Century city new cairo

map pinSouth Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 38,439 EGP/M2
PenthousePenthouse 37,688 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 4,728,000 : 7,000,000 EGP
Area 123 : 191 M2
Price 7,500,000 EGP
Area 199 M2

Century City is the destination for those looking for comfortable and luxurious housing units. It is owned by the Vantage Real Estate Company, which carefully selected its location and various services, so it established it in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo.

Vantage has also been keen to fully equip Century city new Cairo, so it has offered various units between apartments, duplexes and penthouses, in addition to many facilities and equipment that achieve self sufficiency for its residents.


About Century City new Cairo

The location of Century City in the heart of the Fifth Settlement undoubtedly added a lot to it, because it made it close to all service areas and vital places in New Cairo, in addition to being primarily equipped with multiple facilities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable life to the utmost degree and unlimited luxury for its customers, all at prices Competitive and distinguished payment facilities that allow the unit price to be paid in installments over several years.


Century City project location

Reaching Century City is easier than you think because it is located at the end of the Southern 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement area, which is considered the largest and most famous street in New Cairo, in addition to its proximity to the new central ring road.

Many roads and transportation are close to this strategic location, so it is possible to move to many places within the city or even its neighboring areas in a few minutes, such as:

  • American University: It is only five minutes away.
  • Sokhna Road: It is located seven minutes away.
  • Cairo Airport: The distance between them is only ten minutes.
  • Heliopolis: It takes about 15 minutes to get there.
  • Nasr City: It is only 15 minutes away from Century City.
  • The New Administrative Capital: It is a third of an hour away from it.
  • Heliopolis: It is about 35 minutes away.
  • Maadi: located 30 minutes away.
  • The Pyramids and October: its residents can reach either of them within 40 minutes.


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New Cairo Compounds.


Century City Compound Area

The atmosphere that emanates from Century city new Cairo is at the top of splendor because it is built on 12 acres, occupying green spaces and beautiful views of the landscape, most of them. After all, the buildings are built on only 25% of their total area.


Units Details in Century City Fifth Settlement

The offered units are satisfactory for all tastes, because they differ mainly in their types and sizes, and therefore it is easy for the customer to find a unit in the shape and space that suits him


Units types

Diversity is one of the most important secrets of the success of any project, and this is of course achieved within the compound, where its units vary between penthouses, apartments, and duplexes, to provide multiple options for customers.


Units area

Relatively large and spacious spaces are prevalent within Century City, with a minimum of 98 square meters and a maximum of 252 square meters or more. The units’ spaces can be clarified as follows:

  • The apartments' spaces range between 98 and 181 square meters.
  • Duplexes occupy a larger area starting from 285 square meters and are attached to a garden with an area of ​​108 square meters.
  • Penthouses' spaces are medium between apartments and duplexes, starting from 181 square meters up to 252 square meters.


Units design

Vantage was able to design Century city new Cairo in a luxurious way that everyone talks about its splendor, as those who designed it relied on the luxurious modern Art Deco system, in addition to owning a charming view of the landscape and the most beautiful landscapes, as well as being fully finished using the latest technologies and the best Types of materials.


Century City New Cairo services and facilities

The luxurious residential life that anyone desires are already in Century City because it is equipped with all facilities and amenities, such as:

  • A group of highly trained security personnel to guard the place throughout the day and intelligently deal with any potential emergencies.
  • Surveillance cameras are always open, as this ensures greater safety for the residents.
  • Clinics in various medical specialties provide services to residents 24 hours a day, so they can get health care at any time easily.
  • Pharmacies are close to all units, and they provide 24 hour service as well.
  • A health club equipped with the latest equipment and all devices that guarantee comprehensive body care and very special service.
  • The garage for the residents of Century city new Cairo is characterized by a high degree of security because it is covered and monitored by cameras.
  • The mall is an ideal destination for shopaholics, as it includes major stores selling international brands.
  • A hypermarket that prevents residents from shopping outside to buy their household necessities, as various goods and purposes are available.
  • An administrative building concerned with customer service, to respond to their various inquiries and deal quickly with any complaints to provide them with the necessary comfort.
  • An area with cafes and restaurants to provide the best service to the residents of Century City, as it not only offers various drinks and delicious dishes to its customers but also provides them with a very distinctive atmosphere.
  • A group of facilities concerned with body health represented a gym for exercising, a sauna for making steam baths, a spa for massage and massage, as well as a jacuzzi.
  • A social club suitable for entertaining families or friends, and includes many playgrounds for more fun.
  • Equipped areas to enjoy yoga or even just relax.
  • Tractors for walkers in nature and the open air, and can have a more enjoyable experience of cycling.
  • Swimming pools, some are open and others are covered to provide more privacy for those wishing to do so.
  • An entertainment area equipped for children staying at Century city new Cairo so that they can enjoy more of their time inside their residence.
  • Artificial lakes add more wonderful touches to outdoor décor.
  • Another great view, greenery, and landscapes are almost everywhere.
  • A mosque to make it easier for residents to pray while outside their housing units.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



Century City Vintage Prices

The prices of Century City are very competitive, despite the luxury of its units and its extreme distinction, but the price per square meter starts from 12,500 pounds, but the price varies according to the type of unit and its specifications. The minimum total price for apartments of different sizes can be clarified as follows:

  • One million and 425 thousand pounds for apartments of 98 square meters.
  • One million and 455 thousand pounds for apartments of 114 or 115 square meters.
  • 1,515,250 pounds for apartments of 121 square meters.
  • One million and 579 thousand and 500 pounds for apartments of 135 square meters.
  • One million and 885 thousand pounds for apartments of 139 square meters.
  • One million and 797 thousand pounds for apartments of 143 square meters.
  • One million and 865 thousand pounds for apartments of 150 square meters.
  • 2 million and 254 thousand and 500 pounds for apartments of 177 square meters.


Payment Plans in Century City New Cairo

Century city new Cairo offers exclusive facilities to its customers when paying the price of the unit, whether without a final down payment or a simple down payment and an installment period of up to 10 years. Some of the available payment systems can be clarified as follows:

  • Down payment of 10% of the unit price in Century City, then installments over 8 years.
  • Down payment of 15% of the unit price, then installments for up to 9 years.
  • Down payment of 20% of the unit price, then installments over up to 10 years.

Customers can receive their units within three and a half years only, starting from the date of their contract with the company, that is, before paying all the installments. This is considered an advantage for the project.


The real estate developer of Century City New Cairo

Fortunately for the clients, the Vantage Urban Development Company is the owner of the Century City project, because it is a leading company in the real estate sector that adopts a new and modern vision for the implementation of real estate projects, so it was able within a short time to compete with major real estate companies.

The new touches that Vantage adds to its projects have enabled it to attract many customers to it, especially as it enjoys a great deal of honesty and credibility, and is keen on the comfort of its customers by providing integrated units with services at the best possible price and the easiest payment system.

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12,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,425,000 pounds.

Vantage for urban development

Compound Location

South Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

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