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Palm Hills Sokhna is a tourist village characterized by an attractive strategic location directly on the Red Sea coast. The clear waters and coral reefs, recreational activities such as diving, sea riding, aquaparks, hiking, playing football, golf, and squash inside huge courts make you have the most enjoyable times during Your summer vacation. So let us take you on a quick tour through which we learn more details about Palm Hills Resort Ain Sokhna in the following lines.


About Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Compound

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna is one of the best tourist projects recently built on the Red Sea coast with a length of 1500 km, about an hour and a half away from Cairo.

It includes chalets and standalone villas as well as townhouses of various areas, all overlooking the beach.

It also includes outstanding service facilities and security teams that protect the resort around the clock, Making it the first choice for many lovers of recreation and comfort.


Palm Hills Sokhna Compound location

Palm Hills Sokhna is located in kilo 93 Suez Zaafarana Road, near the Ain Sokhna exit, and is close to the essential vital sectors in the Ain Sokhna area, for example:

  • Cairo: The village is 120 km away from Cairo, which means it can be reached in just 70 minutes by car.
  • New Cairo: Palm Hills is about an hour and 55 minutes away from New Cairo, equivalent to 150 km.
  • Telal El Sokhna: Telal El Sokhna is about 20 minutes away from Palm Hills Resort.
  • The New Administrative Capital: Palm Hills is 131 km away from the Administrative Capital, which means you can reach it in only an hour and a half.
  • Porto Sokhna: The village is only about 19 minutes away from the pyramids of Porto Sokhna, which is only 18 kilometers away.


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Palm Hills Resort Ain Sokhna Area

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company has built Palm Hills Resort on an area of ​​150 acres, with 1500 km on the beach, so all the units overlook the sea. The company was keen to allocate up to 20% of the project's total area for the construction of units. In contrast, the remaining percentage is allocated to the construction of gardens, parks, industrial water phases, and recreational places.


Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Units Details

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna includes up to 450 units, varying between apartments, villas, and chalets of different areas.


Unit Types

The offered units varied in Palm Hills Sokhna, for example:

  • Standalone villas in Palm Hills Resort.
  • Chalets in Palm Hills Resort Ain Sokhna.
  • Townhouse in Palm Hills Sokhna.
  • Beach House Villas in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna.
  • Juno Chalets in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna.
  • Saga Chalets in Palm Hills Sokhna.
  • Apartments in Palm Hills Sokhna.


Units Areas

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort offers various units starting from 100 meters up to 508 meters, for example:

  • Beach House Villas: located on the first row on the sea, with areas ranging from 385 meters up to 508 meters, with a height of 12 meters, and there are other units up to 19 meters, consisting of three rooms and up to five rooms.
  • Stand Alone Villas: The first row on the sea, starting from 267 meters to 380 meters, as for the height. It reaches 19 meters.
  • Chalets: The chalets vary greatly; To suit customers' tastes, it starts from 210 meters up to 313 meters, with a height of 26 meters, and includes three rooms.
  • Townhouses: area starts from 172 meters up to 270 meters, with a height of 29 meters.
  • Residential apartments: start from 100 meters, consisting of two rooms, and units start from 140, including three rooms, with a height of 36 meters.
  • Saga Chalets: area starts from 63 meters up to 130 meters, as the company intends to establish these units during the new El Mar phase.
  • Juno Chalets: which include one bedroom.


Units Design

The company that developed the Palm Hills Resort project was keen to provide modern designs with a unique view, so it built all units on the "terracing" system, which guarantees all units a view of the sea from different sides and also provides suitable areas between each unit; To ensure privacy.


Features And Services Of Palm Hills Sokhna 

You can now spend your summer vacation in Palm Hills Sokhna and enjoy luxury services and primary and recreational facilities; that the village guarantees you, so we find, for example:

  • Crystal Lagoons with swimming pools: The company provides artificial lakes scattered throughout the resort, swimming pools of different sizes suitable for children and adults, and even covered pools for women.
  • Security and guarding services: Providing guard crews with the latest security devices and surveillance cameras are spread at the main entrances and sub corridors inside the village.
  • Marina Marina: The resort offers a 1.5 km coastline that includes a marina equipped with the latest equipment and the spread of coral reefs.
  • Kids area: includes the latest fun games; To unload children's energies safely.
  • Kitesurfing Centers: Provides the latest fishing and diving equipment and provides diving training courses.
  • Sports Trails: Vacationers can walk or jog and cycle freely and safely in the resort.
  • Restaurants and cafes area: Providing a considerable restaurant area that includes international dishes and high end cafes overlooking the beach directly.
  • Garage area: an area designated for cars that maintain the aesthetic appearance of the village and eliminate the accumulation of cars in front of the units.
  • Commercial area: includes international stores and hypermarkets that meet guests' needs, in addition to retail stores, accessories, and souvenir shops.
  • Aquapark: Water games overlooking the swimming pools provide distinguished entertainment games.


Units Prices In Palm Hills Ain Sokhna

The price of the units in Palm Hills Resort Ain Sokhna starts from 2,300,000 pounds. As for the unit prices in detail, they are as follows:

  • The price of chalets in Palm Hills Sokhna: A chalet that starts from 100 meters with a garden starts from 2,900,000 pounds and reaches 3,500,000 pounds.
  • The price of the townhouse in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna: starts from 117 meters up to 5,100,000 pounds.
  • The price of villas in Palm Hills, Ain Sokhna: The prices are 4,100,000 pounds.


Payment Plans In Palm Hills Resort

Customers can install the units within Palm Hills Sokhna according to long term payment plans that suit the budget of many, for example:

  • The first plan: Installment over 6 years without interest, after providing 5% down payment and then providing 5% after three months of contracting in equal installments.
  • The second plan: Paying the unit amount over 7 years without interest through equal installments when paying a 10% reservation down payment and then submitting 10% after three months of contracting.
  • The third plan: 10% as a reservation down payment, then 10% after three months, with the payment of the unit amount over 8 years without interest in equal installments, and an 8% maintenance deposit is also paid for all plans.


The Real Estate Developer Of Palm Hills Sokhna

Palm Hills Real Estate is the developer of Palm Hills Ain Sokhna, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. It was established in 2005 and was keen throughout that period to choose the best geographical locations for its real estate projects.


It also has a business portfolio of 40 million Approximately square meters. As for the most prominent projects of the company, we find them as follows:

  • Hacienda North Coast Project.
  • The Crown Compound on 6th of October City.
  • Halle Town Project.
  • Badya Compound 6th of October.
  • Palm Parks Compound.
  • Golf Central Mall in New Cairo.
  • Capital Gardens Mostakbal City Compound.
  • Palm Hills Compound in New Alamein City, Alexandria, and Katameya.
  • Palm Valley Project.

If you are looking for summer units on the Red Sea coast, where the turquoise waters are, then Palm Hills Sokhna is your ideal choice, which offers you chalets and standalone villas at the lowest prices as well as high end services.

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23,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 2,900,000 pounds.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company

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Galala Road, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez