Al Burouj El Shorouk

map pinAl Ismailia Road, Shorouk City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 16,535 EGP/M2
DuplexDuplex 18,182 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 29,286 EGP/M2
TownhouseTownhouse 20,294 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 32,917 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 2,100,000 : 7,000,000 EGP
Area 127 : 340 M2
Price 4,000,000 : 4,900,000 EGP
Area 220 : 275 M2
Price 8,200,000 : 11,000,000 EGP
Area 280 : 650 M2
Price 3,450,000 : 6,450,000 EGP
Area 170 : 220 M2
Twin house
Price 7,900,000 : 10,500,000 EGP
Area 240 : 375 M2

Al Burouj Compound Fifth Settlement, is one of the most prominent works of the Emirates Capital Group Properties for real estate development.

Al burouj compound was established in El Shorouk City, and it contains various residential units including apartments, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and duplexes.


About Al Burouj Compound project

Al Burouj Compound New Cairo is integrated with basic and recreational services, which gives the client and his family a feeling of self-sufficiency and no need to leave it to buy any of the items.

The architectural design came in a modern style that resembles the style of European architecture, which increases the luxury of the project and the high demand for it.

Al Borouj El Shorouk is a golden opportunity for investment due to the advantages it offers to its clients, through varying spaces that make it possible for them to choose the appropriate one.

This is in addition to the appropriate prices, the reasonable price per square meter, and the unprecedented payment systems offered by the developed company to customers.

The interior design and decoration of the units in "Al Burouj Compound Al Shorouk City" were the best to satisfy all tastes, and the glass facades allow one to see the charming outside view.


Al Burouj Compound Project Location

The owner company has chosen a strategic location to build its project, and the importance of the location includes the following:-

  • Al Burouj Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in El Shorouk City, specifically on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road.
  • It is located on the same line as my city and Mostakbal City.
  • Al burouj compound is located midway between the World Medical Center and the Regional Ring Road.
  • It is 10 minutes away from the heart of the New Administrative Capital.
  • The distance that separates Al Burouj Compound in New Cairo from New Cairo is estimated at 20 minutes at most.
  • While it is only a quarter of an hour away from the Capital International Airport.
  • Al Burouj El Shorouk is very close to the Middle Ring Road, Suez Road, the Ring Road, and the Regional Ring Road.


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New Cairo Compounds.


​​Al Burouj Compound Al Shorouk area

The entire compound is built on an area of ​​1200 acres, divided so that the landscaping, gardens, water bodies, and service facilities represent 83% of the total area.

While the residential facilities in Al Burouj Compound Al Shorouk City occupy only 17%, or about 70 acres, with a total of 28 thousand units, which provides privacy for the residents due to the spacing of the spaces between the buildings.


Units Details in Al Burouj Compound

The most important feature of the residential units within the compound is the diversity, whether in terms of spaces, prices, payment systems, or even decorations that satisfy all tastes.


Units types

The units within Al Burouj Compound, the Fifth Settlement, are standalone villas, townhouses, twin houses, duplexes, and apartments.


Units area

The spaces within Al buruj compound vary so that each customer can choose the appropriate unit, and they are as follows:

  • The spaces of the two- and three-bedroom apartments in Al Burouj Compound New Cairo range from 90 m² to 190 m².
  • While townhouses and villas spaces start from 160 m² up to 440 m².
  • As for the twin houses, they are located within the "Al Borouj El Shorouk" compound, with areas starting from 165 square meters up to a maximum of 245 square meters.
  • Finally, the spaces of the duplexes in Al Burouj Compound Al Shorouk City, which are 176 square meters.


Units design

The developing company hired the largest engineering consultancy offices to develop the Master Plan designs.

It chose very beautiful designs, and the décor is elegant, and the unit was delivered to the customer fully finished, Ultra Super Lux


Al Borouj Services and Facilities

Within the compound, the customer enjoys various advantages and comprehensive services, most notably the following:-

  • Allocating large areas for gardens and landscaping.
  • 70 acres of space have been allocated for growing all kinds of vegetables using organic fertilizer.
  • In Al Burouj Compound, Fifth Settlement, there is a track for walking, jogging, and other tracks for cycling.
  • A group of international restaurants and cafes to provide the most delicious and best varieties.
  • Al burouj compound has been provided with Kids Area with various secured games for the little ones.
  • Modern elevators were imported from abroad.
  • Commercial centers and malls with all the commodities and the most famous international brands.
  • There is a large social club in Al Burouj Compound in New Cairo.
  • Electricity generators that operate in the event of a power outage.
  • Al Burouj El Shorouk has a gym, spa, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  • There is a smart village in the compound, and El Sawy Culture Wheel.
  • Large conference and meeting rooms for businessmen.
  • A cultural center for lovers of knowledge and culture.
  • Available inside Al Burouj Compound, El Shorouk City, Cadmus International Schools.
  • Health services are represented in Capital Health Medical Center.
  • Orchid Park at the highest level.
  • Parking for customers to prevent crowding.
  • A strong guard system and security personnel throughout the day, monitoring the movements by distributing surveillance cameras everywhere.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Al Burouj Capital Group Properties Prices

Prices are competitive, as the average price per square meter for villas is 18 thousand pounds, while the average price for townhouses is 14 thousand, while the price per square meter for apartments is only 11 thousand pounds.

It is worth noting that the unit prices vary according to the area and type of unit in Al Borouj El Shorouk.” In general, the prices of villas start from 6 million and 750 thousand and reach 10 million and 500 thousand pounds.

As for the prices of apartments in Al Burouj Compound, the Fifth Settlement, it ranges between one million and 850 thousand to 2 million and 150 thousand pounds.


Payment plans in Al Burouj Reservation New Cairo

The company provides an easy payment system when purchasing a unit in Al burouj compound, as follows:

  • Pay a reservation down payment of 5% of the total unit price.
  • Then pay a second payment upon contracting, which is 5% as well.
  • Pay the remaining amount of the unit price in Al Burouj Compound New Cairo in equal installments over ten years.


The Developer of Al Burouj Compound

Capital Group Properties is the owner of Al Burouj Compound in El Shorouk City, and it is one of the companies that sit on the throne of real estate development in Egypt and all countries of the world.

It belongs to Al Ain Properties and Abu Dhabi Capital Group and enjoys a good reputation among its clients due to its commitment to delivery times.

The company has a list of successful businesses, including the following:

  • One Palace Street project in London.
  • Capital Plaza in Montenegro.
  • Construction of H Hotel in Dubai.
  • Al-Ain Tower in Abu Dhabi.
  • Al burouj compound project.

Compound Location

Al Ismailia Road, Shorouk City, Cairo

At AL Burouj - Apartment 2 Bedroom - Cash - Ready To Move

Installment 4 Years - Apartment 135 m - Ready To Move - AL Burouj

At AL Burouj - Apartment 127 m with 2 Bedroom for sale

Apartment 150 m at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Deliver 2026

Apartment 150 m for Sale at Al Burouj El Shorouk

At AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Apartment 4 Bedroom for sale - Deliver 2026

Apartment 3 Bedroom - AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Fully Finished

Apartment 340 m for sale at AL Burouj EL Shrouq

Under Marketing price Townhouse 170 m for Sale at Al Burouj El Shorouk

Townhouse 200 m with DP 10% - AL Burouj EL Shrouq

Installment 4 Years - Townhouse 220 m for sale -AL Shrouq

Duplex 220 m for sale at AL Burouj EL Shrouq

Penthouse Duplex 275 m at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Deliver 2026

Twin Villa 240 m for sale at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Deliver 2026

Twin Villa 375 m for sale at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Deliver 2024

At AL Burouj - Villa 340 m for sale - Ready To Move -Cash

Villa 280 m for sale at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Deliver 2024

Villa 340 m at AL Burouj EL Shrouq - Ready To Move - 10% DP

With 10% DP Villa 610 m at AL Burouj EL Shrouq

Installment 10 Years - Deliver 2024 - Villa 650 m for sale - AL Burouj EL Shrouq