where THE HOFT compound is located on Suez Road in front of the entrance to Cairo Airport, inside Taj City, and the location of the project is distinguished not only because it is located in the heart of New Cairo, but also for its proximity to the most important roads, and main axes.

Among the most important places near The Hooft project, Fifth Settlement, are the following:

  • The compound directly overlooks the entrance to Cairo International Airport.
  • The compound is far from Heliopolis and New Cairo, a short distance of no more than 8 minutes.
  • Approaching Cobalt Commercial at Taj City, New Cairo.
  • The Hoft Compound New Cairo is located at the crossroads between the Suez Expressway, and the Cairo Ring Road as well.


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The Hoft compound New Cairo Area

THE HOFT compound was built on a large area of ​​3,400 square meters, divided into various units, as it includes more than 84 units with full hotel finishes, 80 administrative units, and 11 shops, and the rest of the space was allocated to the green spaces surrounding the compound from all Ways.


Units Details Of The Hoft Fifth Settlement

Units types

The types of units in The Hooft project, Fifth Settlement, are divided into the following:

  • Residential studios: They are designed to meet all the needs of visitors and temporary residents, and provide all means of comfort.
  • Typical offices: These offices are for the company that owns the project, as well as small and medium-sized companies, and care has been taken to have meeting rooms, multiple halls, and resting places, with the provision of all services, and the provision of a co-working space in The Hoft New Cairo Compound.


Units area

  • Residential apartment units: spaces start from 40 square meters.
  • Studio units: whose space starts from 16 square meters up to 20 square meters.
  • Shops: that start from 16 square meters and reach up to 40 square meters.


Units design

The company was keen to design the units in THE HOFT compound distinctively, in a European style, in a way that combines beauty and comfort.

Each part is designed based on its function, for example, the storage room is divided so that it is easy to use.

Also, a large space was provided in each unit for the upper floor, and all the upper floors overlooked a wonderful view, through a large window that makes them more enjoying the landscape and green spaces, and it was lit up with attractive lights.


Features And Services Of The Hoft New Cairo Compound

There are many services and features in The Hooft project, Fifth Settlement, due to the company’s keenness to allocate large areas for services, including the following:-

  • The HOFT New Cairo compound has large green spaces, many gardens, and landscapes.
  • There are several spacious garages, designated for each unit.
  • The place has many cafes designed with modern designs, and there are places for children, and they provide a high level of services.
  • A large number of restaurants serve the most delicious oriental and western food.
  • Many places have been allocated in the compound for recreation and rest, enjoying the outdoors, and the scenic views.
  • Some places provide various printing services, such as packaging, binding, and photocopying.
  • You can also get a car rental service, which is one of the premium services, due to its low prices.
  • Express shipping services are also available in The Hoft New Cairo, which makes sending and receiving operations easier.
  • The company provides a social application dedicated to the service of THE HOFT compound, which helps to make reservations easier.
  • The compound also features a housekeeping service, which provides a high level of cleanliness.
  • There is also a high level of security, due to the presence of electronic gates, as well as the ubiquitous surveillance cameras, and the trained and experienced security guards.
  • The sports arena is located on the ground floor, which contains a large number of services, such as the mini market, the gym, the laundry, the restaurant, the cafe, as well as the pharmacy, the bank, and a bakery, to meet all the services of the residents.
  • One of the most important features that made the compound attractive to businessmen is the shared workspace between the moving employees.


Units prices Of The Hoft Compound

The Hoft Compound New Cairo has a large number of residential and commercial units, as well as administrative units, to meet the needs of all customers, and prices can be known in detail as follows:

  • Residential apartments in The Hoft Compound New Cairo, whose space starts from 40 square meters, and the price starts from 1,800,000 EGP.
  • The studio in THE HOFT New Cairo ranges in the area from 16 square meters up to 20 square meters, and its price ranges from 720,000 EGP up to 900,000 EGP.
  • The shops in The Hooft Compound, Fifth Settlement, whose spaces start from 16 square meters up to 40 square meters, and their prices start from 720,000 up to 1,800,000 EGP.
  • Partial ownership of the real estate in The Hooft project, Fifth Settlement, for units that start from 16 m² up to 40 m², and their prices range from 720,000 to 1,800,000 EGP.


The Hoft New Cairo Payment Plans 

The owner of THE HOFT Compound project was keen that the payment plans of the project be very flexible, due to its desire to facilitate payment for its customers, as it provided them with multiple payment years of up to 5 years, and the payment plan is very simple as follows:-

  • Pay 5% down payment of the unit price, and pay the rest in equal installments up to 5 years.


The Developer Of THE HOFT New Cairo

The company that built The Hooft project in the Fifth Settlement is Minka Development, a leading real estate investment company, affiliated with the Salam family.

The company has established many complementary projects and a large group of real estate, and the volume of its investments has reached 250 million Egyptian pounds, and more than 300 million pounds are assets under management.


Among the successful and well-known projects of the company are the following:

  • Kinda New Cairo project.
  • Kensington Palace.

Therefore, we find that The Hoft Compound New Cairo is a unique investment experience, to ensure the enjoyment of luxury, luxury, and recreation with stunning views, and all areas of investment to make a profit are in your hands, and in case you want to book in THE HOFT New Cairo.

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45,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 720,000 pounds.

Minka Development Company

Compound Location

Suez Road, New Cairo City, Cairo