Zayed Dunes El Sheikh Zayed

map pin26 July Axis, 6th District, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

Zayed Dunes is a distinctive compound in the center of Sheikh Zayed that combines luxury and modern unit design, with a distinctive view of important landmarks.

Zayed Dunes is characterized by the availability of various designs to meet all tastes, in addition to providing flexibility in paying the value of the units, and if you want to know more advantages about Zayed Dunes , here are the following lines.


Details about Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed

  • Project name: Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed Compound
  • Zayed Dunes Compound Location: Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Zayed Dunes Compound Space: approximately 55 acres.
  • Units types in Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed: apartments, twin houses, penthouses, villas.
  • Units Space in Zayed Dunes Compound: it starts from (100 to 528) square meters.
  • Payment systems in Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed Compound: There are different installment systems.
  • The name of the executing company for Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed Compound: Al -Rabwa & Al-Ofuq Company.


Information about Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Zayed Dunes is one of the best areas in Sheikh Zayed, as it contains many distinctive, wonderful, and aesthetically designed properties, including apartments and townhouses. The compound is characterized by many features, which made it a competitive value in the real estate market in the October area.

Zayed Dunes is one of the most prestigious modern residential areas in Sheikh Zayed, as it has all the services that the residents need, including recreational and political services, to provide an enjoyable life for the residents within the compound.

It is also very close to restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and schools, with the equivalent of 5 minutes of time, as it is also characterized by providing complete privacy for the residents within the compound.

Zayed Dunes Compound includes a large group of double houses, villas, townhouses, and apartments designed with the latest technologies and international architectural designs, with a modern view of the designs of the best international real estate.

The compound is also characterized by the distribution of green spaces and landscapes in an aesthetic way, in addition to many services and features that provide means of luxury and quiet living.

Zayed Dunes Compound provides apartments for sale with a variety of design, number of bedrooms, apartment finishing, and how many bathrooms does each apartment contain. There are some complex properties in the compound for sale, with competitive prices and easy payment systems in installments in Zayed, in the 6th of October City, Giza Governorate.

Dear customer, you can contact us via the hotline to provide you with all the units' data in Zayed Dunes Compound , including specifications and prices.


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What is the location of Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed?

An area of the finest and best areas of Sheikh Zayed has been allocated for the construction of Zayed Dunes Compound, at the entrance of Zayed 2000, with a unique design, and a distinctive view of important landmarks in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, Sheikh Zayed City.

You can communicate with us in the best, easiest and fastest way to get to know our project today for housing or for investment in the best residential complexes near the residential neighborhood in Sheikh Zayed.

It includes multiple areas to overlook the compound in Sheikh Zayed, and the most important of these areas are:

  • Commercial Malls : The location of the compound is close to the most important commercial malls in Sheikh Zayed, just 5 minutes away from Zayed Dunes.
  • Hyper One: From the place of the second entrance, the gate of Sheikh Zayed, 5 minutes from the mall.
  • Lebanon Square: Zayed Dunes is a quarter of an hour away from the square.
  • Sheikh Zayed Youth Center : Dunes Compound is also close to Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, 11 minutes away.
  • American International School : directly 7 minutes from the American International School.
  • Global Hospital : Dunes , 10 minutes away from Global Care Hospital.
  • Arkan Plaza: Zayed Dunes project, 9 minutes from Arkan Plaza October Mall.


What is the space of Zayed Dunes Compound?

  • The total area: 55 acres.
  • Building area : 22 acres, which is 40% of the area of the compound in Zayed.
  • Green spaces and landscapes : 66 acres, equivalent to 60% of the total area.


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What are the services and features of the Zayed Dunes project?

Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed units for sale are distinguished by many services and advantages that made it a dreamy destination for all those who seek tranquility and distinction, as Al-Rabwa Company was keen to provide the best services and luxury factors, in addition to many views of distinction and privacy, and here are some of these services:

  • Entertainment areas : There are many important clubs that provide places to practice many different sports to meet the desires of the residents, such as tennis courts, football fields, and Toro Sports Club.
  • Kids Area: Zayed Dunes contains many play areas for children, in addition to some popular and entertaining games for them.
  • Recreational places for women : for more privacy, the compound has special places for women's activities, to further preserve the freedom and privacy of everyone.
  • Track for jogging: The project developers have provided several distinct tracks for jogging in green spaces, for more enjoyment of the atmosphere and nature with jogging, away from the roads designated for cars.
  • Walking paths: For lovers of walking or taking roads in the middle of the gardens, there are many walking paths, with a distinctive view among the spaces designated for trees.
  • Swimming pool : A wonderful design for more than one type of swimming pool, where there is a children's pool, and some modern designs for the swimming pool.
  • Security and guarding : Providing the best guard companies working 24 hours a day to provide security.
  • Garages: Garages are available for the units, in addition to some parking spaces for cars at the complex level in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Places for pets : For pet lovers, the developers of Dunes Compound did not forget to provide places for animals.
  • Solar heaters : a healthy living environment in the Dunes Sheikh Zayed compound , where the heaters operate with solar energy.
  • Private entrances: There are many units of Dunes Sheikh Zayed compound for sale that provide a private entrance, whether it is an apartment or a villa.
  • Unit spacing: For calm and freedom, the units within Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed are far enough from each other for more privacy and not feeling crowded.
  • Surveillance system : Rabwa provides the most advanced camera system that works with the latest technology to provide instantaneous and continuous monitoring at all times.
  • Hospitals : Many of Sheikh Zayed's most important hospitals are located near Dunes , such as Rafida Hospital, Dar Al-Oyoun Clinic, Oasis Clinics, and Ortho Care Center, which specializes in physiotherapy.
  • Shopping centers : There is a supermarket inside Zayed Dunes Giza equipped to include all the residents’ requirements of goods and products, in addition to large shops and malls near the project in Sheikh Zayed, such as the Saudi Market, Metro Express, and there are the most famous malls in Egypt such as Al Moez Mall, Downtown Mall, and Shalls mall.
  • Educational complexes: There are many different nurseries, schools and universities near the project, which are a few minutes away in the square surrounding the compound in Sheikh Zayed, such as The American international school, Inspire Language School. For nurseries, there are important nurseries such as Yobe Nursery and Greenland, while universities Sheikh Zayed represented the Faculty of Engineering, Nile University, in addition to the Canadian College.


Units details in Zayed Dunes, Sheikh Zayed

Zayed Dunes Compound is located in the most beautiful areas of Zayed, with a distinguished service complex, providing a high-level sea view.

There are many units for sale and others for rent in the best places of Sheikh Zayed, cash and installments in different sizes in Dunes Compound.

It is one of the best October compounds, with units for sale such as a super lux finishing apartment.


What are the types of units in Zayed Dunes Compound?

The Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed units vary between apartments with bedrooms of different numbers and sizes, and there is a complex, a penthouse with distinctive finishing in the Dunes Compound in Sheikh Zayed in the 6th of October City, Giza, with a privileged place in the heart of a unique location.

  • Ordinary apartments for sale.
  • Garden apartment for sale.
  • One bedroom apartment.
  • Two bedroom apartment.
  • Townhouse villa designs for sale.
  • For sale standalone villas.
  • Twin house villas for sale.
  • Mini town house for sale.
  • Penthouse for sale.
  • Complex is bidding


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



What is the units' space in Zayed Dunes Compound?

The spaces vary in the Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed project for all units that were designed in the project, as the spaces came as follows:

  • The area of the apartments in the Dunes Compound, 6th of October City : The Dunes apartment starts from 100 square meters to 300 square meters
  • The villas' spaces in Dunes Compound in Sheikh Zayed : start from 393 square meters to 675 square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces in Dunes : it starts from 310 to 330 meters.
  • Twin house space : it starts from 330 square meters to 528 square meters.


The design of the units in Zayed Dunes

The compound units are designed to provide a wide range of diversity to further satisfy the desires of our customers, as we provided a one-bedroom apartment for sale, and there are apartments with 2 rooms, and apartments with super lux finishing were provided, and some of them have a multi-space reception for sale.

Among them are apartments for sale that contain a master bedroom and two additional bedrooms, in addition to a residential duplex, as the best property you can buy in Sheikh Zayed.

The units are designed to be located at a height of 45 meters from the surface of the earth, to provide a distinctive view of all the apartments of the Compound Dunes Sheikh Zayed.

There is a small apartment with 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a reception, and it is an excellent option for small families.

A complex is available that contains 3 bedrooms or more, in addition to a private modern one, and also contains a terrace. The finishing systems of apartments, complexes, and apartments differ according to the contract in Sheikh Zayed Dunes.


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What are the prices of Zayed Dunes Compound?

The price per meter in Dunes Compound starts from 9000 EGP, and the prices per unit are as follows:

  • Villas prices in Zayed Dunes, Sheikh Zayed : starting from 4.9 million pounds
  • Twin house prices in Zayed Dunes, Sheikh Zayed : starting from 3.7 million pounds
  • Townhouse prices in Zayed Dunes, Sheikh Zayed : starting from 2.5 million Egyptian pounds


What are the payment systems and payment methods in Zayed Dunes Compound?

You can now own your residence in Zayed Dunes Compound, Giza, with ease, by paying cash or by easy installment payment, through installments in two different systems as follows:

  • 30% down payment: You can own your residential unit in Zayed Dunes by paying 30% of the unit value as a reservation and contract, and the rest by installments over 3 years without interest.
  • 10% down payment: You can install the value over 10 years, according to the conditions that change according to the type and specifications of the unit.
  • Delivery date : You can receive your residential unit in Sheikh Zayed Dunes within a year from the time of the contract.
  • There are immediate delivery apartments with exquisite finishing for sale.


Who is the owner company of the Zayed Dunes Sheikh Zayed project?

Al-Rabwa and Al-Ufuq Company is the owner of the Zayed Dunes project , and they are among the most important real estate companies in the Gulf, which have implemented many projects, including the Zayed Dunes Compound project, in which it provided many services, comfort and entertainment to the residents, as it targets modern designs and presents them with the latest international style for all its projects.

Al-Rabwa Company was launched in the early nineties, and a partnership was established that brings together both Al-Ufuk and Al-Rabwa to present distinctive works that are considered one of the most important and wonderful real estate development works in the Gulf, and presented genius projects that mimic the international style, with unique designs over 20 years of experience.

Presented to the real estate market in Egypt more than 60 projects between tourism and residential.

Look for the company's history, and you will find that it has the modern touch and the first modern designs in the modern market.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Zayed Dunes project?

Al-Rabwa has made distinctive projects that add to the history of modern Egyptian real estate, and here are some of these works:

  • Zayed Dunes in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City.
  • Zayed Dunes Compound.
  • Zayed Regency October project.

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