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Compound Jodran Zahraa El-Maadi is considered a piece of art in Zahraa El Maadi, from Mansour, which presented a compound that includes amenities and luxuries.

Zahraa El Maadi Walls Compound represents a new look at the architectural horizon, as it provides modern facades and plants throughout the buildings to provide a suitable environment for living without pollutants, and provides an aesthetic appearance that you can always enjoy

Payment methods are available to suit the customer's needs, Moreover, it is located in a quiet area in Maadi, with its proximity to services, roads, and main axes. For more details about the Zahraa El Maadi Compound, here are the following lines.


Information about the Zahraa El Maadi Compound

The Compound of Zahraa Maadi is one of the most important projects of Zahraa Maadi, where the quiet area is located.

  • Al-Mansour outperformed its competitors as it chose a location with easy access to major axes and roads.
  • The compound is located in the best location in Maadi, as it is close to services, educational institutions, shops, and large malls.
  • Mimar Mansour Real Estate Company built the compound on an area of 5680 square meters, and most of the areas are built on green spaces, and the roofs of buildings, to give a civilized appearance and a pure healthy environment.
  • It presented a unique design based on increasing green spaces to represent 100% of the project! Yes, dear reader, through the unique design of these plants, which are planted in a vertical way to cover the entire area in the Zahraa Maadi Walls Compound.
  • Direct view of Wadi Degla Club and Carrefour Maadi.
  • In Jedran Compound, you find modern ideas to utilize the spaces in the best way such as clubs and spas provided on the roofs of the buildings, which provide optimal utilization of spaces while achieving the principle of privacy for all owners' units.
  • The Zahraa El Maadi Compound is one of the most important compounds in Zahraa El Maadi, where Mansour Real Estate Company built the compound according to the latest elegant and attractive design that suits the customers.
  • Work is underway on Compound Jodran Zahraa Maadi, and delivery is expected in 2023, as units of different sizes are provided to meet customers' desires, as there are spaces starting from 90 square meters containing 2 to 3 rooms.
  • Own an apartment for sale inside Jedran Compound in the best street in Zahraa El Maadi near Wadi Degla Club in Maadi.
  • The compound owns the medical complex next to the most important real estate in Maadi, and you will get your unit semi-finished and finish it according to your desire, and payment periods of up to 100 months.


The location of the Compound Jodran, Zahraa El Maadi

The location of Zahraa El Maadi Compound is distinguished by being close to vital places such as Carrefour and El Nasr Road, which increase the value of the place, and main roads and axes, which are represented in the following:

  • Carrefour Maadi: Carrefour is 5 minutes away from Compound Jodarn
  • Ring Road: 10 minutes between the Ring Road and the Compound.
  • New Cairo: 20 minutes away from the Zahraa Maadi Compound.
  • El -Nasr Road: it is a few minutes away from the compound.
  • Tijan Compound: minutes away from the Compound of Jodran of Zahraa El Maadi.
  • Sun Gates Compound: Close to Compound Jodran Zahraa El-Maadi
  • Promina Maadi: One of the most important residential complexes around Jodran.


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The services and features of the Zahraa El Maadi Compound

The Zahraa El Maadi Compound provides all services and spaces in an innovative way, as the compound provides several services, most notably the following:

  • Restaurants and cafes: The compound includes cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  • Educational Services: The Zahraa El Maadi Jodran Compound is close to educational institutions. Medical Services: The Zahraa El Maadi Jodran project is characterized by its proximity to all hospitals and shops.
  • Green spaces: The compound was designed to provide creative exploitation of small spaces.
  • Integrated services: Jodran Zahraa El Maadi provides an integrated residential city, as it has the various services that are needed.
  • Competitive prices: Al-Mansour Real Estate Development provides an apartment in a distinctive neighbourhood and residential projects at suitable prices for all levels while providing various payment methods.
  • Vertical green spaces: The compound was designed to represent 100% green spaces, where beautiful plants on the buildings provide vast green areas.
  • Main Roads: Close to Carrefour in Maadi neighbourhood, Degla Club, and the Ring Road.
  • Distinctive facades: the design of the facades of Compound Jodran Zahraa El-Maadi in an attractive and modern way, close to New Cairo, Ain Sokhna Road, and Nasr City.
  • Exploited area:  Jodran Zahraa El Maadi provides the exploitation of roofs in agriculture to get a pure environment.
  • Health clubs: Jodran Maadi offers a gym that includes a spa and jacuzzi.
  • Kids Area: offers a children's area that contains various children's games.
  • Security and guarding: Providing 24-hour security and guarding with trained security men and providing them with the latest possible means to carry out their mission.
  • A large fountain: Among the recreational facilities and services are water fountains with different designs that provide a pleasant view for the residents.
  • Swimming pools: built on top of the buildings and provide complete privacy for the residents.
  • Maadi neighbourhood services: Jodran Maadi is close to various educational institutions.
  • Clubs: Jodran Compound Zahraa El Maadi is close to Wadi Degla Club, next to various vital areas.
  • Gathering places: There are areas designed for gatherings as well as for sitting and relaxing.
  • Mosque: Providing a mosque to perform prayers.
  • Nursery: a nursery has been equipped next to the project buildings
  • Sports: Gyms have been provided equipped with the latest devices
  • Party areas: Places designed for various events and gatherings, such as barbeque parties, have been prepared.
  • Screens: Zahraa El Maadi Jodean Compound provides huge screens to watch the latest matches and movies.
  • Surveillance system: The latest surveillance cameras were imported at the highest level, working 24 hours a day.
  • Electronic gates: for more protection and security in the compound, gates are provided at the entrances.
  • Garages: Provide garages under the buildings and apartments of the compound to park your cars, and there are other parking spaces that serve the residents.
  • Landscape: throughout the compound in Zahraa El Maadi.
  • Dry Clean: Available to customers and residents of the Zahraa Maadi Walls project.
  • Tracks for walking: In Jodran of Zahraa El-Maadi, there are different tracks for walking in the gardens away from the roads, in addition to tracks for cycling.


Units details in Zahraa El Maadi Compound

Memaar Al-Mansour designed the units of the project to provide optimal utilization of the spaces while providing privacy and a variety of spaces. Jodran Zahraa Maadi is an integrated residential neighbourhood alongside various recreational services. The details of the units are as follows:


Units types  in Jodran Zahraa El Maadi

The buildings of the Jodran compound are distinguished by the diversity of space, as the units come in a variety of designs to satisfy the customers

  • Apartments
  • Penthouse
  • Sky villa


Units space in Jodran Zahraa El Maadi project

The areas of the apartments vary in Jodran Zahraa Maadi, as it came with distinct spaces, which were designed by Al-Mansour Real Estate, as follows:

  • Apartments space: the units start from 70 square meters up to 134 square meters.
  • Jodarn penthouse space in Zahraa Maadi: 185 square meters
  • Sky Villa Zahraa Maadi Space: 132.9 square meters.


 Units designs of Jodean Zahraa El Maadi

  • Jodarn Zahraa El Maadi provides a sophisticated and varied design for units where you can own an apartment overlooking Wadi Degla Club and a few minutes away from Carrefour Maadi in Cairo.
  • Jodran, located on the finest spot in Maadi, Cairo, next to Wadi Degla Club, is an integrated residential neighbourhood that combines all services.
  • Distinctive interfaces.
  • Various apartments of different sizes and designs.
  • Vertical green spaces.
  • Exploiting the spaces of the compound real estate in Zahraa El Maadi.
  • It offers a medical complex, minutes away from hospitals outside the compound in Zahraa El Maadi, next to the Ring Road and El Nasr Road.
  • The design and splendour of colours are distinguished by sophistication. The units are as follows:
  • Two-room apartment, a hall, and a bathroom.
  • 3 bedroom apartment, hall, bathroom.
  • Apartment consists of two rooms, 2 halls, and 2 bathrooms.
  • Apartment consists of 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 halls.


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The unit prices in Jodran Zahraa El Maadi Compound

The price per square meter starts from 9,500 pounds, as the company offers different units to suit all customers, and the price of each unit in the Jodran Compound in Zahraa El Maadi may differ according to the unit’s details such as design and space. The company determines a suitable down payment and a payment plan is up to 100 months. The unit prices are as follows:

  • Apartment prices in Jodran Zahraa El Maadi: the price of an apartment starts from 646,000 EGP
  • Penthouse price: 1,750,000 EGP
  • Sky villa prices in the Compound Jodran Maadi: 1,750,000 EGP


Payment systems and methods in Jodran Zahraa El Maadi Compound

Mansour Company offers a lot of facilities and various payment methods to customers and payment ways that suit the customer, and unit price determines the value of the contract provider in Jodran Compound, where the payment systems are as follows:

  • Down payment: 14% down payment of the unit value.
  • Delivery: in 2023.
  • Instalments: The rest of the unit value is paid over 100 months.
  • Finishing: semi-finished.


About the real estate developer, Jodran Compound, Zahraa El Maadi

Memaar Al-Mansour Development is the real estate developer of the Zahraa Al-Maadi Compound, as it is one of the largest companies in the real estate field, which is characterized by special fingerprints among the giants of the real estate market.

Mansour Development has implemented 200 projects in 50 different locations and has established 3,000 units between medical, administrative, commercial, and residential. Mansour Company has 17 years of experience in this field.

The vision of Mimar Al-Mansour aims to achieve luxury through services and various means of entertainment, which is evident from Al-Mansour's work.


The previous works of the real estate developer in Compound Jodean, Zahraa El Maadi

including many vital projects that spread throughout Egypt, and the most prominent projects presented by the company are as follows:

  • True Compound, Nasr City.
  • The Key Mokattam.
  • Sun Gates Maadi.
  • Makani compound in Kattameya.
  • Important medical and administrative projects.
  • Side 9 Mokattam Compound.
  • Mokattam Leisure Project.
  • Oriana project, Mokattam, Cairo.
  • Bianstar Compound in Mokattam, Middle Hill.
  • Providing different units serving Greater Cairo.


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