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ApartmentApartment 66,682 EGP/M2
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Price 13,203,000 EGP
Area 198 M2

Haptown Mostakbal City Compound was built by Hassan Allam Company, and provides a very special experience for all people who want to live in an integrated city, thanks to its convenient location and many integrated services.

Where Haptown Mostakbal City contains a wide range of apartments and residential villas of different sizes with bright and unique facades.

Details about Haptown Mostakbal City

  • Project name: Haptown Mostakbal City
  • Haptown Compound Location: Mostakbal City
  • Haptown Compound Space: approximately 250 acres.
  • Units Types in Haptown Mostakbal City Compound: apartments, townhouses, twin houses, villas, and duplexes.
  • Units Space in Haptown Mostakbal City: it starts from (99 to 306) square meters.
  • Payment systems in Haptown Mostakbal City: There are different instalment systems.
  • The name of the executing company of Haptown Mostakbal City: Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company


Information about Haptown Mostakbal City Compound

Haptown Mostakbal City Compound is a special real estate project, as it was built on a very large land, and it is spread with many green spaces and landscapes, which brings calm and psychological comfort to the residents.

Haptown Mostakbal City also includes several residential units of different types and sizes to suit all tastes and needs, provides basic services that help anyone who wants to invest or sell later, in addition to everything the customer needs to feel happy and comfortable, in addition to a large integrated services area.

Therefore, we will get to know the location of the HAPTOWN Mostakbal City compound in the next paragraph, because the location is very distinct.


Where is Haptown Mostakbal City?

 Haptown Mostakbal City Compound is located in the middle of Mostakbal City, which is considered one of the most luxurious and elegant places as well, which makes it close to the places that many people need to reach, such as it is close from:

  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis: Haptown Mostakbal City is located a few 8 minutes from Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis, which connects New Administrative Capital as well as New Cairo.
  • The American University: the compound is located 20 minutes away from new location of the university.
  • Cairo International Airport: Haptown Mostakbal City is only 15 minutes away from the airport.
  • El Shorouk City: the compound is about 15 minutes away from the city.
  • Down Town in the Administrative Capital: it is located 10 minutes away from it.
  • Al Masa Hotel: The hotel can be reached only 10 minutes from the compound.
  • Al Rehab City: Al Rehab City is 20 minutes away from Hap Town.
  • Family Park: Family Park is located 15 minutes away from Hap Town Compound.
  • Ministries Neighborhood in the Administrative Capital: You can reach the Ministries Neighborhood in the Administrative Capital within 10 minutes.

With all these important places near Haptown Mostakbal CityHassan Allam City compound, Haptown Mostakbal City, is very important for many people and investors, especially since the size of Haptown Mostakbal City, which was established by the hassan allam company, and it is among the real estate projects. A very distinctive one was presented by the company, and we will show the space in the following.


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What is the space of Haptown Compound?

The space of Haptown Mostakbal City is very large, as the total area of this project is more than 250 acres, in addition to that, work has been done to distribute this space among buildings, green spaces, and other facilities, and the space is in detail as follows:

  • The total area of Haptown Mostakbal City: the entire area of the compound is more than 250 acres.
  • Building area: The buildings in Hassan Allam Haptown Mostakbal City are about 15% of the total area of the project.
  • Green spaces and landscapes: About 80% of Haptown Mostakbal City's entire area has been allocated for green spaces and landscapes.

And this special space of Haptown Mostakbal City Compound, also contains many wonderful services, and there are many features as well that make it the best place to live or invest, and these features will be presented in the following.


What are the services and features of the Haptown project?

Haptown Mostakbal City compound has more than one feature, and many services that make all the people inside it feel the comfort and luxury they need, and among these services and features in Haptown Mostakbal City are the following:

  • Cafes and restaurants: Inside Haptown, Mostakbal City, there are many different restaurants and cafes, which offer the finest types of drinks and foods to suit all tastes.
  • Mosque: There is a large mosque in Hassan Allam Hap Mostakbal City, where many residents reside in the Hassan Allam Hap Town Mostakbal City compound.
  • Gyms: Within Haptown Mostakbal there are several gyms as well as a jacuzzi and spa, which are suitable for both men and women.
  • Swimming pools: Care has been taken to provide many different swimming pools in Hassan Allam Haptown Mostakbal City compound, which are suitable for adults and children as well.
  • Sports courts: There are many different and latest playgrounds in Hassan Allam Hub Compound, Mostakbal City, for practising sports activities such as (football, tennis, and others).
  • Private garages: There are many private garages available for the compound's residents, ensuring that there is no overcrowding.
  • Social Club: The most modern integrated club is available in HapTown, and it was established on a large land.
  • Elevators: many elevators have been provided for each building in the compound, where there are 2 modern elevators inside each one.
  • Dedicated Trails: There are many dedicated trails for jogging or cycling in Haptown Mostakbal City, available on a 1,150-square-meter site.
  • Medical Center: There is also the most modern and very large medical centre, and it is equipped with the latest medical equipment.
  • Recreational areas: Many recreational areas are suitable for children and adults as well.
  • Surveillance cameras: Many modern cameras are located in all places in the compound, to enhance security inside.
  • Security services: A security and guarding company have been provided in Hassan Allam Hab Al Mostakbal, which is characterized by being at the highest level, and this is to provide the guarding process throughout the day.
  • Commercial Mall: There is a huge commercial mall that includes many famous international brands in all fields.
  • Green spaces: Green spaces are available throughout Hassan Allam City, Haptown, and Mostakbal City, in addition to many artificial lakes and landscapes.
  • Kids Area: Hap town provides a safe area for children on the grounds of the place, which is also an entertainment place.

All these features make Haptown a great investment opportunity, and many villas and apartments can be purchased for sale later, and this will be one of the most important investment operations.


Units Details in HAPTOWN Mostakbal City

Haptown Mostakbal City Compound was designed so that all the apartments and villas are varied, and this is to meet all the special needs of customers, and this is what the company did so that the units would be a great investment opportunity.

We will show all the details of all the apartments and villas of Haptown Mostakbal City in the following.


What are the types of units in Haptown Compound?

Haptown Mostakbal City compound is characterized by unit types, to satisfy all the different tastes of people and investors as well, and details in Haptown Mostakbal City are as follows:

  • Residential apartments: many apartments are available in buildings with two entrances, and they overlook green spaces.
  • Duplex apartments: Haptown Mostakbal City has many duplex apartments of various sizes.
  • Townhouse: There is more than one townhouse in Hassan Allam, Haptown, and Mostakbal City, and it has many features.
  • Twin House: in a very large location.
  • Villas: In HAPTown Mostakbal City, many villas have private gardens.

And with the provision of many different apartments, their spaces are also different, and we will show the spaces of the HAPTOWN Mostakbal City units in the next paragraph.


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What are the units' spaces in Haptown Mostakbal City?

The units in Hap town Mostakbal City compound in the heart of Cairo are of different sizes so that anyone can get the unit they want easily, and the space of Haptown Mostakbal City will come as follows:

  • Apartments space in Haptown Mostakbal City: apartments in Haptown Mostakbal City start from 99 meters to 225 meters.
  • The duplex apartment space in HAPTOWN Mostakbal City: the duplex apartments in the compound start from 280 meters.
  • Villas' spaces in Haptown Mostakbal City: villas vary in Haptown, and start from 240 meters.
  • The space of the townhouses in HAPTOWN Mostakbal City: townhouses range from 240 meters to 306 meters.
  • Twin house space in HAPTOWN Mostakbal City: it starts from 306 square meters.

With these distinctive spaces for all the apartments and villas that exist in the compound, care has been taken to design them in the best possible designs, and for this reason, Haptown Mostakbal City is distinguished in the design of the units from any other compound, as the designs are modern, as we will explain them next.


Unit design in HAPTOWN

The units in Haptown Mostakbal City were designed by the largest companies specializing in the design of apartments and villas, as the company sought to present the compound in the most beautiful designs, and for this, the design of the units was distinctive, as follows:

  • All apartments and villas in Haptown Mostakbal City are designed to be far from each other, to ensure privacy for all people inside Hassan Allam, Haptown Mostakbal City.
  • The facades of the residential buildings have been designed in very elegant shapes, and this is done through delightful colours that are commensurate with the luxury of the constructions.
  • Villas design was done by the largest decoration companies in Egypt so that the exterior facade of each villa in Haptown Mostakbal City in Cairo is considered distinctive, and elegant, and indicates luxury, and modern decorations are placed on the exterior and interior facades as well.
  • Townhouses and twin houses have been made sure that their designs in the Haptown Mostakbal City compound are comfortable and elegant at the same time so that they are distinguished.
  • The duplex apartments are also designed in very luxurious ways, to make the residents feel elegant.

Despite the implementation of all designs in Hassan Allam Haptown Mostakbal City through distinguished decoration companies, the unit prices in Haptown Mostakbal City are distinct, as we will explain in the next paragraph.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquillity and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



What are the prices of Haptown Compound?

The meter’s price in Haptown Mostakbal City Compound in Cairo starts from 12,000 Egyptian pounds, and unit prices in Hassan Allam Haptown Mostakbal City vary according to the area and unit type, so own your unit at the lowest prices in Cairo for Hassan Allam Company, and the prices are for Haptown Mostakbal City is as follows:

  • The price per meter of apartments in Haptown Mostakbal City: the price per meter of apartments in the compound is about 12,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per meter of villas in Haptown Mostakbal City: the price per meter of villas within the compound starts at about 14,000 EGP.

An apartment of 124 square meters with a garden of 114 square meters

Price is about 2,500,000 million Egyptian pounds. 

An apartment of 141 square meters with a garden of 114 square meters

Price is about 3,450,000 million Egyptian pounds. 

Apartments with an area of 170 square meters, containing 3 rooms price price

Price is about 3,000,104 million Egyptian pounds. 

Apartments with an area of 190 meters

Price is about 4,000,000 million Egyptian pounds.

For inquiries about the latest prices, offers, and the rest of the prices of the different units in Haptown Mostakbal City, please contact customer service.


What are the payment systems and methods in Haptown Compound?

There are two payment systems when buying units in Haptown Mostakbal City, New Cairo, and Hassan Allam City, Haptown Mostakbal City, and these methods are available to facilitate the purchase process for ordinary people and investors as well, and these methods are:

  • Paying a 5% down payment of the unit price, and paying the rest of the amount in instalments for 8 years, provided that 10% of the unit price is paid within 3 months after paying the down payment.
  • 10% down payment of the unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal instalments over 8 years.

Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company, hassan allam, provides these systems for paying with a simple down payment to purchase apartments and separate villas, when purchasing a unit in the Haptown Mostakbal City compound, to facilitate customers, as this company is one of the best companies in this field, and we will get to know it in the following.


Who is the owner company of the Haptown Mostakbal City project?

Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company, hassan allam, is one of the largest real estate companies in the real estate development industry in Egypt and the Middle East, since its inception in 1936. of projects.


What is the previous project of the real estate developer of the Hap Town project?

The company has established the Haptown Mostakbal City project, Hassan Allam City, and it is not the only one of the projects of very successful company of Hassan Allam Company, as it is one of special projects in Cairo, as the company has many other distinguished projects, including:


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