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Gardenia Springs New Cairo is a luxury residential resort that was established by IGI to be a residential complex with the advantages of tourist villages, with water bodies, green spaces, recreational facilities, and distinctive services.

The company offered the project at distinct prices and various spaces, in addition to the vital location near the most important roads, hubs, and service facilities, with easy instalment systems for all customers.


Information about Gardenia Springs Compound, New Cairo

  • Gardenia Springs Compound is located in the famous Northern Investors area, specifically on Al-Nasr Street, which brings you close to all the landmarks and roads of New Cairo, to move easily.
  • The Gardenia Springs project was established on an area of about 60 full acres, 80% is green spaces and water bodies, compared to only 20% for residential buildings.
  • Gardenia Springs Compound consists of a group of residential villas and luxury homes with a distinctive view of the landscape spread throughout the project.
  • Gardenia villas vary in size to suit customers' needs. It starts from 650 square meters up to 1000 square meters.
  • In Gardenia, you will enjoy a range of benefits and services like a view of one of the rivers. IGI has built 3 rivers that pass between the houses and villas.
  • The company offered the project units at a meter price that competes with meter prices in the region, especially with the advantages and services offered in the compound
  • You can book your residential unit with the lowest contracting down payment and pay the price in instalments over 7 years.


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Gardenia Springs Compound location

Gardenia Springs is located in New Cairo, specifically in the Northern Investors Area, which is one of the most luxurious areas in the governorate.

The company that owns the project chose Al-Nasr Street. It is also close to a group of main roads and axes, the most important is the northern 90th Street.

The vital location of the compound also helped bring you closer to a group of vital areas such as the northern lotus area, the Carnation neighbourhood, Al Rehab City, Madinaty, and other places.

Among the roads and vital landmarks near you , are the following:

  • Suez Road: only 8 minutes away from Cairo / Suez Road
  • Ring Road: You can reach the Ring Road in just 13 minutes from the Gardenia Springs site
  • Sokhna Road: Gardenia is located 17 minutes from Cairo / Ain Sokhna Road
  • Middle Ring: You can reach Middle Ring in just 15 minutes
  • The New Administrative Capital: you are only half an hour away from the New Administrative Capital, as the Northern Investors area is the closest point to the New Capital.

Gardenia Springs, New Cairo

Gardenia Springs is one of the most expansive residential developments in Northern Investors. It covers approximately 60 acres, which is divided between landscape areas and service facilities on one hand and residential buildings on the other, provided that the percentage of green spaces exceeds the percentage of buildings in the project.



Gardenia Compound Design, New Cairo

IGI was eager to implement modern and luxurious architectural designs that would contribute to the construction of an international-standard residential complex. Where the glass facades, private gardens, and interior design maximised space while giving the impression of not being crowded.

In general, 120 villas and houses were designed in a European style, complementing the villas' exteriors, with classic unified colours.

While the villas were divided into 3 residential areas, the area consists of 38 villas, between small river passes, with green spaces spreading for a distinctive view of the units.


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Units details in Gardenia Springs Compound in New Cairo

Types of units in Gardenia

Gardenia is made up completely of palaces and villas larger than a thousand square metres in size and of varying sizes.


Units spaces in Gardenia

You can book a residential unit with spaces starting from 650 square meters up to 1200 square meters


finishing type

  • Semi finished
  • without finishing
  • Super Lux finishing


Advantages and Services of Gardenia Springs Compound

In Gardenia Springs Compound, you enjoy many advantages and services that make you in an integrated complex where you find housing and psychological comfort, as follows:

  • Landscape areas: All Gardenia units overlook landscape areas that exceed 80% of the total area of the project.
  • Artificial lakes: IGI provided the project with 3 meandering artificial rivers that pass between luxury homes and villas.
  • Tracks for walking and running: Tracks were designed for walking and running , as well as cycling among the vast landscapes.
  • Picnic spaces: In Gardenia Springs, you will enjoy special places for picnics, meditation, barbecues, and other recreational activities.
  • Sports club: You can practice various sports like football, tennis and squash in sports courts designed according to international standards
  • Swimming pools: The compound has private swimming pools for children and adults of various sizes and models.
  • Secure Gates: Gardenia Springs is provided with 2 fully secured main entrance gates.
  • Commercial area: IGI did not lose sight of the importance of providing the project with a commercial area where shops, restaurants and luxury cafes.
  • Children's entertainment area: Your children will enjoy many suitable games for their age in an area designed for them.
  • Security and guarding services: The compound has security and guarding services 24 hours a day


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Gardenia Springs New Cairo Compound Prices

The prices of the Gardenia Springs Compound in New Cairo vary in units, size, and their exact location, in addition to the advantages they enjoy, such as their proximity to service areas or their view of artificial lakes.

In general, the price per square meter in Gardenia Springs Compound in New Cairo is considered one of the most affordable prices in the Egyptian real estate market.


Installment systems in Gardenia Springs

IGI has introduced a group of easy instalment systems to customers, where you can reserve your residential unit with the lowest contractual down payment, with instalments over 7 years.


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The owner company of Gardenia Springs Compound, IGI

AGI Real Estate is one of the oldest companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established in 1994 to begin its journey of introducing the idea of an integrated residential compound to the market.

During that period, it established many residential projects in October, Fifth Settlement, and other places in Egypt, offering them at reasonable prices and easy payment methods.


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  • Oak Park October project
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Compound Location

North Teseen St., The 5th Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo