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Are you looking for Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement?

it is characterized by providing a life described as luxurious, and many services , advantages. The Akasa project offers units of varying sizes and modern designs, and therefore we will discuss a topic about the Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement, in detail.


Details about Acasa Compound, Fifth Settlement

  • Project Name: Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement Acasa's fifth settlement compound
  • Acasa Compound Location: Fifth Settlement City.
  • Akasa Compound Space: approximately 5.5 acres.
  • Types of units in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement: apartments.
  • Units Space in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement: it starts from (110 to 225) square meters.
  • Payment systems in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement: There are different instalment systems.
  • The name of the executing company of Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement: Dar Al Alamia Company


Information about Acasa Compound, Fifth Settlement

  • Akasa Compound extends over an area of 5 acres. Aldar International Company for Investment and Real Estate Development, the company that owns the project, has chosen a privileged location in the centre of the most prestigious areas in fifth settelment, with a direct view of the most important roads and axes, to be the starting point for the best projects in New Cairo.
  • The project was designed according to the latest standards of modern design and  structural engineering, as it takes you away from boredom, and offers you an exceptional state of a comfortable and quiet life, away from the well-known life routine and crowding.
  • Akasa Compound provides a healthy life through the spread of green spaces and gardens in a distinctive way, as it provides a direct and wide view of the healthy environment, represented by the fresh air by trees, plants, and gardens in Cairo.
  • Akasa New Cairo Compound represents a destination for all investors, who have a modern and creative vision.
  • The features and recreational services in Mashrwakasa make it unique compared to all New Cairo compounds, and it has a modern design with a variety of spaces, which is considered the latest project of excellence and prosperity in the field of luxury housing.
  • The Acasa New Cairo compound represents the urban experience in design, and the distribution of units in the Acasa project is one of the project's attractions.
  • Akasa Compound provides payment methods with different systems, to suit all customers.
  • Akasa Fifth Settlement Compound is one of the latest projects presented by the International House for Investment and Real Estate Development for construction, it provides the  finest residential units with the best prices and features that all individuals are looking for, in terms of spaciousness, tranquillity, and greenery everywhere.
  • Receive your apartment with a simple down payment, with an area that suits your needs, and choose the number of rooms, reception space, the right floor for you, a kitchen space that suits you, down payment and instalments according to your capabilities.


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Where is Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement?

Akasa Fifth Settlement is located in a strategic and unique location in New Cairo, and the reason for the founder's choice of this place is that it is close to the important roads and axes, facilities and buildings, like schools, hospitals, and places of entertainment, and the Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement, has a direct view of:

  • Ring Road: Akasa Compound is only five minutes away from it.
  • Cairo International Airport: only 25 minutes.
  • Hospitals and medical centres: it is a few minutes away from the Akasa Compound.
  • La Fontaine and Al Marasem Compound: Akasa New Cairo Compound is 5 minutes away from them.


What is the space of Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement?

  • The total area5.5 acres.
  • Building area: 20% of the total area.
  • Green spaces: 80% of the total area.


What are the services and features of the AKASA project?

The Akasa New Cairo project provides a large number of services to customers, and this made it one of the distinguished projects, and among these services:

  • Modern and advanced technology: This provides customers with security and reassurance from any attempt of theft or assault, as the gates of the Akasa New Cairo compound are opened electronically, through a security code that is changed every period.
  • Security system: AKASA Compound New Cairo provides the use of the most secure methods, by placing a modern and advanced surveillance system and cameras throughout the compound, with the use of distinguished and trained security staff.
  • Restaurants and cafes: All food and drinks are provided by the largest and most famous restaurants. There are various agencies for famous restaurants and distinctive cafes.
  • Sports club: for every resident of the compound, Akasa New Cairo, to practice his favourite sport freely, and there are also benches to sit on and enjoy the awesome landscapes.
  • Health club: It contains the best fitness equipment , under the supervision of a group of the greatest trainers, in addition to a jacuzzi bath, sauna, massage .
  • Maintenance services: AKASA Compound New Cairo is characterized by the availability of periodic maintenance of the compound, such as electricity, appliances.
  • Cleaning and ironing services: Akasa Compound provides periodic cleaning services daily. To keep it beautiful and creative.
  • Mosque: Acasa Compound New Cairo provides a mosque for prayer so that individuals can pray with comfort and reassurance.
  • Schools and nurseries: Different schools and nurseries have been provided
  • Medical complex: It provides several clinics in Akasa Compound that work all the day.
  • Pharmacies: 24 hours to provide the best services to citizens, with delivery services.
  • Privacy and tranquillity: the best projects that offer calm and relaxation to citizens, as they are far from the city, noise, and pollution.
  • Green spaces: Gardens and plants occupy half of the compound's space, and this helps in feeling comfortable and enjoying the view, with many gardens and parks.
  • Wonderful view: all residential units overlook the landscape.
  • Privacy: in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement, great privacy for individuals, as each residential unit is about 20 meters away from the other.
  • Gathering areas: Acasa New Cairo Compound includes special places to sit and discuss with family and friends, with many special celebrations for any occasion.
  • Artificial lakes: Akasa Compound has different designs of lakes that add the beauty to the compound.
  • Various tracks: The company establishes walking, running and cycling paths in designated tracks, away from buildings and roads.
  • Administrative offices, reception: in Akasa Compound, an electronic portal is available.
  • Swimming pools: Akasa compound has swimming pools for children, women, and men.
  • Clubs: Acasa Compound offers a social club, a supermarket, cafes, and local and international restaurants.


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Units details in AKASA Fifth Settlement

One of the advantages of AKASA Fifth Settlement is providing distinguished housing as well as freedom and privacy, through units that have taken into account the good distribution of units, the availability of excellent prices, in addition to the diversity of spaces and flexible payment systems.

The details of the Akasa New Cairo Compound are as follows:


What are the types of units in the Akasa Compound?

The project development company has provided many housing units of different shapes and sizes, to suit the tastes and desires of all customers. Among the units offered by the project are apartments of varying size and area, as the units are as follows:

  • Two-room apartments.
  • 3-room apartments.


What are the units' spaces in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement?

The spaces vary to meet customers' requests, as there are units with the following areas:

  • The space of 2-bedroom apartments in AKASA, Fifth Settlement: starts from 110 square meters to 135 square meters.
  • The space of the 3-bedroom apartments in Akasa, Fifth Settlement: 140 square meters up to 255 square meters.


Module design in akasa

  • Akasa units overlook the various green spaces to provide you with a stunning view all the time.
  • Your apartment is on the floor you prefer, as the units vary in different sizes, to satisfy all tastes.
  • Distinctive finishing, semi-finishing, or without, according to your desire.
  • Receive your apartment with a simple down payment, in an area that suits you in New Cairo.
  • The real estate developer provides the best design for the facades of the Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement.


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What are the prices of Akasa Compound?

Prices vary in Akasa Compound, Fifth Settlement,  the price per square meter in the Akasa project, Fifth Settlement, starts from 13,000 EGP UP to 14,000 EGP and these prices are distinguished compared to other projects in the Fifth Settlement.

The price of a two-bedroom apartment in Akasa Compound New Cairo:

Prices start from 1,700,000 EGP.

Prices for a 3-bedroom apartment in Akasa, Fifth Settlement

Its price starts from 1,900,000 EGP.


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What are the payment systems and  methods in Akasa Compound?

Dar International Real Estate Development Company provides you with a unique payment system through:

  • Down payment : 10% of the amount is paid, and the rest is paid in instalments over 7 years.
  • Finishing level: the company gives you the freedom to choose to receive your unit either on the clamshell or fully finished, and the price per square meter is 3,500 pounds.
  • Handover: The handover of residential units takes place after 3 years.


Who is the owner company of AKASA Fifth Settlement project?

Dar Al Alamiah Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Akasa Compound in the Fifth Settlement, as it is considered one of the distinguished real estate companies that offers the best buildings and facilities in the real estate market, It has prior successes that show that it can do this and satisfy lots of customers.


What is the previous work of the real estate developer of the Akasa project?

Dar Al Alamiah provides works that abound in the real estate market with modern designs in Cairo and other cities, especially in the Akasa New Cairo project, with a distinctive area for the project, units with a distinguished presenter, and the level of finishing according to your desire, and among the most important works of the real estate developer are the following:

  • Design and construction of Galala Mall
  • New Ismailia University
  • Japanese university buildings
  • Abo Al-Darag Compound.
  • 2B3 Mall - Administrative Capital.
  • Construction of a large building belonging to the Ministry of Defense.
  • Construction and renovations at the Armed Forces Museum located in Almaza.
  • Downtown Plaza.
  • Business Plaza Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

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