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Marqs North Coast is the first residential project by The Mark Real Estate Company within the North Coast, as the company was keen to provide all customer requirements within the project, in terms of luxurious design, diverse spaces, and competitive prices.


The Marx North Coast project is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, close to the main roads and axes, as it is located near the New Fouka Road, El Dabaa Road, in addition to its proximity to El Alamein Airport and Borg El Arab Airport, and it is also located near Marsa Matrouh and the city of Alexandria.


The area of the Marqs North Coast project is about 900 acres, and it offers units of chalets, twin houses, and independent villas, which come with very sophisticated and creative designs, of various sizes. Let the customer choose what suits him.


The project offers units at competitive prices and very easy payment systems. Chalet units can be obtained by paying a serious reservation amounting to 100,000 Egyptian pounds, and villa units can be obtained by paying a serious reservation amounting to 200,000 Egyptian pounds.


To know the rest of the details of the Marks North Coast project, you can follow the following lines.


Marks Village North Coast location

Choosing the appropriate location is one of the most important factors for the success of any real estate project, which is why The Mark Real Estate Company chose a vital location to establish Mark’s North Coast, as the project is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is one of the most prominent areas of the North Coast.


The project is located specifically at kilometer 122 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, and is located near the main roads and axes that facilitate access to and from it. The most prominent of these roads are the new Fouka Road and the International Coastal Road, in addition to the proximity of the Marqs North Coast project to the most prominent landmarks and services of the North Coast.


Places near Marx North Coast

  • Ras El Hekma area: The Marx North Coast project is located near the Ras El Hekma area.
  • New Alamein City: Marks Village on the North Coast is only half an hour away from New Alamein City.
  • El-Dabaa Road : Marx is a short distance away from the northern coast from El-Dabaa Road.
  • Al Fouka Road: The new Al Fouka Road is located minutes away from Marks Al Sahel.
  • Marsa Matruh: The city of Marsa Muttrah is only an hour away from the Marx Coast project.
  • El Alamein International Airport: Marqs North Coast project is 30 minutes away from El Alamein Airport.
  • Borg El Arab Airport: Marks North Coast is located 60 minutes from Borg El Arab Airport.
  • Alexandria City: Only an hour and a half separates the city of Alexandria from the village of Marqs on the North Coast.


Marx North Coast project area

Marx North Coast was built on a huge area. The company that owns the project made good use of this area, dividing it between residential buildings and green spaces and multiple services and facilities. The project provides a huge commercial area, along with multiple hotels, and other facilities that meet the needs of... Clients, Marqs North Coast space is as follows:

  • Total Area: The total area of Marx Village North Coast is about 900 acres.


Types of units in the Marx North Coast project

The Marks North Coast project contains various residential units, which come with sophisticated designs, different spaces, and a distinctive view of the most beautiful natural landscapes of landscaping and green spaces, in addition to its view of the Mediterranean coast. The types of units of the Marks project can be explained as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.


Unit space in Marqs North Coast

The company that owns Marx Village Al Sahel has provided units of chalets and villas of different sizes, where you can find small spaces for chalets, medium ones for townhouses, and large ones for independent villas, which gave customers an opportunity to choose the appropriate unit for their financial capabilities, and the areas of the village units are as follows:

  • The area of Marqs North Coast project units starts from 60 square meters.


Design of Marx North Coast units

The design of Marx North Coast is one of the unique architectural designs of its kind, as it is distinguished by its luxurious designs that are similar to the most beautiful international buildings. WATG, which is one of the most prominent engineering design companies, was used, which contributed to producing the project in the form of an integrated architectural masterpiece. The design comes Marqs coast as follows:

  • The project was designed in a way that rivals international buildings in beauty and sophistication, as high-quality building materials were used. The project also has a strong infrastructure and is distinguished by its innovative interior designs, in addition to its beautiful exterior designs.
  • The project buildings were divided into 9 residential plots spaced apart from each other. To provide privacy and tranquility for the village residents.
  • The Marx North Coast project provides various units of residential buildings, in addition to containing 3 clubhouses, 3 international hotels, in addition to a huge commercial area.
  • The project units overlook a wonderful view of green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to the units’ view of the seashore, which makes the project a wonderfully beautiful artistic painting.


Marx Village North Coast prices

The Mark Real Estate Company was keen to facilitate payment methods for customers, and for this reason, it provided distinctive units within Marks Village, North Coast, at very competitive prices, as unit prices vary according to the type of unit, its area, and its location within the village, but it can be noted that the prices of the chalets will undoubtedly be Lower than the prices of twin houses, townhouses, and independent villas.


Marks Village, North Coast, is considered one of the most successful real estate projects that meet all customers’ needs, including elegant design, diverse units, and appropriate prices for most customers. This is in addition to the payment methods that come with the lowest down payment for reservations, so that customers can purchase units and pay in easy ways. Payment systems come as follows:

  • Chalets: Marx North Coast chalets can be obtained by paying a serious reservation of 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villas: The Marqs North Coast project provides villa units with a serious reservation payment of 200,000 Egyptian pounds.


Advantages of investing in Marks Village, North Coast

The company that owns the Marx North Coast project was keen to provide all the needs of customers and investors, as the project provides all kinds of features that provide a life full of comfort and luxury for customers, and among the most prominent features of the village are the following:

  • Vital location : Marx North Coast Village is distinguished by its strategic location close to the most prominent landmarks, services, and facilities of the North Coast.
  • Various units: The Marks North Coast project provides various units, as it provides chalets and villas with a distinctive view of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.
  • Elegant designs: The Marqs North Coast design is considered one of the most beautiful engineering designs, which has won the admiration of customers.
  • Diverse spaces: The Marks Al Sahel project is distinguished by its huge area, which reached 900 acres, and is distinguished by its diverse units in areas and types.
  • Various services: Within Marx Village, you can enjoy its many services, where you will find entertainment and basic services that meet all customers’ needs.
  • Competitive prices: Marks North Coast provides the best unbeatable prices, while providing easy payment systems, with the lowest reservation deposit; To suit the financial capabilities of most customers.


Marqs North Coast services and facilities

Marks North Coast Village provides countless services, where you will find medical, security, sports, commercial, and other services that meet customers’ needs. Among the most prominent services within Marks North Coast are the following:

  • Green spaces: The Marx North Coast project provides a landscape and gardens of green spaces, surrounding the project units, adding to it a luxurious view.
  • Swimming pools: Within the Marx project there are swimming pools of different sizes. Suitable for adults and children, in addition to providing covered bathrooms for women.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: The project provides many cafes and restaurants, which offer delicious food and drinks served by the most famous chefs.
  • Car garages: There are dedicated car garages within Marks Village, which help reduce congestion and overcrowding.
  • Commercial area: The project provides a commercial area that includes various stores, containing the best international brands, in addition to providing supermarkets that stock all food supplies.
  • Sports fields: The project provides sports fields for football, squash, basketball, tennis, and other various games.
  • Kids Area: The Marqs North Coast project provides a Kids Area, which includes all children’s entertainment games; To spend the most enjoyable times.
  • Security and guarding: The project provides security and guarding services, from a team trained to the highest level of competence and experience in providing complete protection for all project units.
  • Surveillance camera: Within Marks North Coast, there are surveillance cameras in all streets and units of the village. For greater safety and security for the project residents.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: The project provides specialized cleaning and maintenance services. To maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the project, and to fix all the faults that customers need.
  • Areas for holding parties: Within the village there are areas designated for parties and events, and there are also open areas for holding barbecue parties.
  • Electrical generators: The project provides high-quality electrical generators. To ensure that electricity is not interrupted and is always available.
  • Internet services: Within Marx Village, North Coast, there are high-quality and high-speed Internet services, distributed throughout all units of the project.


The real estate developer of Marx Village, North Coast

The developer and owner of Marks Village, North Coast, is The Mark Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the most prominent real estate construction companies in Egypt. The company was established more than 25 years ago within The Address Real Estate Group, but it became independent 4 years ago, and has proven its ability to provide successful real estate projects, through which it presented the best architectural designs, which made it gain the trust of customers and attract many investors. It is keen to provide... Everything that is sophisticated and sophisticated; To achieve all clients' desires in its projects.


Previous work of real estate developer Marks Al Sahel

The Mark Real Estate Company has presented a wide range of residential, commercial and administrative projects in various Egyptian regions, such as New Cairo, Mostakbal City, the North Coast and other Egyptian regions. It is keen to choose vital areas to establish its projects, and is also keen to provide the best prices and the latest architectural and engineering designs. Among the most prominent projects of The Mark Company are the following:

  • The Watermark Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • The Wonder Mark Mostakbal City Compound.
  • The Mark Compound New Cairo.
  • The Mark Ville Compound, New Cairo.
  • The Marq Gardens.


An overview of the North Coast region

The North Coast region is one of the famous tourist areas. It is unique with many features, as it is distinguished by its strategic location, sandy beaches, clear waters, moderate climate, multiple services and other features, which are detailed in the following:

  • The northern coast is characterized by the presence of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the coast an upscale summer resort area, with soft sandy beaches, clear water, and various water games.
  • The North Coast is located in an important vital and strategic area, close to roads, axes, and services, as it is located near the Fouka Road, which connects it with other governorates, such as Cairo and other cities.
  • The northern coast contains 5 lakes, and is a flat plain land, characterized by the presence of green grass that increases its beauty and sophistication. The northern coast region is also distinguished by its beaches with calm waves, which makes it one of the safest areas for tourists and visitors.
  • The North Coast attracts many investors and entrepreneurs, as it includes many successful real estate projects, where you will find all types of residential and summer units with sophisticated architectural design and competitive prices.
  • The North Coast provides a wide range of basic and entertainment services, where you will find security, sports, medical, educational, entertainment and other services that meet the needs of customers and investors.


How to buy Marx units from The Place website

Marx Village North Coast has witnessed a great demand by customers who want to buy units within the project, thanks to its countless features and services. You can get the unit you want through The Place website. If you want to get your unit with ease, you can follow the steps. next:

  • Visit The Place Real Estate website, and search within the site by using the search icon for Marx Project.
  • After reviewing the project details, click on WhatsApp to contact one of the company’s customer service representatives.
  • Set an appointment to inspect the unit you wish to purchase, then learn about the available price plan and finalize contracts for purchasing procedures.


In conclusion, if you are looking for upscale summer and tourist accommodation that provides all your basic and entertainment needs, you should book your unit within Marqs North Coast, which offers units of different styles and sizes, with competitive prices and easy payment systems.

Compound Location

Alexandria - Matrouh Road, North Coast