Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort

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One of the finest and best tourist resorts inside Ain Sokhna, which is characterized by a beautiful view of the sea directly, and the distinctive design of the units through a group of the best engineers in the Middle East, who were able to manufacture an integrated resort of chalets, villas, hotels, and malls, making Piacera Resort Al Ain Sokhna is an integrated masterpiece for those looking to enjoy the charming and picturesque atmosphere amid the magic of the sea.

About The Village Of Piacera Ain Sokhna

The village of Piacera Ain Sokhna was developed by Al Ahly Sabbour Company, one of the best real estate companies in Egypt, with a large group of giant projects such as the Platinum Club project in New Cairo.

In addition to the modern design of villas and chalets and the diversity of areas starting from 120 square meters, with the availability of all essential and recreational services, such as cafes, restaurants, clubhouses, and commercial malls, in addition to the diversity in the prices of different units starting from 1.7 million Egyptian pounds, with packages Various installments and repayments start from paying 10% of the total unit value. The most extended repayment period is up to 8 years without interest.


Village Of Piacera Ain Sokhna location

The village of Piacera Ain Sokhna is located directly on Ain Sokhna Road, on the coast of the Red Sea. The village is about 60 km from Suez and about 100 km from Zafarana Road. The village is an integrated residential complex on the Red Sea, especially with its proximity to a large group of Facilities and vital areas, including:-

  • Cairo: Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort is about an hour and a half away from Cairo.
  • Suez: The distance between the resort and the city of Suez is no more than an hour.
  • The New Administrative Capital: Piacera Ain Sokhna is half an hour from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Necessary facilities: The resort is surrounded by the most vital facilities such as gas stations and ambulance units.


Piacera Resort Ain Sokhna Area

The village of Piacera Ain Sokhna is located on an area of ​​78 acres, with a length of 700 meters on the sea.

Industrial. Most of the space has been allocated to water areas, gardens, and recreational services. The rest is allocated to various residential units that overlook the sea or on-water areas.


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Piacera Sokhna Units Details

Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort is a distinguished place for housing or those wishing to spend an enjoyable vacation. The interior and exterior design was diversified, as Piacera Sokhna Resort is divided into areas for each area of ​​its design, but without moving away from a Complete umbrella design of the resort. Hence, the units' areas varied to suit everyone.


Unit Types

  • Chalets in the village of Piacera Ain Sokhna.
  • Villas in Piacera Sokhna Resort.


Units Area

The units of the village of Piacera Ain Sokhna vary to suit all needs, as the area are:

  • Chalets in Piacera Sokhna Resort: the chalet areas start from 70 square meters up to 120 square meters, with the units delivering super luxe finishing.
  • Villas in Piacera Sokhna: villas areas start from 240 square meters, with units delivered with super luxe finishing.


Units Design

The executing company of the Piacera Ain Sokhna project worked on the classic design of the entire project, where the village was divided into many areas, each with its design. The unit's design was inspired by the terraces' shape to provide panoramic views of the sea from all directions and provide many sessions on the sea.

In addition to building a marina for yachts and boats to provide enjoyment of the sea, green areas surrounding the different units from all areas, crystal lagoons, various playgrounds, and sports clubs add an atmosphere of enjoyment and complete comfort within the village of Piacera Sokhna.


Piacera Ain Sokhna Features And Services

The village of Piacera Ain Sokhna is characterized by various features and services that provide everything that residents and visitors need, and the most important of these features and services are:-

  • Restaurants and Cafes: A whole area has been established that includes a group of the finest cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious local and international food and drinks.
  • Kids areas: A full children's area has been established, which includes various types of games and provides full insurance for children while playing.
  • Commercial Mall: In addition to building a substantial commercial mall, it includes various shops that provide goods and services to the resort's residents and visitors.
  • Sports fields: In addition to building a group of sports fields for various games, such as football fields, basketball courts, volleyball, and tennis, located directly on the sea.
  • A golf course for lovers of this sport has also been built in a large area.
  • Health Clubs: For lovers of maintaining health, beauty, and fitness, many health clubs have been built in many areas of the resort, including a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and spa with the latest international equipment.
  • Swimming pools: Many swimming pools have been built that vary in the area to suit all ages, in addition to covered pools for women.
  • Health Centers: In addition to providing the project executing company with many health centers containing all specialties, to maintain the health status of the resort's residents and visitors, including the latest equipment.
  • Ambulance units: A large number of resuscitation and ambulance units were provided to the two resorts to rescue in the event of a drowning.
  • Garages: Many parking spaces have been provided, and all means of insurance are provided.
  • Security and guarding: A team of guards and security has been provided, trained at the highest level, and equipped with the latest modern means, with surveillance cameras installed in all areas of the resort.
  • Commercial areas: Piacera Sokhna Resort also includes a large group of commercial areas to provide all the goods and services the residents need.


Units Prices In The Village Of Piacera Sokhna

The prices of units of Piacera Ain Sokhna start from 1.7 million EGP and increase with the increase in the area of ​​the unit and how close it is to 0the sea, in addition to the garden area of the unit.

  • The price of chalets in Piacera Sokhna Resort: starts from 80,000 EGP.
  • The price of villas in Piacera Ain Sokhna: starts from 1.7 million EGP.


Payment Plans In Piacera Sokhna Resort

Al-Ahly Sabbour Foundation, executing the Piacera Sokhna village project, provides two forms of payment plans for the units of Piacera Sokhna Resort:

  • Reservation and purchase plan with a down payment of 10% of the total unit value, with the rest of the amount paid in equal installments for six years
  • Reservation and purchase plan with a down payment of 15% of the total unit value, with the rest of the amount paid in equal installments for 8 years


The Real Estate Developer Of Piacera Ain Sokhna

Al-Ahly Sabbour Foundation for Real Estate Development, executing the Piacera Village, Ain Sokhna project, is one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world, which was established in 1994 to provide during this period a large group of the essential giant real estate projects, which numbered more than 58 projects in most governorates inside Egypt.

The company is owned by 40% of the National Bank of Egypt, and 60% by Engineer Hassan Sabbour and his family, Eng. Hassan Sabbour was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and Eng. Ahmed Hassan Sabbour, Managing Director of the company, and the company was able to be one of the most important real estate companies, especially with excellent efficiency For the projects that you presented, with the company owning a group of the most essential and best engineers in the Arab world, and among the most important real estate projects presented by the company:-

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8,000 per square meter, Unit prices start from 1,700,000 pounds.

Al-Ahly Sabbour for Real Estate Development

Compound Location

Sokhna-Zaafarana Rood, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez