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Mar Bay Ras El Hekma is the latest project of Al Marasem Company on the North Coast, on an area of 640 acres, on Ras El Hekma Road at Kilometer 191, which is close to the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, New Fouka Road, New Alamein Airport, Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria and Cairo.


There are many summer units within the village, and their areas start from 80 square meters, with prices starting from 10 million Egyptian pounds, and with a payment system that requires paying 10% of the total unit price, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 7 years in the form of equal installments and without any additional interest. .


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Mar Bay Ras El Hekma location

When constructing its new project, Mar Bay, Al Marasem Company headed to Ras El Hekma Bay, a charming spot that has all the advantages that make it an exceptional destination for many clients and investors, and prompt them to invest their money there, whether for housing or long-term investment. Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village is located at Kilometer 191, near several important roads and axes, helping you reach your destination within a few minutes.


Places near Mar Bay Ras El Hekma

The location of Mar Bay Ras El Hikma makes it close to several vital places and main roads that will make you very close to all vital, service and governmental facilities as well, whether inside or outside the northern coast. Among the most prominent places near Mar Bay village are the following:

  • Sidi Abdel Rahman: The city of Sidi Abdel Rahman is a very short distance from Mar Bay Ras El Hikma.
  • El Alamein Airport: The time distance between the village of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma and El Alamein Airport is very short.
  • Marsa Matrouh: The coastal city - Marsa Matrouh - can be easily reached within a few minutes from Mar Bay Village.
  • Nearby roads: The new Fouka Road has facilitated the possibility of moving between different Egyptian cities, and it is a short distance from Mar Bay Ras El Hekma.
  • Nearby cities: From Mar Bay Ras El Hekma, you can reach Cairo, Alexandria, and Marsa Matrouh in a very few hours.


Mar Bay Ras El Hikma area

Out of interest from the company that owns Mar Bay Ras El Hikma to customers and investors wishing to spend an enjoyable summer vacation in the embrace of nature, it allocated approximately 640 acres for the construction of the village, which was professionally divided between green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and summer buildings of various shapes. And the spaces, so that the first was allocated approximately 80% of the project area, and the second was allocated the remaining percentage, which amounted to about 20% of the total area.


The division of the Mar Bay North Coast area contributed greatly to the distribution of green elements throughout the village. It also helped residents enjoy more fresh air and a humid atmosphere, free of heat and high humidity. Also, with the availability of swimming pools and artificial water fountains, life inside Mar Bay has become Ras El Hekma Bay is more enjoyable and relaxing, especially during periods when temperatures are relatively high.


Mar Bay Ras El Hekma extends on a sandy beach that is 1.5 kilometers long and about 2.2 kilometers deep. It is an area that allowed residents to practice many distinctive water and beach activities, and also gave them the opportunity to have some wonderful sessions in front of the charming turquoise sea waters at different times. All day long.


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Units space within Mar Bay Ras El Hekma

Al Marasem Company - the real estate developer of Mar Bay Village - did not provide in detail the areas of the units that are supposed to be built within the village, but the company pledges to all customers and investors to offer many units of different shapes and sizes, so that the village includes units of chalets and independent villas. , twin house villas and townhouse villas, but the company also stated that it is expected that the area of the units within Mar Bay Ras Al Hikma will start from 80 square meters.


Design of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village

If you are a fan of sophistication and luxury, and would like to spend your summer vacation in the best areas of the North Coast, your ideal destination will certainly be Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village, because of the characteristics and design elements that the village has that are the best among the villages and resorts of the entire North Coast.


Al-Marasem Real Estate Development Company has contracted with the largest engineering and architectural design companies in Egypt, and the number of these companies has reached about 8 Egyptian and international companies, including the well-known engineer Yasser El-Beltagy Company, who has previously supervised many giant residential, commercial and coastal projects, not only On the northern coast, but in different parts of Egypt.


The company developing Mar Bay Ras El Hekma was able to unleash its creative imagination. To show us one of its best projects, which attracted many customers and investors to reserve their units within the project, as the village enjoys privacy and security, due to the presence of wide spaces separating the units from each other, in addition to the clear and noticeable harmony in choosing the colors of the interior and exterior units.


Mar Bay Ras El Hekma services and facilities

Mar Bay Ras El Hekma includes many basic and entertainment services that help you spend the best and most enjoyable times with your family members and friends, and thus you will not need to leave the village to meet your various needs. The most prominent of these services are the following:

  • Aqua Park: Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village includes a wonderful Aqua Park, which includes many water games that suit children and adults, and enables them to spend wonderful times.
  • Free Internet: The Mar Bay Ras El Hekma project covers free, high-speed Internet, which can reach the furthest point within the village, allowing many tasks to be accomplished as well as browsing many websites.
  • Sports club: Residents of Mar Bay Village can practice all different sports exercises within the project’s sports club, as the club includes different sports fields, such as a football field, a basketball court, a tennis court, and many other fields.
  • Swimming pools: There are several swimming pools spread within Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Resort, suitable for adults and children, due to their large presence throughout the village, with different designs, depths, and spaces.
  • Sports track: Mar Bay Ras El Hekma has a long, paved sports track, through which one can practice running, walking and cycling, amid wide green spaces and fresh, fresh air, away from the car path, ensuring greater safety.
  • Medical Center: The residents of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma can obtain the best health and medical services, thanks to the medical center that was built on a huge area, and includes many therapeutic services inside it, where all medical specialties are located. The center also includes the best, most knowledgeable and experienced medical staff in the world. Launch.
  • Restaurants and cafés: There are several restaurants and cafés spread within Mar Bay Ras El Hekma, all of which offer the best Eastern and Western foods and beverages, and all of which overlook a wonderful, distinctive view within the village.
  • Garage: Village residents can store their cars inside Mar Bay North Coast, thanks to the presence of a large garage, highly secured with security personnel and surveillance cameras.
  • Security systems: Security personnel trained at the highest level are deployed within Mar Bay Ras El Hekma, in addition to surveillance cameras, electronic gates, alarm systems, and fire extinguishing, all of which work for different purposes but for one goal, which is to maintain security and order and preserve property and individuals within the village.


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Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village prices

Al Marasem Company, the real estate developer of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma, did not intend to offer only a tourist and residential resort to the company’s clients, but it also took care to offer the village units in a way that suits the different segments of society, and in a way that ensures that they do not bear any additional financial burdens, especially in... The real estate market has witnessed a significant increase recently.


Therefore, it can be said that the price offered for the resort units within Mar Bay is one of the best and most competitive prices offered within the North Coast, as unit prices start from 10 million Egyptian pounds, which is a very ideal price if compared to the size and area of the project, the summer units that are supposed to Offering it, unlike many other advantages.


Payment and payment systems in the Mar Bay North Coast project

Al Marasem Company has facilitated the idea of purchasing one of the units of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village, as through the payment system proposed by the company, 10% of the total unit price can be paid as a down payment, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 7 years in the form of equal installments without Any interest, in other words, if you want to buy one of the Mar Bay North Coast units, you must pay a down payment of 1,000,000 Egyptian pounds, with the remaining amount to be paid in annual installments, so that each installment amounts to approximately 1,285,000 Egyptian pounds.


About Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company is one of the large and well-known entities within the real estate circles in Egypt, as its founding dates back to 1997, meaning it has experience equivalent to approximately 27 years. However, it appeared under this name recently in 2017, presenting us with a new and contemporary concept in... The world of real estate development.


The company that owns Mar Bay Ras El Hekma adopts the latest designs and creative ideas in the construction of its residential and commercial projects. To ensure the provision of a wonderful residential and investment experience to its customers, which made it sit on the throne of real estate companies, and guaranteed it a large space among them, in addition to creating an ideal mental image of the company for many customers and investors, who were guaranteed access to the best services, facilities, prices, and payment and repayment systems by the company. Developed.


Previous work of Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company

Over the course of nearly 27 years, the company has been able to present us with many huge mega projects, which were a pioneer among many other residential and commercial projects, and it was able to achieve the highest percentage of sales witnessed in the Egyptian real estate market, among which are the following:

  • Mega Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Capital Gate Compound New Cairo.
  • Fifth Square Mall, Fifth Settlement.


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