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The One Zero One Mostaqbal City developed a new and distinct concept for luxury and upscale residential communities. It was implemented by Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company with complete precision and utmost craftsmanship, on a vast area of 101 acres, and so it was called The 101 Mostaqbal City project.


The One Zero One Mostakbal City Compound is distinguished by its strategic and ideal location, which is close to the most important landmarks in New Cairo and Mostakbal City , as well as the most important basic and entertainment services and the various transportation network, which can never be dispensed with.


The residential units in The One Zero One Mostaqbal City Compound have the international features and specifications of upscale housing, with a clear diversity of unit types and spaces, in addition to the high-end and luxurious architectural designs, whether the exterior of the compound or the interior of the residential units.


The 101 Mostakbal City emulates the most important and best residential communities in the world, not only because of its luxurious architectural designs or strategic location, but also because of its competitive prices and flexible installment systems, which suit the capabilities and budgets of a large segment of customers and businessmen.


So take the opportunity now, and book your dream unit in The One Zero One Mostakbal City


The 101 Mostaqbal City Location

After many in-depth studies, Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company chose an excellent location to implement its large residential project, The 101 Mostakbal City, as it chose the most prestigious areas in New Cairo, which is Mostakbal City, close to all major landmarks and important roads.


The One Zero One Mostakbal City Compound is located in Plot No. 1 in Mostakbal City, directly next to the main gate of the city, and this has provided a great attraction for customers and investors, as it is possible to reach any place in the project within a short period of time.


Places near The 101 Mostaqbal City

Getting to The One Zero One Mostaqbal City Compound or leaving it to any other destination has become very easy and convenient, due to its proximity to all the indispensable landmarks, hubs, and institutions, which are as follows:

  • Central Ring Road: The 101 Mostaqbal City project is only two minutes away from the Central Ring Road.
  • Administrative Capital Gate: The New Administrative Capital Gate can be reached in just 5 minutes.
  • Mohammed bin Zayed Axis: The time distance between the compound and Mohammed bin Zayed Axis does not exceed 7 minutes.
  • Madinaty: Residents of The 101 Mostakbal City Compound need only 4 minutes to reach Madinaty.
  • Fifth Settlement: Fifth Settlement is approximately 10 minutes away from the project.
  • Cairo International Airport: Cairo International Airport is only 15 minutes away from the compound.
  • The Revent Mostakbal City Mall: The Revent Mostakbal City Mall is located a short distance from the project, as the distance between them does not exceed approximately 10 minutes.


The area of The 101 Mostaqbal City project

Al-Attal Mostaqbal City Compound 101 was allocated a comprehensive and spacious area. In order to be sufficient to implement a large number of residential units, with sophisticated, attractive and modern designs, the area of The 101 Mostaqbal City project is as follows:

  • Total area: The total project area was about 101 acres.
  • Building area: 20% of the total area of the compound has been allocated to buildings and construction.
  • Green spaces and landscape: 80% of the total area of Compound 101 El Attal Mostaqbal City has been allocated to green spaces and landscape.


The area of the units of The One Zero One Mostakbal City

In order for every client to find what he aspires to in terms of a luxurious and quiet life, the real estate developer has implemented a large and distinguished number of residential units in The One Zero One Mostaqbal City, as it has all the elements of entertainment, including different types, varying spaces and attractive designs. The types and sizes of units are as follows: Following:

  • Apartment area: The area of apartments in The 101 Mostaqbal City project starts from 100 square meters and reaches 150 square meters.
  • Duplex area: The duplex area starts from 120 square meters.


Design of The One Zero One Mostakbal City

The architectural design of The One Zero One Mostaqbal City Compound is characterized by extreme sophistication and dazzling luxury. The entire design is inspired by the enchanting beauty of nature, which dominates the entire project area. In order for the residential units and buildings to blend in with this beautiful and exquisite artistic painting, and to give the client more tranquility and privacy.


Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company was keen to distribute trees and flowers in a smart and distinctive manner, while erecting many colorful water fountains, swimming pools and artificial lakes. So that the owners feel the highest possible level of luxury and relaxation.


Services and facilities of The 101 Mostakbal City

The imaginary idea of an upscale lifestyle has finally become a tangible reality, thanks to the many services and facilities available in The One Zero One Mostakbal City. The developing company has paid great attention to providing all the basic services the customer needs as well as enjoyable recreational activities. These services and features are as follows:

  • Shopping area: The One Zero One Mostaqbal City project contains a wonderful shopping area, which includes a large supermarket and many shops, in which all goods and products are available. It also includes international brands and brands suitable for all tastes.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The One Zero One Mostakbal City Compound has very distinguished restaurants and cafes, shining with their wonderful designs, in addition to offering all kinds of delicious and appetizing food and dishes.
  • Spacious garages: The One Zero One Mostaqbal City contains a number of spacious garages, which have been thoughtfully distributed throughout the various parts of the project. In order to prevent crowding in front of the units, and to maintain the calm of all customers and residents.
  • A large mosque: The developing company provided a large mosque, distinguished by its dazzling Islamic designs and spacious area. To help owners and residents perform religious rituals and perform religious duties on time.
  • Kids Area: The 101 Mostaqbal City contains a distinct Kids Area, which includes many games and entertainment parks. To help children and adults spend fun and entertaining times.
  • Swimming pools: The project has a number of swimming pools, varying in depth and area. In order to suit all owners, regardless of their age groups.
  • Sports Club: The compound contains an extremely distinguished sports club, which includes many sports fields, ranging from football fields, golf courses, tennis courts, and others.
  • Health center: The developer has established an international health center, which includes spa rooms, a jacuzzi, and a sauna, in addition to beauty centers that operate 24 hours a day to serve women and men.
  • Integrated gym: The 101 Mostaqbal City project has an integrated gym, equipped with all sports equipment and equipment.
  • Pharmacies: There are many pharmacies in the compound, which were distributed by the real estate developer in more than one place, and all imported and authorized medicines and medical treatments are available.
  • ATM machines: The One Zero One Mostaqbal City contains ATM machines for a large number of different Egyptian banks. In order to facilitate banking transactions for customers.
  • Safe paths: The compound includes long and safe paths. For those who enjoy walking and running among green spaces and in the open air.
  • Medical services: The project has medical centers and specialized clinics at the highest level, to provide the best possible medical services to the population.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: Maintenance and cleaning services are carried out in the project periodically, in order to maintain the comfort of customers and investors from the problem of breakdowns and pollution in the best possible way.
  • Security services: The 101 Mostaqbal City Compound is equipped with modern surveillance cameras operating 24 hours a day, in addition to security and guard personnel trained at the highest level. To protect all residents and their property.


Prices of 101 El Attal Compound Mostaqbal City

The prices of The One Zero One Compound Mostaqbal City were characterized by ease and extreme flexibility, as Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company took into account the difference in financial capabilities, and made the price per square meter accessible to everyone, especially as it did not want customers and investors to bear more difficult financial burdens.


Payment and payment systems in The One Zero One Mostaqbal City

To ensure the launch of The One Zero One Mostaqbal City project to the largest possible number of customers and investors, the developing real estate company introduced a flexible installment system, suitable for a large segment of customers, and this system is represented in the following:

  • Pay 10% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 7 years.


Advantages of investing in The 101 Mostaqbal City

The One Zero One Mostaqbal City project is a distinguished and more than wonderful investment opportunity, thanks to its strategic location close to the most important landmarks, roads and axes, its high-end architectural designs, its diverse residential units, and its competitive prices that may not be found in other residential projects in the same area.


About El Attal Real Estate Development Company

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company is the one that implemented The 101 Mostaqbal City Compound. It has put in place the most important features so that it stands on the throne of many other residential communities. Not only this project, but the company has implemented many other projects, which vary between commercial and residential. All of them have won the admiration of many investors and businessmen, thanks to the clear attention to the smallest and most minute details.


Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company cooperated with Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy, founder and owner of the YPA Engineering and Architectural Consulting Office, in order to be able to design all of its projects according to the latest and best international architectural designs, those that suit all tastes and satisfy all clients.


Projects of El Attal Real Estate Development Company El Attal Holding

El Attal Company, the real estate developer of The 101 Mostakbal City Compound, was able to implement many huge residential and commercial projects within the land of Egypt, the most prominent of which are the following:


Park Lane New Administrative Capital

Park Lane, the New Administrative Capital, is considered one of the latest residential projects that Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company implemented in the New Capital, specifically in the Seventh Residential District. The project is located on a large plot of land, with an area of 26 acres, which was divided by the real estate developer with great professionalism, so that customers can enjoy throughout Time with green cover and fresh air.


West Leafs Sheikh Zayed

West Leaves Sheikh Zayed is considered one of the important residential communities. It was implemented by Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company in the most important areas of Sheikh Zayed, to be close to all landmarks, hubs and regions. It also contains many residential units of varying and varied sizes.


Bayside Ras Sedr

Bayside Ras Sedr Village is considered one of the important and sparkling tourist villages, with many residential units that enjoy a direct view of the pure sea water on the one hand and the charming green spaces on the other hand, in addition to the sophisticated and attractive designs of the village from the outside and the residential units from the inside.

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