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Oval Compound is one of the best residential units in the Administrative Capital, which provides you with the best spaces with high-end and luxurious designs overlooking the most beautiful landscapes to help you rest and relax

The location of Oval Compound in the New Administrative Capital is characterized by calmness and distance from congestion and noise, so if you are looking for beauty, tranquility, charming views, and diverse spaces as well, you have the best option, which is Oval Compound in the Administrative Capital


About City Oval Compound New Capital

The Oval project was designed by the Master Group, and it is the company's second project in the New Administrative Capital. The company was keen to provide the best services to the owners in Oval Compound in terms of the distinguished location and the diverse space, which is a total of 37 acres.

It also paid attention to the external view, the elaborate architectural design, and the provision of all the basic facilities and services that the owners need, and this is what makes it one of the best residential units ever in the Administrative Capital.


City Oval Compound New Capital Location

One of the most important features of the Oval project is its charming and distinctive location. It is located in the r7 area, which is one of the best areas in the Administrative Capital, due to its wide area and distinctive views of the landscape, artificial lakes, and its distinctive entertainment services for young and old, as well as the design of facilities and creative real estate located In that region, the site, is characterized by the following

  • There are many distinctive places and malls surrounding the Oval project that increase the beauty of the exterior view, without the services they provide to the residents of the residential complex as well.
  • The project is a short distance from government agencies and ministries, and the Presidential Palace, which is located in the government district.
  • Oval Compound overlooks one of the largest park chains in the world, the Green River.
  • The Oval project is close to the embassy district, and the famous hotel called Al Masa.
  • The project is characterized by its proximity to the Swedish University, the distinguished Dubai Mall, and there is also a central park near the project.
  • The project is close to several roads, the most important of which are the Ring Road, Ain Sukhna, and Suez Road, as well as the Opera House.


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City Oval Compound New Capital Area

Oval Compound's space is 37 acres, and this wide space includes many apartments of different sizes, to suit all choices, and there are also townhouses, twin houses, and luxury villas.

The rest of the space is allocated to gardens, artificial lakes, and recreational services that bring you a sense of comfort and relaxation, and a large part of the Oval Compound has been allocated for this, with the aim of all residential units in the compound overlooking the same luxurious view.


City Oval Units details

Unit Types

The units in the compound vary, including penthouses and standalone villas, and the project space has been divided into many residential units, divided into several areas in Oval Compound:

  • Bougainvillea: It is a private area for the Twin House.
  • Azalea: It is an area designated for villas only.
  • Stria: is an area designated for apartments


Units Area

  • Villas: The villas' spaces vary from 300 square meters to 480 square meters.
  • Apartments: spaces start from 99 square meters.
  • Ground apartments: The spaces of the ground apartments start from 123 square meters, and have a garden of 26 square meters.
  • Twin House: The space of the twin house starts from 298 square meters.

Unit Design

The units are designed on the latest international architectural designs that combine English and European designs, represented in the presence of green areas and lakes in each housing unit.

And the designs of the high-end villas, overlooking the charming natural view, and the project area rises from the ground level by an area equivalent to 12 meters, which increases the beauty of the external view of the residential unit.


City Oval Compound Facilities And Services

There are many different services offered by Oval Compound to owners, which make it distinct compared to other compounds, and these services are:

  • The best cafes and restaurants with high-end designs, which provide distinguished services to their customers.
  • A mosque was built with the best Islamic designs to hold the five daily prayers in Oval Compound.
  • Various equipped swimming pools for men, children, and women, and are located in all parts of the compound.
  • You have the best entertainment services for children by allocating their own entertainment area that includes all the games and entertainment tools.
  • Providing all the needs that the owners may need so that they do not have to move to buy from outside the compound.
  • You are behind a security system that is one of the most powerful systems that work throughout the day and all days of the week so that the owner feels safe and comfortable.
  • A dedicated and equipped area is available for feasts and annual parties.
  • A private garage for residential units for owners' cars, to reassure the owner of the car's safety from theft or damage.
  • Oval Compound provides owners with a privileged location, comfort, and outstanding service.
  • There are seating areas surrounded by trees and flowers that make you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Providing housing units of different sizes to suit all tastes.
  • It provides customers with the best payment systems, and huge discounts when purchasing with immediate payment or cash.
  • The gym is equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment and has the most qualified trainers and experts in fitness.
  • The presence of several pharmacies with all medical equipment and medicines to meet the needs of inmates of Oval residents at all times.
  • A commercial mall that includes the best stores with the most famous international brands.
  • Medical centers with the most qualified professional doctors in diagnosing and treating all specialties.
  • There is a hypermarket that includes all the supplies and food commodities that the house requires daily.
  • Beauty salons with the best beauty experts and specialists.
  • A nursery to facilitate the owners so that they do not have to send the children to a nursery outside the compound.
  • Oval Compound has a golf course and reading areas.
  • Distinctive cinemas that offer you the best services, also air-conditioned.


City Oval Compound New Capital Prices

  • Apartments: 99 square meters' prices start at 1,572,000 EGP.
  • Ground apartments: The prices of 123 square meters of ground apartments start from 2,077,000 EGP.
  • Twin Houses: prices for an area of ​​298 square meters start from 10,000,000 EGP.


Compound City Of Oval Payment Plans

Master Group provides its customers with the best payment and reservation systems in Oval Compound, whether one-time payment by cash system, or in installments, and the payment systems are as follows

  • 10% down payment of the total amount can be paid, and the remaining part can be paid in installments over 10 years
  • 10% down payment of the total amount can be paid in advance, 10% after 3 months, and installments for 8 years for the remaining part of the amount.
  • 5% down payment of the total amount can be paid upfront, 5% after three months, and installments for 7 years for the remaining part of the amount.


About The Developer "Master Group"

The company that owns the Oval project is (The Master Group for Real Estate Development), one of the huge Egyptian real estate companies, and the Master Group was established in 2015.

It is owned by Eng. Mohamed Lashin and the company have established several distinctive real estate projects similar to the Oval Compound project.

Previous projects of Master Group for Real Estate Development:

The City Compound in the New Administrative Capital. It is the previous project of the Oval project in the new administrative capital.

  • The city valley new capital
  • ibiza chillout ain el sokhna village.

In the end, if you want calm, landscapes and luxurious designs, along with the best entertainment services, Oval Compound is definitely the most appropriate solution that gives you the best spaces and various divisions overlooking the green areas to live a new experience in a calm atmosphere and a distinctive place full of fun and comfort.

Popular FAQ

15,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,500,000 pounds.

Master Group for Real Estate Development

Compound Location

R7, New Capital City, Cairo