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Porto Matrouh Resort is one of the best newly established resorts, because it overlooks seas , the Mediterranean Sea, which is characterized by soft white sand.

It is worth noting that Porto Matrouh Beach Resort is located in an area full of vital services and stunning landscapes.

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Information about Porto Marsa Matrouh Hotel

Porto Matrouh is a sophisticatedly designed project that guarantees you the pleasure and luxury that family may need.

Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort is suitable for all age groups, whether you and your family or a group of friends, and adults and children, and this project is close to several important beaches such as "Cleopatra Beach".

Porto Matrouh Resort was designed in Marsa Matruh to be close to all services and facilities.


porto matruh beach compound location

The location of this Porto Marsa Matrouh Beach in Matruh has been chosen with great care, so that it is located close to all vital places and facilities, roads, cafes and restaurants that anyone may need, including:

  • Airport: Porto Matruh Beach is located in a privileged location near Marsa Matrouh Airport, a few minutes away.
  • Cleopatra Beach: porto matrouh beach is located about 2 km from Cleopatra Beach, which you can reach by car.
  • The famous Agiba beach: located porto Marsa Matrouh Beach in Matrouh, near Agiba Beach, which is only 16 km away from it.
  • Al-Gharam Beach: Porto Resort Beach is only 2 km away from Al-Gharam Beach.


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The area of Porto Matrouh Beach Compound

The land area in Porto Matroh in Matrouh is about 80 acres, the total building area is 182,772 square meters, and the area of services and green spaces occupies about 84 square meters.


The area of landscapes and green spaces is about 80% of the total area of the project, while the percentage of buildings does not exceed 20%.

Project services and features

This project has several services and features which make it the best choice for any family wanting to relax. Here are some details:

  • Different spaces: The owner company in Porto Matrouh village provided many advantages, the most important is several different spaces at suitable prices for all customers categories.
  • Shopping centers: There are many shopping centers in Matrouh, and stores, which include many international brands , in order to meet the customers needs.
  • Shops: Specialized stores selling daily necessities in Matruh, sea necessities, and food commodities.
  • Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools in Matruh, which are different in size, and suitable for adults and children, and there is also an aqua park.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There are restaurants and cafes in Matruh Resort, serving the best delicious food and drinks, so you can enjoy your favorite drink and dish in front of the sea.
  • Entertainment activities: There are many games and competitions for adults and children to enjoy their time.
  • Places for running and walking: There are places designed for running, walking, and playing sports.
  • Garages: There are garages in large areas, in order to accommodate a large number of cars, providing safety and non-crowding for customers.
  • The sandy beach: The village has a soft sandy beach, where you and your family can relax, enjoy the wonderful sunshine and cool weather, and several divers to protect customers lives.
  • Green spaces: places designed for sitting in gardens and green spaces, in order to ensure that all customers fully enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.
  • Parties: The hotel provides many venues for parties, events, birthdays, and family celebrations.
  • Cleaning: A room cleaning service, in order to ensure the comfort of customers.
  • Maintenance: The village provides you with a specialized team to repair any malfunctions and continuous maintenance of all devices.
  • Security: The greatest measure of security and safety provided  for all residents of the project, 24-hour surveillance cameras  provided, and security personnel are also provided to maintain security throughout the compound.
  • Playgrounds: There are several playgrounds for practicing different sports, such as golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, and football.
  • Club House: The project includes a club house on a large area, a gym and spa, equipped at the highest level, with the best quality.
  • Entertainment games: billiard halls, ping pong and a large number of recreational games that you will enjoy with your family and friends.
  • Many activities: The project provides large areas for cycling, walking, and jogging.
  • Easy Payment Methods: This project offers various payment methods to suit many clients categories.
  • Excellent location: The owner company has chosen an excellent location for this project, Marsa Matrouh is considered a wonderful and integrated city, so families and young people often love it.
  • Designs: The chalets in Porto Matrouh are designed in an elegant way, and all unified designs are inspired by the spirit of the times.
  • Stations: The project includes a desalination plant, a treatment plant, and an emergency power station in the project.
  • Prices : The company has provided reasonable prices for many customers and different payment methods.


Details of the chalets in Porto Matrouh beach

The organizing company was keen to provide several different types of units, in order to ensure the convenience of customers, meet their different desires.


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Types of chalets in porto matrouh beach resort

There are several types and sizes of units in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort, including:

  • There are a large number of hotel chalets in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort.
  • There are tourist units in porto matrouh beach.


Chalet spaces in Porto Marsa Matrouh resort

The owner company of the project was also keen to provide several spaces to suit the customers choices, spaces as follows:

  • There are a large number of units in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort, estimated at 1579.
  • The number of tourist and hotel units is 790 units in porto matrouh resort.
  • While the number of housing units in porto matrouh resort is 789 hotel units.
  • The units' spaces in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort range from 49, consisting of one room.
  • There are chalets in porto matrouh resort of 75 m consisting of two rooms.


The units designs in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort

The units in Porto Marsa Matrouh Resort are designed in a modern way , as follows:

  • The Porto Matrouh project was designed perfectly to attract customers.
  • All units of the project also overlook the most beautiful beaches.
  • Porto Marsa Matrouh was designed to occupy the largest part of the project with green spaces for customers' convenience and well-being.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located in the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquility and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Prices for chalets in Porto Matrouh beach

The prices and details of the units in Porto Matrouh Resort are characterized by being affordable to many customers,  as the company is keen on the comfort of the customers.

The price per meter for sale varies according to the area of the chalets, but the price per meter starts from 12,122 EGP.

There are several units for sale as follows:

Chalet 49 meters overlooking the sea (one room, one bathroom)

Price is 809,000 EGP

Chalet 74 m (one room, one bathroom)

Price is 897,000 EGP

Chalet 100m (one room, one bathroom)

Price is 1.380 million EGP

The price per square meter increases as the area gets smaller, so we find (a chalet of 49 m ), the price per square meter starts from 16,510 EGP /m.

While the price per meter in (chalet 74 m) starts from 12,122 EGP  and the price per meter in (chalet 100 m) starts from 13,800 EGP/m.


Payment systems in porto matrouh beach

Those in charge of the Porto Marsa Matrouh project were keen to provide convenient and suitable payment systems for customers . Here are some of them:

Book your unit now with the best payment system, you can pay 10% of the total unit value, and the rest of the amount via installments over 8 years.


About the real estate developer

The real estate developer of Porto Matrouh Resort is Amer Group , one of the largest companies currently in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established in Egypt in 2007, and was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2010.

This company has implemented many other projects with the name of Porto, other than Proto Matrouh Resort, and a large number of commercial projects as well.


Previous work of a real estate developer

Amer Company enjoys a great reputation in the middle of the Egyptian real estate market, as it is widely known for its constant concern for the comfort of customers and that it offers distinguished projects.

But it is worth noting that this group company also has many previous businesses throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, including:

  • Porto Marina.
  • Porto Sokhna.
  • Porto Golf Marina.
  • Port Said in Port Said.
  • Porto Minya.
  • Porto Marina Residence.
  • Central Capital in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Porto South Beach.
  • Porto Sharm.
  • Porto Golf Matrouh.

Compound Location

algharam road - Cleopatra, Marsa Matrouh, Matrouh