Frequently Asked Questions on Shary

Real Estate platform to facilitate the process of buying and selling real estate

The cost is free at the moment,  and there will be a charge later

The benefit is to increase the number of visitors to the site and to sell advertising spices on the site.

Yes, it will be deleted after 3 months if the advertiser does not delete it.

Yes, in the dashboard, all reports such as the number of ad impressions, the number of views, and the number of contacts.

Only review the advertisement before publishing and in case it conforms to the criteria, it will be published immediately within 24 hours as a maximum, and in case of violation of the conditions, the response will be due to rejection.

Only the commercial register of the real estate marketing company.

To write the real price of the unit - do not write the amount provided instead of the price - the picture is clear and that it is for the same project and not for another project.....

Yes, we make for all advertisements on the site periodically.

The launch page can only be advertised by the developer who owns the project

Only 5 ads

In the case, you register as agent and have as many ads as a broker company.

The ads that are uploaded in the name of a company will be more trustworthy to the customer than the agent .