Privacy Policy

First: We have the right to modify or remove parts of this privacy policy at any time depends on our discretion, so you should review this privacy policy periodically so that your knowledge of changes is updated.

This privacy policy as well as any other conditions and provisions applicable to the site.

And so you have to read the specific privacy requirements contained in any documents we have available with this privacy policy.

Second: Shary website highly respects your privacy and is committed to protecting personal information collected from you through our website or mobile app.

Using services on our website, or mobile application you agree to this policy.

Third: Regarding the information we collect when you use our services, you will have the option to provide us with personal information, such as your email address.

In general, we use your personal data to provide you with the services needed to provide you with more comfort, to answer your queries, to deal with your requests, or to improve our services, we may collect and process the following personal information about you.

• Your name, email, and other contact details (including information provided by filling out forms on the website or mobile app) Fourth: With regard to security, a person does not store, collect or exchange any financial information provided by the user during a financial transaction.

Fourth: With regard to security, a person does not store, collect or exchange any financial information provided by the user during a financial transaction.

While we are doing all possible efforts to get the viruses off-site, we are not ensuring complete elimination and we are not taking any responsibility for the viruses. We, therefore, recommend that all appropriate preventive measures be taken before the information or images from this site are uploaded. There are no safeguards, express or implicit, legislative or other.

Fifth: We, any of our employees or subordinate entities will not be held responsible for any loss or other problems resulting from, but not limited to, loss of profits, compensatory, consequential, direct, legal, accidental, indirect, punitive or private, or any liability that they may incur to a third party, even if we are advised that such loss may occur.



Saving your personal information

We know that access to your personal data is unauthorized and that this is a top priority for us, and we are reasonably taking all necessary steps to protect them from any unauthorized penetration, use, modification, detection, or destruction. While we apply physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to secure and protect your personal information, we do not bear responsibility for any unauthorized access by external parties and do not guarantee full protection and insurance for the personal information you provide or transmit through the website, application or e-mail.

We will take all possible measures to notify you when the company discovers any security breach or a reasonable potential risk of identity theft or any other form imposed by data protection laws.

While the transmission of information via the Internet is not entirely secure, we will do our best to protect your personal information, although we do not guarantee the protection of the information sent to the site. And you have the responsibility to send any information. After receiving the information sent by you, we will apply strict security procedures and measures to prevent it from being hacked.



Access to personal information

If you request access to your personal information, we will gladly execute your request, taking into account all applicable legal requirements and exceptions, including identification procedures. Before submitting the data to you, we will require proof of identity and sufficient information about your interaction with us so that we can identify the information requested. We may charge you a fee for providing you with a copy of your data (unless this is not permitted by law).



Correction and Deletion

You may correct or modify your personal information if it is inaccurate or requires an update. You are also entitled to request the deletion of your personal information, although this is subject to legal requirements, obligations, and other factors.




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Trade Mark

“Shary” is a trademark of Shary Limited or its subsidiaries and may be registered in certain parts of the world.



Security standards

We have been provided with security policies, rules, and technical standards to protect personal data at our disposal from unauthorized access, inappropriate use, unauthorized disclosure, and destruction or accidental loss. So we don't have any responsibility for unauthorized access by third parties, and we can't guarantee that the personal information that you provide us or that is transmitted by website or e-mail is completely secure and safe.



Approval and queries

The user's access to the information available on this site means automatic approval of the above conditions and alerts; So if you don't agree to any of these conditions, you mustn’t use our website or our app because by using it you do agree. If you have a question or concern about this privacy policy or the way we handle personal data, please communicate with our customer service at any time and if you wish to stop dealing with your information, please send us a message entitled "Cancel subscription."