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The Water Way Compound, Fifth Settlement, is a project for everyone who loves elegance and wants to combine a quiet and elegant life for himself and his family with a distinguished work office in one location close to all vital places and services, which is Water Way New Cairo.


Details about Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement

  • Project name : Water Way New Cairo Compound
  • Waterway Compound location, Fifth Settlement : New Cairo
  • Waterway Compound Space : approximately 26 acres.
  • Units types in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement : apartments, duplexes, penthouses.
  • Units Space in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement : it starts from (110 to 450) square meters.
  • Payment systems in the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement : There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company for Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement: Equity development


Information about Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, was designed for the property in a modern, unique American style, and enjoy all the elements of comfort, luxury, and distinguished services within the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Water Way New Cairo is one of the largest and most beautiful projects that have been implemented in New Cairo, as it was designed in the American style that combines modernity and simplicity, in addition to the availability of all services within the Water Way villa or apartment.

Waterway Fifth Settlement Compound is one of the distinctive residential compounds located in New Cairo, New Cairo. It is a modern complex that combines luxury and sophistication. You can own an apartment or a villa with high-end features in your unit, and it contains a group of high-end real estate villas.

The Waterway Fifth Settlement Compound is located in a strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, as it is located on North Teseen Street, one of the crowded streets of New Cairo.

The Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, offers a large variety of accommodation units, including apartments, villas, penthouses, and duplexes, all of which are characterized by the latest engineering methods, modern quiet designs, and other spaces for services and amenities. making it an ideal all-inclusive resort for visitors.

The location of the compound is one of its most important features, which overlooks important landmarks and areas as follows:


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What is the location of Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement?

The Waterway Fifth Settlement Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo near Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement, and it also has another location near Cairo International Airport.

  • 90th Street: The 90th Street waterway is located opposite the American University.
  • Cairo International Airport: Cairo International Airport is located in the northeast of Cairo.


What is the space of the Waterway Compound?

  • The total area: the total space of the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, is 26 acres.
  • Building area: The area of ​​buildings in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, is 17% of its total area.
  • Green space and landscape: The green space and landscape in Waterway Fifth Settlement is 83% of its total area.

To learn more about the services provided by the project, here are the following details:


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What are the services and features of Waterway Compound?

Living and working in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, is a mixture of luxury, tranquility, and beauty, where the following services are available:

  • Landscaping in Compound Waterway Fifth Settlement: Own your real estate unit on a view of stunning landscapes and in the heart of many green spaces with lakes of artificial lights that give you a distinctive view and a wonderful and distinctive view of your apartment or office, just book the best and most luxurious apartment or villa at all as soon as you contact us on our contact number.
  • Spaces for walking and entertainment: There are safe spaces for walking, cycling, and practicing favorite sports for all sports enthusiasts. All units are secured with the best security, guarding, modern surveillance cameras, and intercom for all units in the assembly. We also always strive to develop the spaces of the Waterway Compound to own your real estate unit at the highest level.
  • Gyms: For sports lovers, there is a gym, spa, and gymnasium in Waterway, Fifth Settlement , with the latest equipment and equipment, in addition to a spa and gym equipped with the latest facilities, as the compound is characterized by many capabilities, so take the initiative to book apartments or units at the lowest prices.
  • Security and guarding: Security and guarding services throughout the day for full insurance in the Waterway Compound.
  • Surveillance cameras: Waterway Fifth Settlement is characterized by modern surveillance at the highest level.
  • Swimming pools: the most luxurious swimming pools of different sizes throughout the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Lane Mall : The waterway in the Fifth Settlement is characterized by many shops and malls, such as Lane Mall, which overlooks Maadi Road.
  • Cigar throwing: cigar throwing service for more luxury, a wonderful view of the large lake and the fountain from all units in the Waterway Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • There are man-made lakes over the years everywhere in Waterway Fifth Settlement, which gives the place a sense of comfort and relaxation with the most luxurious views, and there are a large number of Waterway apartments in Fifth Settlement located in the heart of the stunning scenery.
  • Interior design: The interior design of the Water Way New Cairo project is a gradient of blue and green water colors that fills the Water Way Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Children's games: There are also children's areas equipped with the latest games, and there is also a water games area.
  • There are also large shopping centers in the village that include many famous and luxury brands in Water Way New Cairo .
  • In addition to a space designated for various compound waterway restaurants and cafes that serve delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs, we are here to develop and for a unique project in Egypt, just book the best and most luxurious apartment in the compound.
  • Health Club: For more luxury in the Waterway Compound in New Cairo , there is a fully equipped health club to serve all guests, as well as elevators and private entrances to avoid crowding inside the waterway.
  • Security system: The company provides a security system in the village at the highest level, where there are security personnel, guards, and surveillance cameras in every view and location 24 hours a day.
  • Car Controller: The developer decided to have the Car Controller underground to avoid clutter and make full use of the space in the Waterway Cluster.
  • The village also has a large international hotel located right on the beach.
  • Basic services: The village appreciates the presence of basic services and facilities such as clinics, pharmacy, mosque, and even a supermarket, and everything a customer may need during his stay in his summer unit.
  • Entertainment programs: There are also many entertainment programs organized by the village to enjoy the hours of the day and night, and many other services that make all guests happy with their stay at the resort.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units details in Waterway Fifth Settlement

The division of residential units within The Waterway Compound, and the compound contains a variety of residential units, and contains separate and double apartments and penthouses, at different prices, spaces, and wonderful designs to meet all tastes as follows:


What are the types of units in Waterway Compound?

The Waterway Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement on an area of ​​46,000 acres, and there are a number of residential buildings that were designed in a modern and unique style amidst the charming green nature.

The housing units vary to meet all needs, as follows:

  • Independent apartments.
  • Upscale penthouses with attached roofs.
  • Luxurious duplexes with private gardens.

As for the spaces of the residential units, they are as follows:


What is the space of the units in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement?

The units' spaces in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, range from 110 square meters to 450 square meters.

  • The space of the apartments in the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement : the sizes of the independent apartments vary from 167 square meters to 266 square meters .
  • The spaces of the villas in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement: the spaces of the stand-alone villas vary from 167 square meters to 266 square meters.


Units design in Waterway

The units in the Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, vary between standalone villas attached to a garden, smaller spaces designated for twin houses, as well as duplexes with gardens and rooftop penthouses.


What are the prices of Waterway Compound?

  • Price per meter in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement: it starts from 6,143,000 pounds.
  • Apartment meter price in Waterway, Fifth Settlement: the apartment price starts from 7,900,000 pounds.
  • The price per meter for villas in Waterway, Fifth Settlement: 32,886,000 pounds

The type of property


Villa prices

4 million and 700 thousand pounds

Apartment prices

7 million and 900 thousand pounds


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Waterway Compound?

Despite the many services and benefits offered by the Waterway New Cairo project to its customers, the executing company was keen to provide accommodation at very reasonable prices for all customers.

The company offers easy payment systems for purchasing a residential unit in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, where the customer pays:

  • Only 30% down payment of the unit value: paid at the beginning when the contract is concluded, and the rest of the unit price must be paid in installments over a full three-year period.
  • Delivery: The Director of Water Way New Cairo is committed to handing over the accommodation to all clients with a fully finished Ultra Super Lux system.


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Who is the company that owns the Waterway Fifth Settlement project?

Equity development is one of the El Sewedy companies responsible for developing the Water Way New Cairo project.

It is also one of the largest distinguished investment companies in Egypt, which has a proven track record of successful commercial and real estate projects, whether tourism or residential.

The name El Sewedy was famous in Egypt, the Arab world and a number of foreign countries as a distinctive sign in the field of lighting, electricity, television and electrical cables.

In the field of real estate investment, Al Suwaidi Company cooperated with the famous engineer Hossam Hassan, who has a distinguished real estate mentality, and who presented large and successful projects.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Waterway project?

As for Equity's portfolio, it includes many successful projects, the most important of which are:


Cafes and restaurants in Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement

Available in the fifth institution inside and near the distinguished waterway complex, which is located near the Northern Investor area.

  1. Waterway Café: It is located on Teseen Street in the north direction. The café serves food and drinks of all kinds, such as the different branches.
  2. Concorde Plaza Cafes, Fifth Settlement: Concorde Plaza is a shopping center that provides clothing and dining inside the square only, and is suitable for shopping children's and adult clothes.
  3. Marshmallow Café: Marshmallow Café and Restaurant is located near Concorde Plaza Mall in the Fifth Settlement, at a 5-minute walk. Also, Marshmallow Café is located between the National Bank of Egypt and Hit Egypt, along with many other restaurants that serve daily meals. In addition, Marshmallow Cafe is one of the best cafes in the Fifth Colony, as it serves daily meals and sweets such as "Um Ali" in addition to hot drinks such as coffee and juices.
  4. Bab Touma: Bab Touma is a Syrian Fifth Colony restaurant that serves Syrian and Egyptian cuisine with indoor and outdoor dining areas. Bab Touma is located next to Marshmallow Café, between the National Bank of Egypt and Hit Egypt, just north of Marshmallow Restaurant.
  5. Downtown Katameya in the Fifth Settlement: Downtown Katameya is located in the Fifth Settlement, and it has all the services that you may need for housing or a regular visit. Where all services are available in the center of Katameya, whether they are restaurants, cafes, banks, or shops, in addition to additional services. Downtown Katameya and Fifth Settlement cafes and Downtown Katameya cafes are available throughout this area, but it differs from any other nearby area.
  6. Downtown Restaurants Fifth Settlement: Because Downtown Katameya is a luxurious area with all services such as high-end and luxurious restaurants that you will find everywhere around you. Restaurants are available in this area in all its forms, services, and completely unknown dishes, and among the most important restaurants in the area:
  7. Kazouza Restaurant : Kazouza Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant that serves all the Egyptian food known to visitors all over the world, such as the usual Egyptian food, meat, chicken and other regular grills such as kofta and others. However, the visitors' opinion was somewhat different, as it was said that the restaurant offers ordinary and not delicious meals, but the prices are very excellent.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of investing in Waterway Compound?

The project has various basic and service features and services. It is available near the most important areas for easy access, and enjoys competitive prices and a variety of spaces.


Here we have come to the end of today's article, Waterway Compound, Fifth Settlement, in which we talked with you about all the information related to this topic.

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The price per square meter is 24,000 pounds, and the unit prices start from 4,000,000 pounds.

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