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Azha North Coast is the latest innovation of Madar Developments, as it produced for us a new architectural masterpiece, directly overlooking the sea, and the residential and summer units within it vary between chalets and villas, with different sizes and finishes.


Azha Village provides all services and entertainment means, and is also suitable for living throughout the year, in order to integrate basic services and not just entertainment within the project, in addition to the project’s elegant design; To suit lovers of good taste.


Azha North Coast Resort is located on Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, at kilometer 214, near New Alamein City, Cairo City, Alexandria City, in addition to Matrouk Governorate, Ras El Hekma Bay and some tourist villages on the North Coast.


Azha Village North Coast is considered one of the largest coastal projects directly overlooking the sea. It enjoys the integration of recreational, basic and medical services. It also provides units of different sizes and prices, including chalets, townhouses, twin houses and independent villas, with areas starting from 60 square meters and up to 260. square meters, all of this at a price starting from 16 million Egyptian pounds, with the possibility of paying the unit through very easy payment systems, which require paying 5% down payment of the unit price, and installments over 8 years.


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Azha North Coast location

The location of Azha North Coast was chosen with intelligence and great care, as a location that attracted the attention of investors and customers was chosen, specifically kilometer 214 of the North Coast, on Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, so that the village is surrounded by vital areas and main roads from all directions, and here are the closest of these areas:

  • New Alamein City: Azha North Coast is close to New Alamein City, only 15 minutes away.
  • Matrouh Governorate: You can reach Azha Al Sahel from Matrouh in just 45 minutes.
  • Ras El Hekma Road: Azha North Coast Resort is only a 15-minute drive away from Ras El Hekma.
  • Cairo Governorate: The distance between the Azha Al Sahel project and Cairo is estimated at about 340 kilometers.
  • El Alamein International Airport: Azha North Coast is very close to El Alamein International Airport, as the distance between them is just a few minutes.
  • Bali Village and Blue Bay Village: The village is very close to the most famous and lively villages of the North Coast, which are Bali Village and Blue Bay Village.


Area of Azha Al Sahel village

Azha North Coast was implemented on a large area, which the real estate developer was able to exploit perfectly, dividing it between green spaces, buildings, commercial areas, and facilities; To appear fully integrated, here are the details of the space:

  • Total area: Azha Village was built on an area of 250 acres.
  • Building area: A small percentage of the total area has been allocated to facilities, buildings, shops, and residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscaping: The largest share came from the green spaces that surround the Azha project and all the entire residential units, as well as lakes, water bodies, and the Crystal Lagoon.


Area of Azha North Coast units

The diversity in Azha Village, North Coast, included spaces, and was not limited only to the types of units, in order for him to find everything that meets his personal needs, and the diversity was as follows:

  • Chalets space: The area of one- or three-room chalets varies between 60 and 150 square meters.
  • Area of senior chalets: Azha Village includes senior chalets, their areas start from 145 square meters and reach 180 square meters.
  • Townhouse space: The townhouse space in Azha North Coast starts from 155 square meters.
  • Twin house area: The twin house area starts from 150 square meters and reaches 200 square meters.
  • Area of villas overlooking the sea: The area of villas overlooking the sea starts from 200 square meters and reaches 400 square meters.
  • Area of villas overlooking the Crystal Lagoon: The area of villas overlooking the Lagoon inside Azha Village, North Coast, ranges between 200 and 260 square meters.


Design of units in Azha Al Sahel

The entire design of Azha North Coast was done by one of the largest international companies in the field of architectural design, Mixti International, which presented innovative and modern ideas, and this was shown in the following:

  • All units within Azha Village, North Coast, have chosen elegant and luxurious designs, and are equipped with central air conditioners.
  • Some of the resort and hotel units within Azha North Coast Resort have direct sea views from more than one direction, while others overlook the Crystal Lagoon.
  • All units enjoy a high degree of privacy and proximity to swimming pools.
  • There are many green spaces separating the summer units within the project, with the aim of achieving the principle of security and privacy for all residents.


Azha Village North Coast prices

The price of units in Azha North Coast Village starts from 16,355,000 Egyptian pounds, and the total unit price is certainly determined according to several factors, including the type of unit itself, as well as the area and finishing, and its location within the village, but in general, the following lines show you the price plan for Azha North Coast:

  • Prices for two-room chalets: Prices start from 16,355,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for two-room chalets, ground floor: prices start from 14,715,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices of 3-room chalets: There are chalets for sale in Azha, North Coast, consisting of 3 rooms, with prices starting from 17,920,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse prices: Townhouse prices in the village start from 26,001,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices of independent villas with direct sea view: their price is about 44,408,000 Egyptian pounds.


To inquire about the latest offers and prices, please contact our customer service team.


Payment systems and payment methods in the Azha North Coast project

The real estate developer of Azha North Coast was concerned with the comfort of customers and investors, overcoming obstacles to payment and the price of the residential unit, and provided them with the following payment and installment system:

  • A down payment of 5% of the total price of the residential unit, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over a period of 8 years.


Azha North Coast services and facilities

In order for customers and investors to accept Azha North Coast, it was necessary to have all the facilities and services that guarantee them an integrated life that does not lack anything, so the following services were provided in the project:

  • Artificial lakes: A number of picturesque artificial lakes with a wonderful design have been designed in Azha village.
  • Hotel: Azha Al Sahel Village includes a large, five-star hotel, containing many hotel rooms, which provide full accommodation services at the highest level of comfort and entertainment.
  • Commercial area: Azha North Coast has a huge commercial area, which includes a number of the most famous international stores and brands for shopping lovers.
  • Garages: There is parking for cars, whether residents or visitors. This is to prevent crowding in the streets of Azha Resort and obstruct traffic.
  • Gym: A large gym was built for sports lovers, including the latest sports tools and equipment.
  • Pharmacy: Azha Village includes a large pharmacy, which contains all medical medications. It also provides blood pressure and blood sugar measurement services, operates 24 hours a day, and provides a delivery service to residential units.
  • Entertainment area: The Azha Al Sahel project includes an integrated games area, suitable for adults and children. To spend an enjoyable time, the entire area takes in a view of the seashore and soft, golden sand.
  • Clubhouse: Azha North Coast has an integrated health club, providing a spa and jacuzzi for village residents.
  • Swimming pools: There are a number of swimming pools in Azha North Coast, with different heights and depths, spread throughout the village.
  • Security and guarding: Azha Al Sahel is completely secured, as security and guard personnel are spread throughout the village, in addition to the presence of modern and advanced electronic gates, as well as surveillance cameras with the latest technology, operating 24 hours a day throughout the village.
  • Medical facilities: The real estate developer of Azha North Coast Resort was concerned with the health care of the village residents, so it provided many medical centers qualified to receive any medical condition, including an elite group of the best doctors in all specialties.
  • Kids Area: Children can enjoy their time inside the Azha project, because Kids Area is located on a very large area, which includes many entertainment games, in addition to games that help develop their physical and mental skills as well.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Azha North Coast includes a variety of the best and most famous restaurants and cafes, serving delicious local and international food and drinks.
  • Other services: Azha North Coast includes many other distinctive services, such as delivery services to summer units, regular maintenance and cleaning services, in addition to clothes cleaning services and many others.


Benefits of investing in Azha Al Sahel Village

The Azha North Coast project has many advantages, which make investing within it a successful investment by all standards. It includes a large number of services, in addition to the lively location and sophisticated design, in addition to many other features, which are represented in the following:

  • Azha North Coast is distinguished by its direct view of the Mediterranean coast, with its turquoise waters and golden sand.
  • The location of Azha Al Sahel Village is very strategic, close to roads, axes, services and facilities.
  • Azha North Coast Resort offers modern designs that are compatible with international buildings, with green spaces, water fountains, and swimming pools.
  • Azha North Coast provides units at competitive prices, with easy payment systems, integrated finishes and air conditioning.
  • The village offers a variety of units in styles and spaces, including chalets, villas, twin houses, and townhouses.


Stages of Azha North Coast

Azha North Coast includes several phases, with diverse areas and competitive prices, and these phases are as follows:

  • Alma Phase: It is one of the distinguished phases that contains twin house units, with a modern design and a wonderful view of the green spaces and artificial lakes. This phase comes at competitive prices, with areas starting from 185 square meters.
  • Diya Phase: This phase contains various units of chalets, penthouses, and duplexes. The area of the units starts from 139 square meters, and comes at prices suitable for customers.
  • Canis Phase: This phase offers units of independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses, at unbeatable prices, and with various sizes starting from 185 square meters.
  • Leonis Phase: It is one of the distinctive phases that includes units of twin houses and stand-alone villas. You can obtain these units at competitive prices, with areas starting from 217 square meters.
  • Navi Phase: The Navi Phase contains units of twin houses, with areas starting from 213 square metres, and also includes units of stand-alone villas and townhouses, with areas starting from 171 square metres.
  • Norma Phase: Norma Phase includes units of townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas, with areas starting from 180 square meters.
  • Vela phase: The villa phase contains units of chalets, with areas starting from 141 square meters. It also contains units of twin houses, townhouses, and villas, with areas starting from 289 square metres.


About Madar Developments

The real estate developer responsible for Azha Village, North Coast, is Madar Real Estate Development Company, which launched in the world of real estate in 2015, and since that time it has been working on establishing many tourism projects and residential compounds in all governorates of Egypt. All its projects are characterized by luxury and integration, so that it was able to compete with the largest international companies in the field of real estate.


Madar Developments projects

The Azha project is not the first success of Madar Real Estate Development Company, but it has a list of the most important real estate and tourism projects in Egypt, including the following:

  • Azha Ain Sokhna.
  • Sunrise Sharm El Sheikh hotels.


An overview of the North Coast region

The North Coast is located on an area of 1,050 kilometers, and is divided into two parts: the old North Coast and the new North Coast. It is characterized by the presence of the Salloum Plateau, at an altitude of up to 400 meters above the surface of the water, and is distinguished by its proximity to the New Fouka Road, which connects it to neighboring cities. Like Cairo, which can be reached in just two hours via Al Fouka Road.


The northern coast is characterized by mild summer, and a mildly cold climate accompanied by rain and light snow in winter, in addition to its vital location near main roads and axes. The North Coast contains many five-star and seven-star hotels, such as the Hilton Alexandria Kings Ranch Hotel, Caesar Bay Hotel, Rixos El Alamein Hotel, and Carols Beau Rivage Matrouh Hotel.


The northern coast includes the most famous coastal bays, such as Ras El Hikma Bay, Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, and Jarawla Bay. It also contains the most famous tourist cities, such as the city of Sidi Heneish, the city of Hammam, the city of New Alamein, the city of King Mariout, and the city of Dabaa.


Advantages of investing in the North Coast

The North Coast contains all the means of comfort and luxury, as it provides water games, an aqua park, and health clubs that include a spa, gym, and jacuzzi, in addition to containing malls, shops, and sports and social clubs. The North Coast is also distinguished by containing many medical centers, pharmacies, and ambulance centers that... It is equipped to the highest standards and is available 24 hours a day, in addition to containing guarding and security systems, which are available in all resorts and tourist villages on the North Coast, in addition to many other features.


The best North Coast projects

The North Coast contains many tourist projects, which are distinguished by their views of the most beautiful beaches, artificial lakes, and landscapes. The North Coast projects provide various units of chalets and villas of various types and shapes, with different areas, competitive prices, and endless services. The most prominent of these projects are the following:


Evia Mountain View North Coast

The Evia Mountain View North Coast project is located in Ras El Hekma Bay, on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, near the New Dabaa Road and the New El Alamein Airport. It is also separated from Alexandria by a distance of two hours, and between it and Cairo by only 3 hours. The project area is 450 acres and contains units of chalets, villas, townhouses and twin houses, with areas starting from 92 square meters and up to 400 square metres. The project comes with competitive prices, starting from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds, and payment systems with a down payment starting from 10%. And installments up to 8 years.


Azzar Island North Coast Village

Azzar Island North Coast village is located at kilometer 182 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road in the Ras El Hekma area, and near Dabaa Road, El Alamein Airport and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. The project area is 400 acres. The project contains units of independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses, with areas starting from 110 square meters and up to 333 square meters. The project comes with competitive prices, starting from 5,900,000 Egyptian pounds, and easy payment systems, with a down payment starting from 5%, and equal installments of up to 5,900,000 Egyptian pounds. To 8 years.


La Vista Ras El Hekma North Coast

La Vista Ras El Hekma is located in the heart of the North Coast. It is located directly at kilometer 205 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, near Fouka Road and the Central Hospital, and 241 kilometers from Cairo, and directly overlooks the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The project was established on a large area of up to 1,200 acres, and includes units of chalets, villas, and twin houses, with areas starting from 150 square meters and up to 400 square meters, and unit prices start from 3,250,000 pounds, and payment systems start from 20% down payment, and installments extend. To 6 years.


Finally, the idea of buying a summer resort unit on the North Coast is a very successful idea in terms of long-term investment, so we recommend that you buy a unit in Azha North Coast, which has a distinguished location, and which is considered one of the most attractive areas for residents and investors from inside or outside Egypt. .

Compound Location

Ras Al Hekma, North Coast