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What do you know about The Icon 2?

It is a distinctive compound in New Cairo, distinguished by the splendour of design, quality of services, diversity of spaces, and all means of luxury, comfort, and tranquillity.

The Icon Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, is the first project of Style Home, and it has presented a distinctive design that is considered a piece of art that pleases everyone who sees it.

The Icon 2 project provides a direct view of the most amazing landmarks and gathering areas, and it contains various gardens for tranquillity, and to know more about The Icon 2, here is the following article.

Information about The Icon 2, The Icon Residence, New Cairo

The Icon 2 Compound is the first real estate developer's work, Style Home Company, and it has presented a distinctive real estate imprint with a genius design that simulates international designs, and it has excelled in providing a variety of units in design, space, and services to meet the needs of different customers.

The project was built on an area of 30,000 square meters in Fifth Settlement, to provide a view of the most wonderful areas in Egypt, Cairo, like the American University, specifically from Teseen Street, and close to distinguished projects such as the Katameya Dunes project.

The Icon 2 Residence Compound in Fifth Settlement has a wonderful neighbourhood with sports clubs, schools, universities, and sports services like the Royal Club.

The Icon 2 Residence includes 282 units, which vary in design among apartments, penthouses, and duplexes.

Style Home's interest was not focused on increasing the units within The Icon 2 Residence Compound and the buildings, but it was concerned with providing more space for gardens, and landscapes, to create a healthy environment free of pollution and diseases.

Style Home has allocated 20% of the project area for buildings to The Icon Residence, New Cairo while providing the largest percentage of the total area for green spaces, which is 80% divided between recreational areas, service areas, gaming areas, and lakes.

A unique design for The Icon façade, as it designed a waterfront that extends to a length of 220 meters, and offers units with a distinctive finish.

The Icon is a residential city in the Fifth Settlement, integrated with services and features. You can choose your real estate unit with a simple down payment and the rest in instalments that suit our client.

The Icon units are for sale, and there is an instalment system to facilitate payment over different years, according to the system, to meet the wishes of our customers.

Without a broker, book your unit online to enjoy the latest luxury ideas, for safe dealings, you can choose an apartment in Fifth Settlement


The location of The Icon 2 Residence Compound

The Icon 2, Fifth Settlement, is located in the heart of New Cairo in the southwest of the city, it is close to various services, roads, main axes, and places of services, shopping, and entertainment.

Icon, Fifth Settlement, has a direct view of the most important area as follows:

  • 90th Street: The Icon is located near 90th Street, 2 minutes away.
  • Ring Road: The project is 3 minutes away from the middle ring road
  • Suez Road: 3 minutes is the distance between the road and The Icon Compound.
  • Cairo International Airport: 10 minutes separates the airport from the compound.
  • Universities: Icon 2 is close to the American University and  Future University, 5 minutes away.
  • The Administrative Capital: less than 10 minutes.
  • Important projects: The Icon 2 Residence overlooks the most important luxury residential compounds, located in  Fifth Settlement, such as Mivida, Hyde Park New Cairo, Akoya project, and Katameya Dunes.
  • Sports clubs and malls: The Icon is minutes away from the Royal Sports Club, Concorde Plaza Mall, and Point 90.
  • Cairo-Suez Desert Road: 10 minutes away from The Icon 2.


The Icon 2 Residence Compound space

  • Total area: 30,000 square meters.
  • Building area: 6000 square meters.
  • Green spaces and landscapes: 24,000 square meters.


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Services and features of The Icon 2 Residence project

In addition to the wonderful design, distinctive and unique facades, gardens and vast green spaces in an upscale city in Egypt.

Such as the pool, water lakes, and the distinctive design of the units, where there is an apartment in a garden at an affordable price, and there is a mini-house suitable for small families, in a unique location,  there are many services and advantages such as:

  • Diversity of units: The Icon contains various units designed according to the latest international design.
  • Green spaces: There are many gardens and green spaces throughout the project area, its vast area provides a distinctive view of the units and a healthy weather environment.
  • Privacy: There are green spaces separating the units in order to preserve privacy.
  • Electronic gates: The Icon management of the Fifth Settlement provides electronic gates and a security guard company works around the clock.
  • Swimming pools: There are many bathrooms with a variety of designs, shapes, depths, and capabilities to suit all family members.
  • Elevators: The Icon has one of the steepest high-speed elevators.
  • Medical services: There are many medical clinics in all specialities, and they are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment in the world.
  • Club House: Style Home provides a large hall and space equipped for holding parties, meetings, various events, and barbecues.
  • Administrative services: The Icon 2 Residence Compound includes places designed for businessmen and holding various meetings, as there is a business centre in the project.
  • Shopping : There are shopping centres, such as a hypermarket, that provide all the products that are necessary for the residents.
  • Malls: The compound includes a huge commercial mall that provides all the necessities of the house located at the beginning of the compound.
  • Mosque: Providing a mosque inside The Icon 2 Compound to perform religious rituals.
  • Restaurants and cafes: the best brands of restaurants, one of the world-famous cafes serving delicious international and Arabic food.
  • Equipped seating areas: The project provides open spaces within gardens and green spaces for recreation and reading.
  • Garage: There is a garage designed for parking cars of residents
  • Tracks for exercise: There are many walking, running and cycling paths away from the crowds and cars.
  • Health club: The Icon contains a multi-service club that includes the latest sports equipment to provide physical fitness, as there is an integrated gym, spa, and jacuzzi.
  • Kids Area: There is a social club in the compound, which includes a recreational area with a variety of games for children.
  • Playgrounds and clubs: The Icon provides many clubs for sports for residents, as it contains a distinguished club that includes many sports fields like football stadiums, tennis courts, basketball, and others.
  • Security and guarding: relying on the best security companies that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Surveillance system: providing an advanced system of the latest surveillance systems. We have equipment and surveillance cameras inside The Icon, Fifth Settlement, that work with high quality and efficiency throughout the day.


Units details in The Icon 2 Residence

The Icon in the Fifth Settlement with an area of 30,000 square meters, is in the centre of New Cairo. The project is designed to provide 282 real estate units for housing, in addition to commercial and service units and large areas of gardens and parks.


Units Types in The Icon 2 Residence Compound

The Icon in the Fifth Settlement includes various units with sophisticated design that matches modern designs, and expresses a renewed artistic spirit, as the compound units vary as follows:

  • Ground floor, in addition to a garden.
  • Apartment on upper floors.
  • Penthouse.


Units Spaces The Icon 2 Residence Compound

The Icon is unique in the design of the project units, including bedrooms, how many bathrooms inside the unit in the Residence, as follows:

  • Area of ground floor units with a garden in The Icon 2 Residence Compound: the area starts from 168 square meters, and the garden area is 80 square meters.
  • Apartments space in Icon 2 Residence Compound: The space for apartments starts from 216 square meters.
  • Penthouse space: the penthouse space starts from 273 square meters, in addition to a roof area of 120 square meters.


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Units design in The Icon 2 Residence, Fifth Settlement

  • Unique modern designs have been provided, as they contain different services and a variety of views to achieve compatibility for all customers.
  • Your apartment will be delivered inside The Icon 2 residence with super lux finishing.
  • The apartment has air conditioning.
  • The project provides the residents with all basic and recreational services.


Units' prices in The Icon 2 Residence Compound

The price per meter in The Icon Residence 2 Compound starts from 12,250 EGP, and the prices of The Icon units are as follows:

  • The space of the ground floor units in the icon: the unit price starts from 2,058,000 EGP.
  • Apartments space in The Icon 2 New Cairo: the price starts from 2,633,750 EGP.
  • Penthouse space in The Icon 2 Residence, New Cairo: starts from 3,344,250 EGP.


Payment systems and methods in The Icon 2 Residence Compound

The project offers a distinctive competitive price, comparing to all the services provided, you will find the value of the unit is among the competitive prices in the region.

The Icon offers a variety of payment systems to be compatible with all customers, as payment methods  provide more opportunities and instalments over years, and among these systems are the following:

  • 10% down payment: 10% of the total value of the unit is paid as a contract down payment, 10% is paid upon receipt of your unit, and the rest is paid in instalments over 8 years.
  • 10% down payment: 10% down payment, with 5% payment after one year, and 10% payment upon receiving the unit, with a monthly instalment for 9 years.
  • 15% payment: a 15% contract advance, then 5% after a year, 10% payment upon receipt, and a 10 -year instalment.
  • Delivery: within two years of contracting.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located in the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquillity and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



About the real estate developer of The Icon 2 Residence project

The real estate developer, Style Home, is the owner of The Icon 2 Residence project, New Cairo, which was founded in 2002 by the most important and skilled engineering consultants in real estate development in Egypt.

it established The Icon 1, and after great success and huge investments, it presented a modern design for the second project in New Cairo, The Icon 2.

It has many distinctive projects and buildings and is managed by Eng. Hussein Daoud, who is the Chairman.


Previous work of the real estate developer of The Icon 2 Residence project

Style Home has become one of the leaders in real estate development and design with a unique vision, and its projects include:

  • Tanta Royal House Building.
  • Star Towers Tanta project.
  • Sky City Compound.
  • Al-Zohour neighbourhood project in the city of Tanta.
  • Royal Tower.
  • El Trabashi Compound.
  • Radwan Grand Royal.
  • Badr Administrative Building.
  • Royal House.
  • Cooper Landmark.
  • Emerald Light.

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