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Twin Villa 220 m, installments up to 9 years, in L’hiver New ALamien

14,182,000 EGP
pinL’HIVER New ALAMIEN, International Coastal Road, New Alamein City, North Coast
Shary4 Rooms
Shary3 Bathroom
Shary 220 m2
Shary 2025

Property Details

Property TypeTwin house
Property statusNew
Area220 m2
Deliver Date2025

Property Location

L’HIVER New ALAMIEN, International Coastal Road, New Alamein City, North Coast

Property Amenities

View of LandmarkView of Landmark
Children's Play AreaChildren's Play Area
Covered ParkingCovered Parking
Walk-in ClosetWalk-in Closet
Shared PoolShared Pool
Shared GymShared Gym
Shopping centerShopping center

Property Installments

Down Payment: 1,418,200 EGP
1Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2024
2Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2024
3Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2025
4Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2025
5Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2025
6Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2025
7Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2026
8Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2026
9Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2026
10Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2026
11Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2027
12Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2027
13Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2027
14Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2027
15Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2028
16Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2028
17Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2028
18Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2028
19Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2029
20Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2029
21Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2029
22Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2029
23Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2030
24Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2030
25Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 September 2030
26Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 December 2030
27Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 March 2031
28Quarter Installment455,850 EGP10 June 2031
Down Payment: 1,701,840 EGP
1Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2024
2Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2024
3Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2025
4Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2025
5Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2025
6Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2025
7Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2026
8Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2026
9Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2026
10Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2026
11Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2027
12Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2027
13Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2027
14Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2027
15Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2028
16Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2028
17Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2028
18Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2028
19Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2029
20Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2029
21Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2029
22Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2029
23Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2030
24Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2030
25Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2030
26Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2030
27Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2031
28Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2031
29Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 September 2031
30Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 December 2031
31Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 March 2032
32Quarter Installment390,005 EGP10 June 2032
Down Payment: 2,552,760 EGP
1Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2024
2Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2024
3Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2025
4Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2025
5Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2025
6Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2025
7Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2026
8Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2026
9Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2026
10Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2026
11Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2027
12Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2027
13Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2027
14Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2027
15Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2028
16Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2028
17Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2028
18Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2028
19Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2029
20Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2029
21Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2029
22Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2029
23Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2030
24Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2030
25Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2030
26Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2030
27Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2031
28Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2031
29Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2031
30Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2031
31Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2032
32Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2032
33Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 September 2032
34Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 December 2032
35Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 March 2033
36Quarter Installment323,034 EGP10 June 2033