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New Mansoura is considered one of the fourth-generation cities established by the state, with a wonderful style and a high level of service and luxury, which made City Edge Real Estate Development Company direct its eyes towards the new city; To build the latest urban project, the Zahya New Mansoura Compound project, which we will talk about in detail in this article.


Information about Zahya New Mansoura Compound

New Mansoura is located specifically in the heart of the Delta, especially since it has all the services and modern ways of life, in addition to its extension and proximity to the sea, which makes it an integrated city compatible with modern life.


The location of the new city of Zahya, Mansoura

The new city of Mansoura was designed by a presidential decree in 2017, on an area of 7,100 acres, with an extension of 15 square kilometres on the sea coast, and a city depth of 1.8 square kilometres. Building the city on the sea coast gave it many advantages, especially those related to the surrounding places and landmarks, as follows:

  • Damietta City: Zahya Al-Mansoura project is about 10 minutes away from the coastal city.
  • Alexandria City: 150 kilometres is the distance between Zahya Compound and the Bride of the Mediterranean.
  • Baltim City: It is 10 minutes away from Zahya New Mansoura Compound.
  • Gamasa: A few minutes separate it from the New Mansoura Zahia project.
  • Old Mansoura: An electric train connects Old Mansoura and the modern city, which takes 15 minutes to connect the two cities. For those wishing to take any other means, the distance between the two cities will reach 45 minutes.
  • In addition to its proximity to many modern compounds, such as The Birds New Mansoura Compound, and Sebel New Mansoura.


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Zahia New Mansoura project design

We come to the design of the city, which City Edge set out to make it simulate the best international cities, and this is evident through the following:

  • The high style on which the Zahya Mansoura Compound was built, is considered a sign of beauty and splendour.
  • The designs of the villas, towers and apartments are luxurious, in addition to providing the basic requirements for the residents.


The space of Zahya New Mansoura Compound

The area of the Zahya Al-Mansoura project reached 750 acres, and it was divided as follows:

  • 20% of the project area has been allocated to the construction of residential units of various shapes and types.
  • 80% of the project area has been allocated to public utilities, service facilities, water bodies and other means of entertainment.


Units details in Zahya New Mansoura Compound

After talking about the area of the project and the features of the site, we come to the details of the residential units and what they are in the project, which can be divided as follows:


Unit types

The units in Zahia New Mansoura Compound are divided into the following:

  • Residential apartments in City Edge Towers in Zahya Mansoura Compound.
  • Independent villas in the Zahya Mansoura project.
  • Twin House in Zahya New Mansoura City.
  • Townhouse in Zahia, New Mansoura Compound.


Units space

Zahya Compound project includes a variety of different residential spaces, especially with the completion of the first phase of the project, which includes many apartments in many towers with several floors reaching 28 floors, and the space of the units within the compound starts as follows:

  • Sakina apartments: their space starts from 130 square meters and reaches up to 350 square meters.
  • Twin houses, townhouses, and stand-alone villas: their space starts from 319 square meters and reaches 816 square meters.


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Features of Zahya New Mansoura Compound

City Edge was keen to build an integrated and contemporary compound that contains all the services and facilities that the residents need, in a way that helps them feel reassured, and the manifestations of these services can be listed in the following lines:

  • International hotels: Five Stars hotels provide the finest hotel services, built to spend the best times, not only for the residents of the compound but for all those wishing to see the place.
  • Sports Club: The Zahya Mansoura Compound includes an integrated sports club, containing football, tennis, basketball, and squash courts.
  • Medical centres: There are many medical centres in Zahya Mansoura, to receive emergency cases, equipped with the best modern medical devices and tools.
  • Commercial Mall: For lovers of shopping and buying the most luxurious international brands, there is an integrated shopping mall that includes many distinguished purchasing products.
  • Restaurants: A large area has been allocated to a group of wonderful restaurants, which are supervised by a group of the best chefs in the world, who serve the most delicious local and international meals.
  • International Schools: The Zahia Compound project includes international schools for all educational levels; To ensure the best educational future for children.
  • A social club: to practice many interactive activities and establish social relations between children and families living in Zahya New Mansoura Compound.
  • Sea beaches: Due to the location of Zahya Mansoura Compound, it is very close to many beaches, which are open to those wishing to relax in the sea atmosphere throughout the day.
  • Governmental departments: There are branches for some government departments in Zahya New Mansoura Compound. To save time and effort and facilitate the implementation of some required government procedures.
  • Water treatment plant: to purify sea water and make it drinkable.
  • Tourist walkway: It is 10 kilometres long and 56 meters wide.


To see all the compounds and other residential units located within the resort, by your needs and financial capabilities, and enjoy comfort, tranquillity and more privacy, all you have to do is click on the following link:



Units' prices in Zahia, New Mansoura

The price per meter in Zahya New Mansoura Compound starts from 30,000 EGP, and the unit prices range according to their space, as follows:

  1. Residential apartments in Edge City Towers in Zahya New Mansoura Compound: prices start from 390,000 EGP up to 2,460,000 EGP.
  2. Standalone villas in Zahia, New Mansoura Compound: their prices start from 5,500,000 EGP.


Payment and instalment systems in Zahya New Mansoura Compound

In continuation of many advantages that you will find in the Zahia El Mansoura project, many payment and instalment systems are available that provide customers with a golden opportunity to own one of the units in a new project, and the instalment systems are as follows:

  • 5% of the unit value is paid in advance, and the rest amount is paid in instalments over 5 years.
  • 10% of the unit value is paid in advance, and the rest amount is paid in instalments over 7 years.


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Information about the real estate developer of Zahya New Mansoura Compound

City Edge Company is one of the real estate development companies in charge of the implementation of the New Mansoura City project, in partnership with 3 large companies in the field of real estate development, as follows:

  • Urban Communities Authority: 60% participated.
  • Housing and Development Bank: participated by 38%.
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Development: participated by 2%.

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Compound Location

New Mansoura, Al Daqahlya