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Zahra North Coast Village is developed by Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the most prominent real estate companies in Egypt, which has a long history and great experience in developing real estate projects that have all the services and facilities that all clients and investors need.


The area of Zahra North Coast was approximately 900 acres, brilliantly divided between green spaces and landscaping, and between residential units that came in different styles and shapes, represented by chalets, twin houses, townhouses and independent villas, with areas starting from 40 square meters and up to 220 square meters. Square.


Memaar Al Morshedy Company implemented Zahrat North Coast on a vast area, which helped the village contain the largest number of residential units, which enjoy distinctive views and ideal services, all of which work to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of customers, to enjoy a special trip and create unforgettable moments, in addition to a different level of privacy. And independence, which was appreciated by many clients, which prompted them to search for their own spaces within the village.


All of this came at ideal prices and easy payment systems, as prices start from 12 million Egyptian pounds. More details about the project can be found in the following article.


Location of Zahrat North Coast Village

The location of Zahrat North Coast Village is considered a major competitive advantage for it, as it is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, specifically at Kilometer 124, which led to the village’s brilliance due to its proximity to many important areas, including:

  • New Alamein City: Zahrat Al Sahel North and New Alamein City are only a few minutes away.
  • New El Alamein Airport: The distance between Zahra North Coast and New El Alamein Airport is only about an hour.
  • Hacienda Bay Village: Hacienda Bay Village is located a very short distance from the project.
  • Cairo: The distance between the village and Cairo is about 265 kilometers.


Area of Zahrat Al Sahel project

Zahrat North Coast Memaar Al Morshedy has a very wonderful area. The developer company helped divide the project in a good way between buildings and green spaces. The area of the village is as follows:

  • Total area: The area of Zahrat North Coast Memaar Al Morshedy is approximately 900 acres.
  • Building area: The building area is only 17% of the total area of the village.
  • Green spaces and landscaping: The company that owns Zahra North Coast has allocated about 83% of the total area to green spaces and landscaping.


Zahra North Coast services and facilities

There are a group of services that must be available in any village or tourist resort, and this is what Zahrat North Coast is keen to provide to its customers. To meet their desires and needs, and give them an unforgettable time, the most prominent features of the project are:

  • Gardens and parks: Zahrat North Coast Village combines many diverse green spaces, which were used to separate the residential units and give them distinctive views.
  • Swimming pools : The village includes 8 swimming pools of different sizes and depths, suitable for adults and children.
  • Garage: Zahrat North Coast project customers can find safe places to park their cars during their stay in the village.
  • Pharmacy: There is a pharmacy within the project that operates 24 hours a day. To provide the required medical care to village residents.
  • Security and guarding: Zahra North Coast enjoys a high level of security and safety, due to the presence of surveillance cameras, alarms, and security personnel working 24 hours a day.
  • Kids Area: Children in the village find great pleasure in enjoying their time, due to the presence of many entertainment areas, containing a number of safe games and different activities, which were designed especially for them.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Residents of Zahra North Coast Village enjoy delicious foods and various drinks, due to the presence of a group of restaurants and cafes that provide a high level of service and quality.
  • Yacht Marina: Fans of watching yachts enjoy sitting on the marina located inside the village, as well as enjoying fishing.
  • Shops: Zahra North Coast includes a number of shops specialized in selling luxury products of the most famous international brands, so that the village residents do not have to search for nearby places to buy their needs.


Details of the units in North Coast Village

Memaar Al Morshedy Company has provided different types of residential units in Zahra North Coast Village . It is difficult to find a residential unit that does not have an upscale and distinctive view of either green spaces or bodies of water, in addition to the fact that all units are surrounded by a large number of services.


Types of units in Zahra Village

Zahrat Al Sahel has many units with a sophisticated and elegant design, as well as distinctive views. The types of units are as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Studios.
  • Townhouse.
  • Villas.


Unit area of Zahrat North Coast Village

There are chalets for sale in Zahrat North Coast, as well as studio units of various sizes. To suit all families, whether small or large, so every customer has the ability to choose the appropriate space, and the unit areas are as follows:

  • Studios: The area of the studios is 40 square meters.
  • Chalets: The area of chalets starts from 45 square meters and reaches 115 square meters.
  • Townhouse: The townhouse area starts from 225 square meters and reaches 250 square meters.
  • Villas: The area of villas ranges between 175 and 220 square meters .


To know all the other compounds and residential units within the resort, in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities, and to enjoy comfort, tranquility, and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:


Chalets for sale in Zahra North Coast Compound

Villas for sale in Zahra North Coast Compound


Design of units in Zahrat North Coast project

Zahra shines with its distinguished, elegant design, which indicates the elegance of the place, the ingenuity of the company that owns the project, and the successful vision possessed by those responsible for designing the project. The design of the units in the project is as follows:

  • The beach of Zahrat North Coast Village extends over an area of 650 meters, which helps the residential units enjoy a distinctive view of the sea.
  • Zahra North Coast has 8 gates, which helped reduce crowding at a particular gate, whether entering or exiting the village.
  • All residential units in the village are delivered with a complete super-luxe finishing system.
  • The width of the internal streets in Zahra Village is about 24 metres.
  • Zahrat Al Sahel Village contains a sports field area, with an area of 8 acres.
  • Memaar Al Morshedy Company entrusted the design of the project to the famous designer Raif Fahmy, Hadid Development Company, and VDP Company.
  • The Zahrat Al Sahel project was designed in two phases, each phase containing 55 residential buildings.


Zahrat North Coast Village prices

The price per meter in Zahra Village starts from 40,000 pounds , so Zahra North Coast prices are considered among the distinctive prices, and are as follows:

  • Chalets: Chalet prices start from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse: prices start from 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villas: There are villas for sale in Zahrat North Coast, with prices starting from 20,000,000 Egyptian pounds.


Payment systems and payment methods in Zahra North Coast Village

Zahrat North Coast combines many different and varied payment systems, all of which aim to facilitate the idea of owning a summer resort unit in one of the best projects affiliated with Memaar Al Morshedy. The payment systems are as follows:

  • Pay 5% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 7 years.


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Latest developments in Zahrat North Coast project

Zahrat Memaar Al Morshedy Village is considered one of the most prominent tourist villages on the North Coast, as it is distinguished by its multiple services and advanced facilities. This is why many people are asking about the latest developments in Zahrat Memaar Al Morshedy Village and the date of delivery of units in the project, as Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company announced the dates of receipt of all phases of units. Zahrat Al Sahel Resort will be completed in 2027, so we will explain the latest developments in the project in the following points:

  • Zone 2 : The delivery date for zone 2 units will take place within 3 months.
  • Zone 1 : The delivery date for Zone 1 units will begin on the 12th of 2024.
  • The second home phase: The company announced that the second home phase will be delivered within 4 years of contracting. It is the last phase of the project, and is distinguished by its direct proximity to the sea.


Benefits of investing in Zahra North Coast Village

Zahrat Al Sahel Memaar Al Morshedy Village is considered one of the largest tourist villages on the North Coast. It possesses all the ingredients for a successful investment, thanks to its unique features, where you will find all types of basic and recreational services, in addition to its strategic location and its charming view of the Mediterranean coast. Its diverse units, luxurious designs and other features have attracted a large number of investors and entrepreneurs. The most prominent of these features are the following:

  • Strategic location: Zahrat Al Sahel Resort is distinguished by its vital location, close to the most prominent landmarks and services of the North Coast, as it is located near El Alamein Airport, the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and the new Fouka Road.
  • Sophisticated design: Zahrat Memaar Al Morshedy Village has a unique design, implemented by the largest real estate and engineering design companies in Europe. It is a residential, summer and tourist edifice, distinguished by its view of a 650-meter-long beach, so that all units of the project can see the sea directly.
  • Various units: The Zahrat Memaar Al Morshedy project contains a variety of units, including chalets, studios, independent villas, and townhouses, which come with sophisticated designs, different spaces, and a charming view.
  • Huge area: Zahrat Al Sahel Memaar Al Morshedy Village is considered one of the largest real estate projects, as the project area is about 900 acres. The project area was distributed among multiple buildings and among the green spaces and water bodies that surround the project units, which made the village a wonderfully beautiful artistic painting.
  • Multiple services: There are countless services available within the Zahra North Coast project , where you will find security, entertainment, educational, medical, commercial, and other services that meet all customer needs.
  • Competitive prices : The prices of Zahrat Al Sahel Village Memaar Al Morshedy are competitive. Despite the luxury of the project, its high-end units, and its many services, the company that owns the project has provided the opportunity for all customers to reserve units with the lowest down payment, as you can pay only 5%, and pay the rest in installments over periods of up to To 7 years.


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The company that owns the Zahrat North Coast project

Memaar Al Morshedy Company is one of the companies with more than 30 years of experience, which has increased the company’s experience and ability to reach and meet customers’ needs, by creating different projects, whose goal is customer comfort and satisfaction.


Engineer Mohammed Al Morshedy - founder of Memaar Al Morshedy Company - chose to maintain the trust of the company’s customers since its founding, by adhering to quality standards and international standards in construction. This is what made the company gain the trust of many customers and deliver many successful projects, most notably Zahrat North Coast.


Previous work of the real estate developer of Zahra Project

Memaar Al Morshedy Company combines strong experience and the quality of its designs, and this was evident in the company’s strong previous work, among its most prominent projects:

  • Bavaria Town Maadi project.
  • Katameya Gate Compound, Maadi.
  • Lake Front Project 6 October.
  • Skyline Katameya project.
  • Degla Palms project, 6 October.
  • One Katameya Katameya project.
  • Grand City Maadi.
  • Crystal Plaza Maadi project.
  • Degla Landmark project, Nasr City.
  • Rihana Avenue project, Maadi.


About the North Coast

The North Coast region is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt, as it is distinguished by its strategic location, its numerous projects, and its countless tourist and entertainment areas. The features of the North Coast are as follows:

  • The Egyptian northern coast is considered one of the most prominent and longest coasts in the world, with a length of approximately 1,050 metres. It is considered a luxury resort, recreational and tourist destination, as it includes many resorts and tourist villages that are distinguished by their sophisticated designs and multiple services.
  • The North Coast is distinguished by its unique location close to the most prominent cities, such as Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria, in addition to its proximity to Cairo. The North Coast also enjoys its distinctive view of the Mediterranean coast, with clear blue waters, white sand, and moderate weather.
  • The northern coast is located starting from the city of Rafah in the east, all the way to the city of Salloum in the west, and the tourist villages on the northern coast start from kilometer 21, all the way to the city of Marsa Matrouh.
  • The northern coast is a flat land devoid of highlands, but it contains the Salloum Plateau, which rises about 400 meters above sea level.
  • The North Coast is distinguished by its proximity to cities and governorates, as it is located near the new Fouka Road, following which you can reach Cairo in just an hour and a half.
  • The North Coast includes many tourist villages, the number of which has reached 157, and among the most prominent villages of the North Coast are Marina Village, Marseille, Bousandes, Sidi Abdel Rahman, Sidi Krir, and other high-end tourist resorts.
  • The coast contains multiple tourist, entertainment and commercial areas, the most important of which are Al Masa Mall, Al Orouba Mall, El Alamein Museum and Zahran City Park.
  • The coast is characterized by the presence of areas designated for fishing, the most important of which are the deserted village beach, Al Safa beach, Marbella village and Krir Lagoon village.
  • The coast contains areas designated for Aqua Park, which attracts children and adults, as it contains various water games, swimming pools, cafes, and restaurants.
  • The North Coast includes areas designated for concerts and singing by the most famous singers. It also includes many parks and gardens that have all kinds of games for children, in addition to sports fields, health and social clubs, and other features.
  • Zahrat North Coast Village is famous for many features that make it the perfect place to spend an unforgettable summer vacation. In addition to the distinguished location, giant area, wonderful services, competitive prices, and amazing payment systems, the village has a good reputation, derived from the Memaar Al Morshedy Company, which owns the project.


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