Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

map pinMostafa Kamel Axis, The 1st Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo
ApartmentApartment 38,710 EGP/M2
VillaVilla 67,010 EGP/M2
PenthousePenthouse 60,194 EGP/M2
Twin houseTwin house 60,045 EGP/M2
Available Properties
Price 3,600,000 : 9,600,000 EGP
Area 93 : 176 M2
Price 26,000,000 : 64,400,000 EGP
Area 388 : 707 M2
Price 12,400,000 : 14,400,000 EGP
Area 206 : 257 M2
Twin house
Price 26,600,000 EGP
Area 443 M2

Swan Lake Residence New Cairo is owned by Hassan Allam Company, so it is natural that it has a privileged location in the first assembly in New Cairo, Swan Lake New Cairo also includes luxurious units that include apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and villas, in addition to its integrated and distinguished services that benefit the great position of the company that owns it.


About Swan Lake Residence Project- Swan lake New Cairo

Swan Lake First Settlement is a huge residential complex equipped with the finest facilities and services, and includes two phases, each of which is a stand-alone project and is equipped with all equipment and many units, namely:

  • The Selina project: It is considered one of the phases of Swan lake Residences New Cairo, with a large area of ​​1.9 million square meters, and it includes various units of varying sizes.
  • Giselle Project: It is classified as one of the most important phases of Swan Lake Residence New Cairo, and is also characterized by the integration of its facilities and the multiplicity of spaces.


Swan lake Residences New Cairo location

Hassan Allam chose the first settlement in New Cairo to establish Swan lake New Cairo in it, specifically in the Mostafa Kamel axis, so it is adjacent to high-end residential neighborhoods and important and service areas, such as:

  • Jasmine neighborhood
  • Ring road
  • Cairo Suez Road
  • American University
  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • Misr Petroleum Gas Station
  • Mirage City


Know more about:

New Cairo Compounds.


Swan Lake Residence Compound New Cairo area

The owner company preferred to establish Swan Lake, the first assembly, on a large area estimated at 107 acres, to ensure the provision of various services to its customers. Only 18% of them were allocated to residential buildings and other facilities, while the remaining percentage was built on service and recreational facilities and various decorations, whether green spaces or artificial lakes.


Units Details in Swan Lake Compound

A large number of units are available in Swan lake Residences New Cairo, where the number of villas alone is estimated at 180 luxury villas, which provides more options for the buyer.


Units Types

Swan Lake Residences New Cairo includes a variety of the most luxurious units, including apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and villas, noting that the apartments consist of two to four bedrooms (depending on their size) in addition to the maids' rooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom.


Units Area

Although the spaces of the Swan Lake New Cairo units vary, all of them have a large area starting from 220 square meters up to 662 square meters or more, where the area of ​​some villas reaches 1000 square meters, as there is a swimming pool and their own garden.


Units Design

All units of Swan Lake First Settlement are designed according to the finest international designs, most of them are attached to swimming pools and charming gardens, overlooking a very wonderful view of green spaces, and also have large balconies overlooking the largest internal streets.


Swan Lake Residence New Cairo Services and Facilities

The client feels the utmost comfort in his unit inside Swan lake Residences New Cairo because it is equipped with all the necessary services and benefits, such as:

  • Security men are deployed throughout Swan Lake Residence New Cairo, in addition to cameras and advanced technological protection devices.
  • A medical center with various specialties, offering comprehensive health care to all its patrons, especially with the presence of experienced medical staff and modern medical equipment.
  • A garage under the residential buildings, intended for its residents only so that they can park their cars in a nearby and not crowded place.
  • A social club for the residents of Swan lake New Cairo, where they can practice various activities and games because it includes several playgrounds and other distinctive equipment.
  • Places inside the units are equipped for pets so that residents who are interested in raising them can take better care of them.
  • A gymnasium (gym) inside Swan Lake, First Settlement, with the latest equipment to exercise.
  • Club House for more luxury, which is characterized by providing a wonderful atmosphere to relax away from any disturbance.
  • A commercial area in which to shop and buy various types of goods or household necessities without having to leave the place of residence.
  • Have your favorite drinks in major cafes, and try delicious dishes at the most luxurious restaurants in Swan lake Residences New Cairo
  • Multiple sports centers and entertainment venues in Swan Lake Residence New Cairo, so that its residents can spend unconventional times inside.
  • Playgrounds and places for children, characterized by their fun entertainment services that allow them to spend the most enjoyable times in complete safety.
  • Trails for outdoor enthusiasts walking, biking, or even jogging in the open air without restrictions because it is safe and away from the movement of cars.
  • Swimming pools for the residents of Swan Lake New Cairo are characterized by a variety of areas and the allocation of a number of them for women, where they are covered to preserve their privacy.
  • Extensive gardens and green spaces surround almost all the buildings, giving their units a beautiful view.
  • Artificial lakes with modern design and fountains are located in Swan Lake, the first settlement, so it looks very luxurious.


Swan Lake Residence Hassan Allam prices

New Cairo is offered at competitive prices despite its luxury, as the minimum price per square meter ranges between 26 and 28 thousand pounds. Examples of the minimum total price for some units can be clarified as follows:

  • 5 million and 400 thousand pounds for luxury apartments.
  • 10 million pounds for twin houses in Swan Lake Residence, New Cairo.
  • 11 million and 600 thousand pounds for townhouse units.
  • 14 million pounds for villas.


Payment Plans in Swan Lake First Settlement

The payment system in Swan Lake New Cairo is easier than what awaits the customer, as it allows him to pay a 5% down payment of the offered price of the unit, and then pay the rest of the value in installments over 9 years.


To find out all the other Compounds and Residential Units located inside the resort, in line with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, calm and more privacy all you have to do is click on the following link:



The Developer of Swan Lake Residences- Swan lake New Cairo

Swan Lake First Settlement is owned by Hassan Allam Contracting Company, which has a wide reputation among other major real estate companies

The company has launched a large group of megaprojects over its long history, some in Egypt and others in other countries, because its activity is not limited to the local level only, but extends to the entire Arab world, so it is classified among the largest real estate companies in the Middle East.

Hassan Allam has implemented major projects in the Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, and many other countries, among the most prominent of her previous work abroad:

  • Toker project in Sudan
  • Sesame project in Gedaref city
  • It also contributed to the construction of many bridges and urban projects, and thanks to all these achievements, Hassan Allam received the ISO certificate and many other awards, such as the Order of Merit.


Developer projects

Swan lake Residences New Cairo is a continuation of the series of achievements in Egypt, where they previously launched luxury projects, most notably:

Compound Location

Mostafa Kamel Axis, The 1st Settlement, New Cairo City, Cairo

In Phoenix Swan Lake new cairo-Apartment 93 m

Apartment 93 m fully finished in Phoenix Swan Lake Residence

Apartment 130 m fully finished in Phoenix Swan Lake-5% DP

Book now-apartment 127 m fully finished in Phoenix Swan Lake

In Phoenix Swan Lake-Apartment 130 m with special location

Apartment 133 m in Phoenix Swan Lake, new cairo

Apartment 151 m in Phoenix Swan Lake-8 years installments

In Phoenix Swan Lake Residence-apartment 127 m front view

Apartment 155 m in Phoenix Swan Lake Residence-fully finished

Apartment 110 m fully finished in Phoenix Swan Lake-Garden 140 m

Front view-Apartment 155 m in Phoenix Swan Lake Residence

Apartment 173 m in Phoenix Swan Lake-8 years installments

Apartment 151 m front view in Phoenix Swan Lake Residence

Buy an apartment 121 m in Phoenix Swan Lake-fully finished

In New Cairo, apartment 127 m with garden-Phoenix Swan Lake

Own an apartment 173 m in Phoenix Swan Lake-Great view

Apartment 144 m with garden in Phoenix Swan Lake-cash dis 29%

Own an apartment 176 m in Phoenix Swan Lake, new cairo

5% DP-Apartment 173 m with garden in Phoenix Swan Lake

For sale in Swan Lake Residence-penthouse 206 m

Buy a penthouse 257 m in Swan Lake-5% down payment

Buy now villa 388 m in Selina Swan Lake-land area ​​385 m

Own Villa 388 m in Selina Swan Lake-Land Area 392 m

Villa 485 m in Giselle Swan Lake, new cairo-5% DP

Villa 444 m in Selina Swan Lake-cash dis 26%

Own Villa 707 m in Giselle Swan Lake-Delivery 2024

Twin house 443 m in scarlet Swan Lake-Delivery 2023